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  1. Utd fans can't believe they have resigned Bebe we can win the league now 

  2. 1st game back 3 1 down final score 4 3 to utd epic comeback 

  3. utd manager returns from bereavement leave for the final few games 

  4. is taking a break until end of the season 

  5. i wonder if we are actually going to win a game so time this year 

  6. confidence is at an all time low as utd slump to the bottom of the championship 

  7. there will be a protest at the utd game to get rid of the manager and get someone in who knows what they are doing 

  8. All players for sale before I decide to leave

  9. UTD manager in hiding after getting hate mail and abuse on social media 

  10. oh lost again standard 

  11. ha ha ha what a way to lose 6 1 my biggest even defeat on tde t

  12. greenwood and higuian to make there debuts in the Molineux Cup

  13. Utd will struggle this season can't compete with all these huge deals not even top 10 I think 

    1. Tinuven


      8th on first XI squad strength.


  15. if my financies are right i wont be taking part in the auction dont have enough to bid on anyone  

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