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League Games Match 3

Event details

Premier League

Sunderland - Manchester United
Leicester City - Queens Park Rangers
Crystal Palace - Arsenal
Burnley - Newcastle United
Everton - Liverpool

Division One

Aston Villa - Chelsea
Southampton - Bournemouth
Tottenham Hotspur - Manchester City
West Ham United - Stoke City
Wolverhampton Wanderers - Watford

YDL Premier League

Burnley_U21s - Manchester_City_U21s
Queens_Park_Rangers_U21s - Leicester_City_U21s
Stoke_City_U21s - Everton_U21s
Watford_U21s - Liverpool_U21s
Southampton_U21s - Newcastle_United_U21s

YDL Division One

Arsenal_U21s - Crystal_Palace_U21s
Sunderland_U21s - Bournemouth_U21s
West_Ham_United_U21s - Aston_Villa_U21s
Wolverhampton_U21s - Chelsea_U21s
Tottenham_Hotspur_U21s - Manchester_United_U21s

Sheets by 8pm 

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