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  1. It was a pretty poor effort to be fair!
  2. Revised Finances A couple of slight revisions, but here is the official round 3 auction finance list New Balance Team £214,813,054 West_Ham_United* £214,545,355 Aston_Villa* £192,089,641 Chelsea* £143,322,451 Bournemouth* £141,400,000 Sheffield_United* £129,580,000 Southampton* £113,281,908 Norwich_City* £89,576,093 Cardiff_City* £70,180,000 Sheffield_Wednesday* £67,258,000 Swansea_City* £58,152,352 Newcastle_United* £22,000,670 Manchester_City* £204,941 Blackburn_Rovers* £125,621 Wolverhampton_Wanderers*
  3. AUCTION PREDICTION So our final predictions look like this WHU I Toney AST Adama Traore CHE J Lingard BOU A Lacazette SHU L Thomas SOU Y Mosquera NOR A Masuaku CAR Z Steffen SWE T Pukki SWA S March NEW C Adams
  4. Newcastle United 58m The last team able to bid is Newcastle, they may want a defender or midfielder but they will most likely all be gone. We think that leaves them with Adams and Joelinton as theur realistic options. We think Newcastle will sign C Adams
  5. Swansea City 67.25m Another low budget but another chance to grab a bargain signing. Alot of these players will improve Joe's side and he could go for a striker or a defender. We think Swansea will sign S March
  6. Sheffield Wednesday 70m Wednesday haven't made any real effort to get a big budget for round 3 but they could grab a bargain still. All of the strikers could improve their squad and this is where we think they will target. They could get a real bargain here and sign T Pukki
  7. Cardiff City 89.5m Flinty is always difficult to read and this is no exception, they have a decent budget but they may well end up deciding not to bid, the last 2 auctions have seen them buy strikers but with 6 first team strikers already they may decide its time to look elsewhere. They could grab a real bargain if they look at Steffen and we don't think anybody else will go for him. We think Cardiff will go low and buy Z Steffen for his minimum fee.
  8. Norwich City 120.25m Roby has a decent amount of cash but anybody who could improve them will probably be snapped up earlier in the auction, so Roby will need to decide if he wants to go for somebody lower down or go for broke on the better players. We actually think they may go low and try and grab a bargain they can perhaps sell on. With that in mind we think Norwich will get A Masuaku
  9. Southampton 129.5m Southampton went big on a keeper in round one and they have a decent size budget here for round 3. They need a midfielder, but they won't get one here and i'd be shocked if they wasted bids on them. Lacazette could be a target and the defenders will give them good depth. We think Southampton will end up with Y Mosquera
  10. Sheffield United 141.25m Sheffield United made a few quid late on in the window and they will want to spend it here. They will be looking above them and trying to figure out who might be left over, and for them it could work out well as they will probably prioritise a defender, Thomas, Masuka and Mosquera will be of great interest, We believe Sheffield United will get L Thomas
  11. Bournemouth 148.25m Theres a number of players that could improve Bournemouths squad but not many that could make his starting eleven. With three teams having higher budgets Matt will just need to bid his budget and see what he can get. Thomas, Lacazette, Masuka and the midfielders will all be targets, but Matt needs to figure out who the others will go for before he makes his selection. We believe Bournemouth will get A Lacazette
  12. Chelsea 192m Chelsea started the week with the biggest budget but they've seen West Ham and Villa overtake them. That said Chelsea still have a great budget and in some regards third is the best place to be, they can simply bid enough to beat fourth and guarentee them a player. That said Ian has gone big in the past and we think he will again. We believe Chelsea will end up with J Lingard
  13. Aston Villa 214.5m Aston Villa have another big budget, just 250k less than West Ham. They could go for any position apart from keeper and improve the squad, and it really depends on how much of their budget they want to spend. I think they will go big and go midfield and get one of the big boys. We believe Aston Villa will end up with Adama Traore
  14. West Ham United 214.75m West Ham have the largest budget...just, and pretty much every player in the auction would improve them. Manager Tony will want to shore up his midfield and attack force as priority With that in mind we think Tony will go for a striker, and try and leave himself some spare change to scout a midfielder. He could of course go the other way and pick a midfielder up and scout a striker, either way he's in a great position. We believe West Ham will end up with I Toney
  15. Auction Prediction So here we go with round 3. First up a reminder of the players who are up for auction still. Z_Steffen 26 USA 30 1 1 1 22 300 300 300 300 - £31m L_Thomas 20 ENG 1 26 13 6 24 300 700 500 300 - 45m A_Masuaku 27 DRC 1 26 13 9 29 300 700 300 300 - £43m S_March 26 ENG 1 26 12 7 21 300 500 500 500 - £43m Y_Mosquera 20 COL 1 26 11 8 23 300 500 700 700 - £44m Adama_Traore 25 SPA 1 5 27 14 24 300 300 500 700 - £55m J_Lingard 28 ENG 1 7 27 13 22 300 500 300 700 - £54m A_Lacazette 30 FRA 1 5 12 29 28 300 300 500 700 - £65m T_Pukki 31 FIN 1 6 10 29 21 300 300 300 300 - £54m I_Toney 25 ENG 1 8 12 28 28 300 300 300 700 - £54m C_Adams 25 SCO 1 9 11 28 24 300 500 500 700 - £54m Joelinton 24 BRA 1 5 12 28 21 300 700 700 500 - £54m Some great players in there still and some big budgets have been made this week.
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