Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on FMFA Manager. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.



      At the start of the season each manager picks a formation and tactic (442N). No AM or DM, has to be a variant on 442 - ie 451, 541, 532 etc. Any tactic from those available may be used.

      If a sheet is missing then this sheet will be used instead of a T. This will be at a cost of forfeiture of £2,000,000 of end of season prize money. The usual 3 missing in a row = sacking still applies. If a manager is sacked then any forfeited prize money will be unforfeited.
      If a manager requests a random sheet due to inability to sheet (emergencies etc) then this sheet will be used. This will be at a cost of £1,000,000 of end of season prize money. This will not be unforfeited should a manager be sacked.

      Managers can see whether a sheet has been received by checking the monitor and managers are able to change sheets up to the deadline (so if your opponent hasnt sheeted you will know what they will field).
      Any random sheet requests will be stated in the WhatsApp group.

      For U23 sheeting is not mandatory and a missing sheet will result in a 442N being given. #

      No Random Requests will be accepted after 6pm on a gameday.
      No more than 4 random requests per manager allowed in a season.
      Any agreed requests will be announced in the FMFA WhatsApp Chat and in chat box on the forum. #

      Below are the minimum and maximum allowed in each position.

      Min_DF = 3 Max_DF = 5
      Max_DM = 2
      Min_MF = 0 Max_MF = 6
      Max_AM = 3
      Min_FW = 0 Max_FW = 4 #
    4. TACTICS

      Image #


      All teams (senior and youth) must have at least 20 players on their roster and no more than 30 players.

      If you have less than 20, a filler will be added to your team at a cost of £2,000,000 per week needed. If you have more than 30 players, you will have 1 week to reduce your squad size otherwise you will have the player removed and auctioned. You will receive 50% of the value. If it is the last processing day of the window, a player will be removed and auctioned immediately. #
  3. DEBT

    1. DEBT

      Teams are not permitted to go into debt.

      If a team goes into debt they will have ONE week to sort and if still in debt a player will be auctioned off immediately and will be docked 5 points. #

    General Transfer Rules

    Teams may agree deals and transfer players between clubs.
    Once a transfer is ready to be processed please start a thread in Transfer Processing which shows the player, club from and club to then price if there is a price. If it is a loan then replace the price with loan.

    Example: S_Pienaar eve ths 10,000,000
    all prices are in pounds

    Transfers need to be agreed by both teams and until both managers agree the transfer WILL NOT be processed
    Once a transfer has been processed the thread will be moved to the completed transfers section.
    Managers should not go into debt to buy players and transfers that would lead to debt will be cancelled by admin.
    Transfers cannot take teams above or below the squad caps and any transfer that would do this will be cancelled admin.
    Players not in your roster (e.g. out on loan or about to sign) can be sold but you will need to ensure that the player is recalled from loan first in the transfer processing as deals are processed in order of placing.
    Transfers are updated weekly on a Sunday or Monday morning apart from any Admin promotions of U23 players reaching senior team rating and they will be done before the next game if there is a midweek game.


    There are times when teams will have players that for whatever reason they are unable to sell on the open transfer market. To allow teams to sell these on there is the FMFA Sales where they can be sold. The rules for this are
    1) No player 19 or under in age can be sold to FMFA Sales .
    2) No player under 20 rating (24 for goalkeepers) may be sold to FMFA.
    3) No player rated 28 or above (32 for goalkeepers) maybe sold to the FMFA.
    4) Maximum 3 players maybe sold or bought per week per team during the season
    5) You must ensure that any sales do not take your squad size below 20 or the sale will not be put through.


    There may be times when teams are below the roster minimum and in need of player(s). In this instance if they wish they can buy from the FMFA. The prices for this are shown in the FMFA. All available players will be shown on the UNATTACHED LIST


    Teams may loan players out to other clubs. The maximum loans allowed is: Max Loans In: 2 Max Loans Out: 2
    Please note that this is 2 per team so senior team is allowed 2 and so is the U23 #


      At the end of each season players of a certain age will get extra abs or abs removed on the following rates:

      Code: Select all

      1-19 = 320 50 20
      20-21 = 200 30 10
      22-26 = 100 5 2
      27-29 = 0 0 0
      30 = -50 -5 -2
      31 = -115 -50 -25
      32 = -215 -110 -210
      33 = -300 -242 -220
      34 = -475 -350 -230
      35+ = -500 -475 -550 


      Players age on the 1 January every year and retire when they retire in real life at the end of the season closest to that date. #


      Managers must stay at a club for 1 full season before being eligible to apply for other jobs. Only exception to this rule is if the FA invites a manager to apply for a job.

      There will be a free weekly lottery during the season based on the National Lottery Thunderball Draw. Prize winners will be announced in the thread and managers have a time limit announced in prize thread, to claim the prize or it will be forfeited. #
  8. U23 RULES

    1. U23 RULES

      Each squad must have a minimum of 20 players.

      Players can only be aged 23 or under.

      The max skill for the U23 is 18 for outfield players and 22 for goalkeepers.

      Teams are allowed 2 players outside these ratings either over age of 23 or over rate of 18. Over age counts as 1 whatever the age. Over rated counts as 1 per level they are above. So if you want to play a 19 rated outfielder who is 24 years old or above you can but is equal to two (1 for over age and 1 for over rated) - but that’s both your slots used up and you can’t have any others.

      Any players selected for this must also not be one of the strongest senior players in the senior team, based on a team formation of 5-5-3 to allow for a substitute in each section.

      Players may move freely between the seniors and U23, and players may be transferred freely between U23 teams, but the squad rules must be adhered to and movements or sales must be placed in the transfer processing and will be action according to the transfer rules #

      A Shop Item will allow the Main Stat of an U23 player who has reached promotion rating for seniors to be increased.
      You may only use this on a player who is aged 23 or less and has a rating of 23 for Goalkeeper or 19 for Outfield Player .
      You may only increase the rating by a maximum of 2 taking a player to 25 for Goalkeeper or 21 for Outfield Player.
      The maximum a player will be once added will be 21 rated with 500 abs on main for outfield player, so if he starts at 19 700abs he won't go to 21 700 but 21 500.
      If you do increase one player by 2 then you will then only have 3 left to use in a season and so increase other players to 24 for Goalkeeper or 20 for Outfield player.
      You may use all five during the season to increase 5 players by 1 or 3 players by 1 & 1 player by 2 or 2 players by 2 and another by 1.

      Please note The players MUST be in your SENIOR TEAM roster. #
    3. BONUS ABS

      U23 teams may earn 50 bonus abs a game for playing a 15 rated or less for outfield player (19 or less for keeper) for 60mins or more in a league match. The abs earned will be accumulated during the season and teams can award at the end of the season. Teams that do not sheet will only receive 50% bonus for the rounds they don't sheet. #


      The league has two senior leagues, the main Super League and then the Championship which is run as a back up/background league.

      There are three U23 Leagues. The Premier League, Division One and Division Two. #

      The 18 teams will play each other both home and away.
      The top 2 each season will qualify for the Anglo-American Champions League the following season. Should the winner of the Anglo-American Champions League not qualify for the following season then they will take the place of the team that finishes second.

      The bottom team each season will be relegated into the Championship.
      16th and 17th will play a Play-Off Semi Final with the loser going into the Play-Off Final. They will then play a final against the Play Off Semi Final Winner from the Championship to see who plays in the Super League the following season #

      The 8 teams will play each other both home and away twice.
      The champions each season will be automatically promoted to the Super League.
      Second and Third will play a Play-Off Semi Final and the winner will then play a Play Off Final against the loser of the Super League Play Off Semi Final with the winner playing in the Super League the following season.

      The team finishing bottom will be reviewed by FMFA Admin and maybe replaced by another team. #
    4. FMFA CUP

      All teams in the FMFA will compete in this competition.

      The rounds are to be over one leg and if teams are level at end of the tie then penalties will be used to determine a winner.

      ROUND 1: The top 6 from Super League the previous season get a bye this round. The remaining 20 will be drawn into ten ties
      ROUND 2: 16 teams (Winners from round 1 plus 6 bye teams)
      ROUND 3: Quarter Finals (8 winners from round 2)
      ROUND 4: Semi Finals (4 winners from round 3)
      ROUND 5: Final.

      The FMFA Cup Winner will qualify for the Anglo-American Champions League. Should the winner already have qualified for the Anglo-American Champions League then the place goes to the next highest league position not already qualified. #

      All Teams not in the Anglo-American Competition will compete in this Cup.
      The rounds are over two legs and if teams are level at end of two ties then penalties will be used to determine a winner.

      Round 1: The top 10 qualifying teams from Premier League last season get a bye and remaining 12 teams will be drawn in to 6 ties.

      Round 2: The 6 winners plus 10 bye teams will be drawn into 8 ties.

      Round 3: Quarter Finals - The 8 winners will be drawn into 4 ties.

      Round 4: Semi Finals - The 4 winners will be drawn into 2 ties

      Round 5: FINAL. #

      The top two teams in the Premier League qualify for the following seasons competition along with FMFA Cup Winner and Anglo-American Champions League Winner. If a cup winner qualifies all ready by league finish then it will go to next position in league.
      These four teams will be joined by 2 teams from North America, 2 from Mexico and 4 from South America.

      They will play in two groups of 4 teams playing each other twice, once home once away.
      The top two teams from each group proceeding to the quarter finals finals.
      The Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals will be two legged. If level after two legs then penalties will be used to determine the winner.
      The final will be played over one leg at a neutral venue with no home advantage. #
    7. FMFA U23 LEAGUE

      The 24 teams will play in three divisions of 8 teams in each. This will be a Premier Division, Division One and Division Two.
      The bottom 2 of the Premier Division and Division One will be relegated.
      Third bottom will enter the play-offs with 3rd, 4th & 5th of the league below
      The top two teams in Division One and Two will be automatically promoted. Teams finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th will be in the play-offs.
      The play-offs will be semi finals over two legs and then a final. #
    8. FMFA U23 CUP

      All U23 teams in the FMFA will compete in this competition.
      There will be 4 groups randomly drawn with 6 teams in each group.
      Teams will place the other teams in their group both home and away.
      The top two teams in each group will qualify for the Quarter Finals. If teams are level on points then position will be decided (in order) by 1:Head to Head 2: Goal Difference 3: Goals Scored
      Quarter Finals & Semi Finals are two legs and the final is one leg on a neutral ground Should ties be level after both legs then away goals will count double and if still level extra time and then penalties will be held if required. #


      Managers may earn F£ credits on the forum by posting a match build ups and reviews and also for media posts in the media section.

      Credits can also be earned by entering the predictions and last man standing on the forum which are free to enter or from the lotto.

      The credits earned can then be used to buy items from the members shop such as scouts, loan slot etc. #