Changes on the game for Season 20
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Post by Darlington »

League Games Only

For every build up and match reaction that a manger posts he will earn a 50abs bonus for this.
The post MUST BE minimum 30 words or two lines to qualify.

There will be 22 league games during the season and so 44 potential build up posts and match reaction posts which means you could earn 1320 abs for this during the season and here is the bonus, you will still get the credits as well that you earn for posting.

Match Build Ups MUST BE DONE before the games are played, any after the games are played will not count.
Match Reactions MUST BE DONE before the next game day to qualify. That means for Wednesday games you have until midnight on Friday after the games to post it and for Saturday games you will have until midnight on the Tuesday after the games to post it.

Abs will be totalled at the END OF THE SEASON after all 22 matches and these can then be used as follows on any player that qualifies as an U23 player.
They maybe
1) Added to any Main Skill of a player rated 25 or under
2) Added to any secondary/tertiary of a player up to a maximum of 1000 on any secondary/tertiary skill

Please note this is a trial for next season and maybe the season after to see impact it has on posting and players and rosters. It will be reviewed.
If you want to keep this then USE IT. Post and if it works it will stay.
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