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The Dugout Experience

Over Rated Player in the U21s


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Buy a slot for an over rated player in U21s


1. You can buy up to 3 slots per season for players aged 19 and above to stay in the U21s when they exceed the limits for their age.

2. 1 rating = 1 slot and you cannot have more than 2 slots allocated to any one player

3. You may not buy a slot for a player who would get into your first team on main stat playing 4-4-2

4. Slots are non refundable - once you have bought one it is there for the season even if you no longer need it.


Cost - 5m credits per slot

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5 minutes ago, RF@Everton said:
K_John        19 ENG  1 15 27  5 28 300 585 284 754 


This guy too good to buy overrated slots? @Nocky

Yes - the cap for a 19yo is 23. So with 1 slot you can play a 24r and 2 is a 25r. Can’t have more than 2 on a player and can’t buy more than 3 total anyway

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