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Manager List

Posted: 27 Feb 2022, 17:11
by Daniel
Premier League
Arsenal - Lee Clark @redblueeagle
Aston Villa - Alex Nock @Nocky
Brentford - Neil Stockley @stocko74
Brighton - Will Schoolar @willz121
Burnley - VACANT
Everton - David Gooch @Darlington
Liverpool - Thomas Edvardsen @Eduardo
Manchester City - VACANT - Caretaker @Dazoctaron
Manchester United - Aaron Burrows @Burrows
Newcastle United - Harry Klenjan @harry51
Sheffield United - VACANT
Tottenham Hotspur - Derek Purvis @Deefa

Bournemouth - Matt Collisson @Matt
Chelsea - @David H
Crystal Palace - VACANT
Derby County - Darren Lear @Dazoctaron
Leeds United - Daniel Mason @Daniel
Leicester City - Tony McCleary @bruffio
Norwich City - VACANT
Queens Park Rangers - Joe Brown @Joe
Southampton - VACANT- Caretaker @willz121
West Bromwich Albion - Neil Rowley @Neilr
West Ham United - VACANT
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Holly Mason @WolfBite

All teams marked VACANT can be applied for in the relevant thread in the job centre