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  2. Villa increase the main stat on G_Kilkenny to 24 please. 5m credits
  3. Last week
  4. Anglo-American Champions League Group Game 2 Group A Cruz Azul v Watford Boca Juniors v Burnley Group B Flamengo v Leicester City Columbus Crew v Everton Anglo-American Trophy Group Game 1 Group A River Plate v Chelsea Philadelphia Union v Leicester City Group B Palmeiras v Bournemouth Monterrey v Liverpool League Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Southampton v Arsenal Queens Park Rangers v Aston Villa Stoke City v Leeds United Crystal Palace v Sheffield Utd Norwich City v Tottenham Hotspur Derby County v Brentford West Ham United v Brighton Wolverhampton v Manchester City FMFA U23 Cup Round 1 Group Game 4 Group A Newcastle United U23 v Burney U23 Aston Villa U23 v Brentford U23 Group B Southampton U23 v Sheffield United U23 Watford U23 v Queens Park Rangers U23 Group C West Bromwich Albion U23 v Manchester City U23 Everton U23 v Tottenham Hotspur U23 Group D Leeds United U23 v Stoke City U23 Norwich City U23 v Brighton U23 Group E Leicester City U23 v Bournemouth U23 Wolverhampton U23 v Derby County U23 Group F Liverpool U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Arsenal U23 v Chelsea U23
  5. All the above have had the passwords set to same as their main team. Just Flamengo left if anyone wants to manage them.
  6. Premier League Watford v Liverpool Leeds United v Arsenal Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea v Everton Sheffield United v Leicester City Manchester United v Aston Villa Division One Southampton - Queens Park Rangers Newcastle United - West Ham United Bournemouth - Brighton Norwich City - Stoke City Crystal Palace - Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City - Brentford Derby County - West Bromwich Albion U23 Premier Division Brighton_U23 - Arsenal_U23 Derby_County_U23 - Burnley_U23 West_Ham_United_U23s - Liverpool_U23s Leicester_City_U23s - Aston_Villa_U23 Southampton_U23s - Bournemouth_U23 Brentford_U23 - Everton_U23s U23 Division One Leeds_United_U23s - Newcastle_United_U23s Wolverhampton_U23s - Man_City_U23s Stoke_City_U23s - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23s Norwich_City_U23s - Watford_U23s Crystal_Palace_U23s - West_Bromwich_U23s QPR_U23s - Sheffield_United_U23s Man_Utd_U23s - Chelsea_U23s
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  8. 16 days later, on the eve of the first game of the season proper and the above teams are still outside the limits (although Brighton are down to 32 now)
  9. Right all who are above have been allocated a team except @Nocky who if Villa don't make Trophy will get River Plate If they do he will get Flamengo.
  10. Anglo-American Champions League Group Game 1 Group A Burnley v Cruz Azul Watford v Boca Juniors Group B Everton v Flamengo Leicester City v Columbus Crew Anglo-American Trophy Group Game 1 Group A Group B League Cup Round 1 Leg 1 Arsenal v Southampton, Aston Villa v Queens Park Rangers, Leeds United v Stoke City, Sheffield Utd v Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur v Norwich City Brentford v Derby County, Brighton v West Ham United Manchester City v Wolverhampton FMFA U23 Cup Round 1 Group Game 3 Group A Burney U23 v Newcastle United U23 Brentford U23 v Aston Villa U23 Group B Sheffield United U23 v Southampton U23 Queens Park Rangers U23 v Watford U23 Group C Manchester City U23v West Bromwich Albion U23 Tottenham Hotspur U23 v Everton U23 Group D Stoke City U23 v Leeds United U23 Brighton U23 v Norwich City U23 Group E Derby County U23 v Bournemouth U23 Wolverhampton U23 v Leicester City U23 Group F Chelsea U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Arsenal U23 v Liverpool U23
  11. Yes with the buying of a third slot it is.
  12. brentford would like to put this player in my youths if i can Jack_Clarke 20 eng 2 2 25 10 19 300 648 561 116 for F£5,000,000 credits is this allowed @David
  13. Happy to caretake a team if any availible
  14. Villa would like to add 1 to the shooting of J_Buckle At the time of posting this he is 24r and aged 23 so eligible Cost 2m credits
  15. Premier League Liverpool v Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur v Watford Everton v Leeds United Leicester City v Burnley Aston Villa v Chelsea Manchester United v Sheffield United Division One Queens Park Rangers - Newcastle United Southampton - Bournemouth West Ham United - Norwich City Brighton - Crystal Palace Stoke City - Manchester City Wolverhampton Wanderers - Derby County Brentford - West Bromwich Albion U23 Premier Division Arsenal_U23 - Derby_County_U23 Brighton_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23s Burnley_U23 - Leicester_City_U23s Liverpool_U23s - Southampton_U23s Aston_Villa_U23 - Brentford_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - Everton_U23s U23 Division One Newcastle_United_U23s - Wolverhampton_U23s Leeds_United_U23s - Stoke_City_U23s Man_City_U23s - Norwich_City_U23s Tottenham_Hotspur_U23s - Crystal_Palace_U23s Watford_U23s - QPR_U23s West_Bromwich_U23s - Man_Utd_U23s Sheffield_United_U23s - Chelsea_U23s
  16. Seniors: Premier League - @Nocky Division One - @David FMFA Cup - @Daniel League Cup - @willz121 Anglo Champs League - @Nocky Anglo Trophy - @willz121 U23 Prem League - @David Div 1 - @David U23 Cup - @Nocky
  17. would like to buy a senior scout for 7.5m credits Confirmed
  18. If needed be, can caretake a team in CL
  19. Happy to caretaker a trophy team if you need me
  20. Seattle Sounders is not in the party, I'll miss them So, I'd like to caretake Monterrey or Flamengo if the mexican option is not available. PD: glad to be here again. Regards!
  21. @David Don't forget to subtract the credits - I still have my original balance.
  22. Villa wish to buy an extra slot for 5m credits (Technically i don't need it yet but hoping Buckle will upgrade in game 1 or 2 so just buying it for that point)
  23. If I fail to qualify for the trophy i'd like River again. Failing that i'll take anyone in the AA Cup
  24. Ok the the Anglo teams are looking for Caretakers. Usual rules apply 1) You can not caretake a team in a competition your own team is in 2) Put your choice of teams as a first and second choice. Teams available Champions League USA - Columbus Crew - @Deefa Mexico - Cruz Azul - @Eduardo Brazil - Flamengo Argentina - Boca Juniors - @macca Trophy USA - Philadelphia Union @Redblueeagle Mexico - Monterrey - @eltpm25 Brazil - Palmeiras - @willz121 Argentina - River Plate - @Nocky
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