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1. General Conduct

Should you be found to be disrespecting the conduct expected on this site via ChatBox, PM or on the Forums, you will be banned from using them. This also extends to WhatsApp and any other social media

If you are seen to be disrespecting the chatbox, you will receive an indefinite ban from the chatbox.

If you are found to be disrespecting the PM system, you will be banned from sending pm's. An alternate way of sending your sheet in will be found.

If you are found to be disrespecting the WhatsApp group you will be removed from the group

If you are found to be disrespecting the conduct expected on a thread, you will be restricted to posting only in the match forums. This would also restrict your use of the academy.

If you infringe on two of these, you will reveive a site ban. In some cases, breaking only one of these might result in a site ban depending on the severity of it.

Should you then be found to still be showing no respect after you return, you will be sacked and permanently banned from the site.

Hopefully we can now see an end to the poor behaviour and lack of respect people are displaying on this site, and if not we will cut out those who aren't playing the game in the right manner.


2. General Rules

1. Managers can only manage one team (with the exception of caretaker roles)

2. Managers cannot gain access to any other manager's account for any reason.

3. Managers must respect each other, and live by the conduct required on the forums.

4. Bullying will not be tolerated, and if anyone is found to be bullying another member of the game, they will be banned.

5. Managers are expected to post build-up and reaction to each game as well as a correct Teamsheet.

6. Each roster should contain a minimum of 20 players at all times. This ensures that you will be able to field a full 16 for each round of games. This is to be managed by the manager, and is not the responsibility of the Admin team. If either of your squads falls below 20 at any time you will have a week's grace period to fix it. If, after that your squad is still below 20, your BEST player (or a suitable equivalent as determined by admin) will be sold to the ATM and the funds will be used to fund ATM players to make up the numbers. Any extra cash from the sale of your player will be forfeited.

7. As with everything on the site, Admin decision is final. Please respect this.


Match Fixing

If clubs are deemed to have agreed to play the same, or a specific, tactic during a game with the opposition manager, they will be deemed to be match fixing. This has happened in the past where managers utilise playing specific tactics for abs gains for their players.

If clubs are found to be match fixing they will be punished with having the abs gained in that match removed. If clubs are seen to be repeatedly match fixing, they will be further punished with points reductions.

We realise this has happened in the past, but we believe it is becoming more common, and needs to be punished.


3. Transfer Rules

1. Once a transfer has been agreed by both clubs, it cannot be cancelled unless both managers agree to terminate the deal.

2. Posts in the Transfer Confirmation thread cannot be edited, so that managers cannot change a bid after they have both confirmed.

3. Transfers are updated between Sunday morning and Monday night. This is the only transfer update per week.

4. Clubs are able to go into debt to sign players, but will be given 1 week to get back out of debt. Should a team not clear the debt in this time, the Admin team will either auction a player, or if the debt is too great, place a transfer embargo and points deduction on the team instead.

5. Transfer fees need to paid up front.

6. All deals posted at the time of the transfer update will be processed unless a specific deadline has previously been announced.

7. Deals should be posted to go through unconditionally once accepted (not if my roster size is XYZ)

8. You can sell a player not in your roster (e.g. out on loan, about to sign etc.). However, please ensure the thread that brings that player to your club is posted first. Deals are processed in order of posting. If the threads are posted out of order, the deal may not be processed.

9. Please ensure that whichever squad the player you are trading is in is clearly specified in the thread. e.g. if a player is in the U21s, make this clear. If an U21 sale is posted as a sale from the senior squad, this may not be processed in that transfer update.

10. Threads should start with a prefix for the type of transfer - Transfer, Loan, Promote, Demote. As per above, the rosters the players are coming from and to should then be made clear.

11. More regular updates may be run at specific times of the season (pre-season, auctions etc.) These will be on an ad hoc basis if there is a need for them.


4. Loan Rules

1. A team can have no more than 2 players in on loan at any one time (unless under 1b below). It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that they do not exceed this limit, and not that of the Admin.

1b. A team may purchase up to 1 additional loan slots in using credits. These slots last for one season only, and are still subject to rules 3 and 5 below.

2. A team can have no more than 2 players out on loan at any one time (unless under 2b below). It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that they do not exceed this limit, and not that of the Admin.

2b. A team may purchase up to 1 additional loan slots out using credits. These slots last for one season only, and are still subject to rule 3 below.

3. If a team is found to have more than 2 loans in, or out (or the number they have purchased up to), they will lose their respective loan slots for the remainder of the season. For example, if you loan 3 out and haven't bought extra, you will lose your loan slots out for the rest of the season.

4. Players on loan can be sent to the Academy.

5. There are stat caps for each division that a loan player must be under:


No limit

29 keepers
26 defenders
26 midfielders
28 strikers



 Rules around duration and recalls:


1. Loans must be posted in the following format:


Club From:

Club to:

Loan End Date*:

Loan Conditions**:


*Loan end date - simpler than duration of loan. This is the specific date at which the loan ends. Could be "after league game 13", "EOS", "transfer deadline day" etc.


**Loan conditions must be populated even if it's with "None"


2. A forum will be maintained with loans in and out. Loans to end each week will be posted in the transfer confirmation thread. Managers can choose to extend loans of course but a new end date must be supplied.


3. If a club chooses to end a loan early they must pay a fee to the loaning club. This will be £1m for every league game that the player is being recalled early with a minimum of £10m


4. If a club significantly and through their own fault* breaches conditions as agreed, the parent club can recall the player early at their discretion at the time of the breach. The side in breach must pay the fee to the parent club at the same levels as above.


*significant = a major shortfall. Agreeing to play a player for 2 full matches and then 60 mins is not a breach if they play for 2 matches and then 59 mins. But playing 2 matches and then not featuring would be

*through their own fault = if a player doesn't meat criteria due to injury or suspension that is not a breach


5. A missed sheet is not a breach of loan terms in itself (unless stated in the conditions that the manager must sheet every game). However, if a loaned player doesn't play a game due to a T this may be a breach.


6. The loan agreement is with the club, not the manager. Therefore if a manager leaves a club, there is no option to recall as long as agreed conditions are met. All the above rules still apply.


5. Auction Rules

1. Only Admin can start an auction. To put a player for auction, PM Eduardo, Will, Nocky or Darlington with the player and a starting price

2. Once a bid is made that meets the starting price the auction will end 12 hours from the latest bid if no further bid is made

2. Players cannot be removed from auction until after 48 hours, if no bids have been made above the asking price.

3. No "Buy it now" prices, and minimum bid increment is 0.25m.

4. Bids cannot be withdrawn unless agreed with the selling party.

5. If the winning bidder successfully withdraws their bid, the next highest bidder will win the auction as long as their bid exceeds the starting price.

6. Admin will post the completed auction in the Transfer Confirmation thread for both managers to confirm.


6. Scouting Rules

1. Teams can buy scouting packs from the TDE Shop

2. To scout a player, purchase a scouting pack by posting in the "Purchases Requested" Forum under "Members Shop"

3. You will then need to "Build your scouted player". Rules for this will be posted in the scouting forum under the members shop

4. Once you have worked out your requirements you need to PM Eduardo who will send your scout out

5. Your scout will reply to the PM with a player selected from our database

6. Please do not ask for specific players, a players list has been created purposefully for scouting

7. Maximum limit is one senior scout and one youth every season


7. ATM Rules

The ATM (Automated Transfer Market) allows managers to buy and sell unwanted players for a set fee, simulating transfer activity with clubs below TDE level and allowing those in the lower leagues to raise cash.


Selling to the ATM

1. All players are eligible for the ATM except:
Those aged 18 or younger
GKs rated 22 or lower 
Defs and Mids rated 18 or lower
FWs rated 19 or lower
Those aged 35 or older

2. Players under 26r (GK), 21r (Def and Mid) and 22r (FW) can be sold to ATM without notice

Higher rated players may be sold to the ATM but they must be listed for at least 4 days in the "ATM Sales" forum. That list must be visible and still posted at the point of sale to ATM (Lists are removed after 2 weeks no activity). Players must also be listed with their ATM Sell To value.


3. START prices:

Main Stat
24GK / 19 DF or MF / 20 FW – £2m
25GK / 20 DF or MF / 21 FW – £4m
26GK / 21 DF or MF / 22 FW – £7m
27GK / 22 DF or MF / 23 FW – £12m
28GK / 23 DF or MF / 24 FW – £18m
29GK / 24 DF or MF / 25 FW – £25m
30GK / 25 DF or MF / 26 FW – £40m

31GK / 26 DF or MF / 27 FW - £55m

32GK / 27 DF or MF / 28 FW - £70m

33GK / 28 DF or MF / 29 FW - £85m

34GK / 29 DF or MF / 30 FW - £100m


Secondary Stat (Passing or Shooting)
1-9 0
10-12 1,000,000
13-14 2,000,000
15-16 4,000,000
17+ 8,000,000 


Secondary Stat (Tackling)
1-9 0
10-12 2,000,000
13-14 4,000,000
15-16 8,000,000
17+ 15,000,000



19-21 3,000,000
22-26 2,000,000
27-30 1,000,000
31 -15% off final value
32 -35% off final value
33 -55% off final value
34 -70% off final value


4. Once you have calculated your player's start value as above, you then adjust as per the following:


Premiership Club: -25%

Championship Club: No reduction only


Between seasons, "Championship Club" applies to the 14 clubs who played in the Championship the previous season and the 3 relegated clubs. (Between seasons is classed as from the final match of one season to the first match of the next)


5. When posting players in the ATM Sales forum you must include their stats. Failure to do so will result in your listed players being ineligible to sell.


Buying from the ATM

1. A list will be posted in the transfer forum

2. If you want to buy a player, post in the list thread and admin will create an auction. Your club will be the first bidder at the ATM Buy price which you can work out above. You cannot withdraw interest or a bid once the auction has been posted by a member of the admin team.

3. Starting price will be the price calculated in by normal ATM pricing + 25%

4. Bid Increments are £250k

5. The auction ends 12 hours from the highest offer if no increased offer has been made


8. Retirement Rules

1) A player will retire from TDE at the point they turn 36

2) Retiring players are marked with an "R" on the roster pages

3) Aging takes place once in a calendar year (every 2 seasons)

4) Next Age update - end of season 23


9. General Transfer Information

The transfer market on TDE is a complex place with several quirks. Here is a quick overview for new managers:

Player age is a big factor due to age re-rates and retirements. The older a player the less he'll be worth. Once a player gets over 32, his value starts to drop very quickly
Secondaries are also worth considering. Some managers equate 3 secondaries to 1 main stat. Therefore a 25-13 could be valued about the same as an 26-10
Different positions are valued very differently due to supply and demand with in the game. As a general rule the below applies:

Goalkeepers - Expect higher ratings than other positions. A GK is worth about the same as an outfielder of 5 ratings less.

Defenders - the most valuable players on the game due to lack of availability. Worth a bit more than mids but equivalent to a striker up to 2 ratings higher

Midfielders - DMs are worth slightly more than AMS. All rounders fetch the most value. Worth more than strikers but less than defenders

Strikers - the most common asset on the game so worth the least. Expect to swap a striker for a player of at least 1 rating less.

Of course these are all subjective and different managers have different values. Because of this, it can be quite prudent not to just complete deals having PMed one manager. Unless it's a good deal, it can always be worth advertising the player on the wider market to see what else is going.

If in doubt on any deals, a member of the admin team is always willing to help.


How to conduct a transfer

1. Contact a manager via PM or Transfer List thread

2. Negotiate the deal. Remember to be open to negotiation in every deal!

3. Once the deal is agreed, the manager must post the transfer in the Transfer Confirmation thread

4. Once the deal has been posted, the other manager will confirm that the deal has been accepted

5. The transfer will then be processed on the next update


10. U21 Rules

Format Rules

- Each team will have an under 21s squad unless they choose to opt out at a given opportunity

- Minimum squad limit is 20 players, games will have no injuries or suspensions, but fitness will be affected.

- Under 21s games will be played in line with senior league games
- UG1 will comprise 14 teams and UG2 12

- Prize abs will be awarded at the end of the season

- No sheet gets standard 442N formation - sheeting for the under 21's is not mandatory
- 3-4-3 A sheet will be given T



Squad Eligibility
- Maximum Age is 21 - although a maximum of 3 over age players are allowed
- The maximum skill limits are shown below, however, regardless of meeting any other rules, no player that would make the first teams best 1-4-4-2 formation is allowed to play in the reserves.


Maximum skill limits for players aged 22 and over are: 

Goalkeepers 25

Defenders 22

Midfielders 22

Strikers 23.


Maximum skill limits for players aged 19-21 are:

Goalkeepers 26

Defenders 23

Midfielders 23

Strikers 24.


There is no maximum skill limit for players aged 18


Once a player exceeds the maximum skill or age limit, he will be promoted to the first team.


Should a GK be promoted having hit 27 he will move up as a 29r or if they age to 22 as a 26r they'll be promoted as a 28r



- It is a managers responsibility to ensure that the above rules are adhered to - any manager found to break these rules will be punished - the punishment will range from a fine, to removal of abs.

- Transfers of under 21s are allowed, but please make it very clear in your Transfer Confirmation which roster the player is in e.g YSW rather than SWI.

- Players can be moved between the U21 and main rosters at transfer updates on the proviso that both squads will have at least 20 players in them



Min_DF = 4
Max_DF = 5
Max_DM = 3
Min_MF = 2
Max_MF = 6
Max_AM = 3
Min_FW = 1
Max_FW = 4



The following bonus abs will be added to players at the end of the season depending upon the minutes they have played over the season:-

Age    Minutes   Main Abs  Second Abs
16     0         200       50
       500       300       100
       750       400       100
       1000      450       150

       1250      500       150
       1500      600       200
       1750      700       200
       2000      800       250
       2250      850       250


Age    Minutes   Main Abs  Second Abs
17     0         100       50
       500       200       50
       750       300       100
       1000      400       100

       1250      450       150
       1500      500       150
       1750      550       200
       2000      600       200
       2250      650       250


Age    Minutes   Main Abs  Second Abs
18     0         50        25
       500       100       50
       750       200       50
       1000      300       100

       1250      350       100
       1500      400       150
       1750      450       150
       2000      500       200
       2250      550       200



Prize Abs


Abs are awarded depending on the team's finishing position in the previous season:


UG1 Prize abs

#    Abs
1    2500
2    2250
3    2000
4    1750
5    1500
6    1250
7    1000
8    1000
9    900
10   800
11   700
12   600
13   500
14   500


UG2 Prize abs

#    Abs
1    1500
2    1300
3    1100
4    1000
5    900
6    800
7    750
8    750
9    700
10   600
11   500
12   400


Youth Cup Prize abs

Winner           500 abs
Runner up        300 abs
Semi Final       200 abs
Quarter Final    100 abs


League Sheet Abs

20 abs per sheet submitted for League games (max 520)



Can increase abs in main or secondary skills using the total pool available to your side
Can be used on any player aged 21 or under in your senior or youth squad
The maximum abs any player can be raised to using these abs are as follows:


GK: 27r 300 abs (would then be promoted as a 29r)
DF: 25r 300 abs
MF: 25r 300 abs
FW: 26r 300 abs


GK: 27r 500 abs
DF: 24r 500 abs
MF: 24r 500 abs
FW: 25r 500 abs


GK: 26r 300 abs
DF: 23r 300 abs
MF: 23r 300 abs
FW: 24r 300 abs


Maximum Secondary / Tertiary are (with a maximum of 500 abs on the limit for any stat):

Defenders: 15 Passing, 11 Shooting

Midfielders: 15 on Tackling or Shooting, 12 on the other

Forwards: 15 Passing, 11 Tackling


With Midfielders:

- if 1 stat is over 12 already you can only advance that one towards 15 (e.g. an 11-25-13 you can't put 2 secondaries on tackling)

- if both stats are 12 already you can only choose 1 to advance

- if both stats are above 12 already you can't advance either (e.g. a 13-25-13 can't have secondary awards)


Youth Contracts

At the end of every season, you can offer a “Senior Contract” to a proportion of the 19 year olds (ONLY 19yo) in your squad AFTER age upgrades are done. The amount of contracts you have to offer can be based on the volume of 19yo that you have rated 20 and above:

1-3: One contract to offer
4-6: 2 contracts
7-9: 3 contracts
10+: 4 contracts


When you offer a player a “contract” they receive an upgrade of either:

2 main stats up to a maximum of 25r (def mid), 26r (fw) and 29r (gk) with a maximum of 500 abs (ie a 24r def with 900 abs will go to a 25 with 500 abs)

1 main and 2 seconds


Maximum Limits for increases are (with a maximum of 500 abs on the limit for any stat):

GK:   29 Main
DF:   25 Main   15 Passing   11 Shooting
MF:   25 Main   15 on TK or SH, 12 on the other
FW:   26 Main   15 Passing   11 Tackling


With Midfielders:

- if 1 stat is over 12 already you can only advance that one towards 15 (e.g. an 11-25-13 you can't put 2 secondaries on tackling)

- if both stats are 12 already you can only choose 1 to advance

- if both stats are above 12 already you can't advance either (e.g. a 13-25-13 can't have secondary awards)


These are full stat upgrades and cannot be split into abs. You can take either contract but can’t exceed the max main stat 


In order to get your full contract quota, you have to sheet for more than 75% of league matches.

If you sheet for less, you lose 1 contract. If you sheet for less than 25% you get zero. 

Sheet for 20+ league games – full allocation

Sheet for 7-19 games – full allocation minus 1

Sheet for 6 or less – 0 allocation

Opted Out of U21 - 0 allocation



11. Age Re-rates

Ageing Player Re-Rates
As players get older, the legs start to go and even the best players get to a point where they have to hang up their boots. The following abs reductions apply at the end of each season to outfield players in each of their outfield stats and GKs on their main stat:


Age 33 = Decrease 300 abs
34 = 400 abs
35  = 500 abs
36  = 600 abs
37 = 700 abs
38 = 800 abs
39 = 900 abs
40+ = 1000 abs


These abs will be removed at the end of each season.


12. Credits and the TDE Shop

Credit Rules

1. You will receive 200k credits for every article posted in your buildups and reactions, and team news pages.  

2. Anything in code or quote tags will not count

3. Any text copied from the match report must be contained in code or quote tags

4. If a manager is seen to be pasting text from a match report and not using the correct code tabs, they will be punished

5. You can also earn credits by posting in the Team News section. However, if we believe that your match reaction and team news to be too similar, you will be punished. Please do not duplicate work to earn credits!

6. You can only earn credits for current matchday, i.e. you cannot go back and write reports on all your matches so far. You can post buildups until the deadline, and reports until the deadline of the next round of matches

7. Anyone found abusing the points system will have their credits wiped to zero

8. Credits earned are non-transferable. They cannot be used in transfer deals or given to another manager. They can only be used to benefit your team.

9. Credits earned from posting can be used in the TDE Shop but only to use on the club you manage (main or caretaker). You cannot buy loan slots / injury packs / suspension packs for another team. The exception to this is that you may buy injury or suspension packs to use on a player that you have out on loan

10. Any attempt to transfer credits or buy something for another team will see the credits / shop item for that transaction forfeited.

TDE Shop

1. Items will be available from the shop for you to buy with onsite credits

2. Items are not for re-sale, and are valid only for the team you've bought them with

3. Special items may appear in the shop at time to time

4. If you wish to make a purchase for your caretaker team, please make the Admin aware

5. To make a purchase please post in the relevant forum

Shop items

£5m = 5m credits
Additional loan slots = 5m credits
Scouting Senior = 7.5m credits 

Senior Abs Pack = 12.5m (1 of scouting or ab pack per season)
Scouting Youth = 5m credits

Youth abs pack = 10m (1 of scouting or ab pack per season)


13. Teamsheet Rules

1. Two errors within a Teamsheet will also result in a T tactic being given to the team.

2. You can use the advanced or simple teamsheet submitter. Whichever you use every effort should be made to ensure your sheet is error free before submitting

3. Should a manager make 1 error on their Teamsheet, I will do my best to fix it.

4. A missing Teamsheet will incur a T tactic.

5. If 3 Teamsheets are missed in a row, you will be fired from your job as manager.

6. The Admin team will review your Teamsheet rate at different points of the season, and if we feel that it isn't good enough, you will receive a warning. Should you receive two strikes in a season, you will be fired from your job.

Max/Min Positions

You can use the following in your teamsheet:

Min_DF = 3
Max_DF = 5
Max_DM = 3
Min_MF = 2
Max_MF = 6
Max_AM = 3
Min_FW = 0
Max_FW = 4

If a club cannot field a team for a match, players will be added to the roster from the atm list to make up numbers so that the side can compete in their matches.

The club will be fined £3m per player that is added under this ruling.


14. Finance Rules

1. Clubs can find their detailed finances on their roster page by clicking the "£" icon in the top right hand corner 

2. Clubs can earn money for their team through selling players and prize money

3. Prize money is awarded at the end of the season for all competitions.

4. Fines will be taken out should you break the rules of TDE. These will be discussed as we go along.

5. Clubs who are in debt after a finance update will be given until the next update to clear their debts. If they haven't cleared their debts by this time, they will be punished.
a) A player will be sold to the ATM
b) A player will be listed for auction
c) In extreme cases, the club may incur a points deduction

6. Clubs under caretaker management must not go into debt at any point


15. Captains

1. Captains are selected for both the senior and U21 squads each season and gain 500 abs for that season ONLY.

2. Captains will be marked with a "C" on the roster page and nationality in lower case letters

3. Captains cannot be sold during the season in which they are captain (U21 players can't be promoted)

4. You may change captain at a cost of 10 million credits only one per season.

5. Youth captain can be any skill


16. Caretaker Rules

1) Caretaker clubs can do transfers for either of their teams. Deals that do not benefit the caretaker club will be stopped, and they can never deal with their manager's main club.

2) Caretaker teams can have a maximum of 3 loan players at any one time. These loan deals can be negotiated with any team, except your full time club.

3) Caretaker teams cannot loan players out.

4) Clubs must abide by the usual rules, i.e. squad size of 20 players, however, they should specifically never be in debt by any amount.

5) If a caretakered club gets a full time manager, outstanding transfers regarding this club will be postponed by one week to enable the new manager to decide if they wish to keep the deal or not. They will be allowed to cancel the deal with no penalty, although the other manager must be informed to allow the selling party to look to redo a deal.


17. Promotion/Relegation and European Qualification


Champions League Qualification (limited to 4 spots)

Premiership Top 3: Champions League


4th Champions League spot goes to (in order):

i. Champions League winners (if they are English and haven't finished top 3)

ii. Europa League winners (if they are English, haven't finished top 3 and i. does not apply)

iii. 4th place in the league


Europa League Qualification (limited to 4 spots)

1. Highest placed Premiership finish not in the Champions League 

2. Europa League winners if not qualified for the Champions League as above

3. FA Cup Winners

4. League Cup Winners


If any of 2,3 or 4 have already qualified for Europe, their spot goes to the next highest placed finish in the Premiership



Bottom 3 clubs are relegated




Top 2 automatically promoted

Positions 3-6 play playoffs as normal. 2 leg semi and 1 leg final.


The bottom 3 teams will not be relegated - the managers will be offered the opportunity to keep the team

Unmanaged teams may be replaced with a new team if a suitable alternative is suggested


18. Complaints

How to raise a complaint

PM your League Rep with your complaint -until further notice, the League Rep for both leagues is Daniel
Please do not post your complaint on the forum in open discussion
The league rep will post the complaint in the Staff Discussion forum
Once a resolution has been found, your Rep or another member of the admin will liaise back with you about the outcome



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