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  1. Everton Announce shock signing of Grady George Diangana  what is he thinking off! #RF=LostThePlot

  2. Everton fans outside Grounds Chanting Fields a legend after they announced the signing of Francis Jeffers 🙂 

  3. Davies , Masuaku to go and chamberlain and Fabinho gone and possibly Fekir and gagliardini maybe off

  4. Another season practically done 😬 going fast theses seasons

  5. Can’t wait to make a load of money eos and then blow the all fucking lot hahahaha 🤡

  6. Harry Drag been promoted to First team time to see what he can do 

  7. It’s been a quiet deadline day for the toffees no phone calls as such time to switch lights off and head home @EFCHeadquarters

  8. The Ox and Fabinho leaving eos to unamed club

  9. Everton likley to sell : Luis, Masuaku,Chamb’lain,Fabinho,davies,plus a few top youngsters come eos 

  10. Everton Manager RF as backed Mr.Bethnell the Right man to steer Rovers away from relegation #NoBrainerMustBeAppointed!

  11. Mr.Stockley as agreed for Mr.Field to look after the club whilst he takes a vacation #HopeWeDoWell @MUFC

  12. Toffees Off to the cup finals after defeating arch-rivals Liverpool On penalties #WeGotLucky unlucky Alex and Liverpool should be them not us @EFC

  13. RF as made a lot of changes ahead R5 europa due to his cockup in the prem sheet #fitnessIssues

  14. RF admits defeat in the banter with wee burrows as he wins lol 😂 

  15. RF rubbishes AB penny pinching comment and states if AB made better and fair offers he may have landed HM the 26DF #SulkyChopsAndBitter hahaha

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