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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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  2. West Ham News

    West Ham face Burnley tonight in the Preliminary 1st round of the FMFA cup first leg. Burnley, who without a win so far in the Wolf League, will be looking to change that at the Olympic stadium to inflict a first defeat on the Hammers. West Ham will be making a few changes to there side due to fitness issues, but with a large squad the quality shouldn't be affected by much. Also with a bid made in the auction ,with the results to be announced tonight, they are looking to further strengthen in a certain area. Good luck Burnley.
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  4. League Round 5 - (Senior & Youth)

    Tiger League Match 5 Wolverhampton Wanderers - EvertonChelsea - Manchester UnitedLiverpool - Queens Park RangersNewcastle United - Tottenham HotspurSunderland - Arsenal Wolf league Match 5 West Ham United - BurnleyBournemouth - Huddersfield TownCrystal Palace - Manchester CityLeicester City - Stoke CitySouthampton - Aston Villa YDL Premier League Match 5 Aston_Villa_U21s - Tottenham_Hotspur_U21sWolves_U21s - Southampton_U21sSunderland_U21s - Newcastle_United_U21sQueens_Park_Rangers_U21s - Liverpool_U21sManchester_City_U21s - Everton_U21s YDL Division 1 Match 5 Arsenal_U21s - Stoke_City_U21sWest_Ham_United_U21s - Leicester_City_U21sManchester_United_U21s - Crystal_Palace_U21sHuddersfield_Town_U21s - Bournemouth_U21sChelsea_U21s - Burnley_U21s Sheets by 8pm Sunday 4th February 2018
  5. Result - Fri 19th Jan 18

    First draw and the winning numbers were 03 08 17 44 50 and the two lucky stars are 02 & 07 The league winners are: Tiger League - 02 - No Winner - (Will be a rollover so double prize next draw) Wolf League - 07 - Crystal Palace Prizes Are: 03 - 50ST abs for senior keeper 08 - 50PS abs to senior midfielder 17 - 25PS abs to youth midfielder 44 - 50SH abs to youth striker 50 - 50SH abs for senior striker @BantamHD has until 8pm on Friday 26th January to advise what prize from the above they wish. Please note if you select an abs prize then you MUST advise which player the abs are for. Failure to respond by the deadline will lead to loss of the prize.
  6. Result - Fri 12th Jan 17

    Wow neither winner claimed their prize.
  7. YUN <<>> YHU

    Huddersfield sign from the youth unattached list for £2m S_Walker
  8. Manchester City U21 v Huddersfield Town U21 Away at City for or youth team who have managed 2 defeats so far this season. Not going well but as underdogs here we have nothing to lose.
  9. Everton U21 v Sunderland U21 Home tie for cup start. Best we could hope for i suppose. Will rotate squad as we want the abs for the players as much as anything.
  10. QPR > FMFA Sales

    J_Robinson 24 eng 2 21 7 3 24 300 498 691 401 - £13,000,000 Confirm
  11. QPR 2.0

    Sorry man, Albrighton wouldn't play for me, looking for 23s ideally. Have some cash to add for any that are available.
  12. Stoke List

    N_Clyne 26 eng 2 21 12 3 24 616 524 836 990 + 10 M. for Indi.
  13. QPR 2.0

    Leicester offers M_Albrighton 28 eng 2 3 22 10 25 300 443 40 481 for M_Sakho
  14. Last week
  15. QPR 2.0

    Final things we're looking for: These 3 are up for some kind of swap for MF/DFs M_Sakho 29 fra 2 22 4 3 28 300 549 885 417 D_Wheeler 27 eng 3 2 23 3 24 444 877 391 936 E_Can 24 ger 2 11 21 2 22 300 594 566 330 This chap for cash: A_Schurrle 27 ger 2 3 11 21 26 431 974 730 339 - Buy now 20,000,000
  16. From Newcastle to Aston Villa goes H_Lloris From Aston Villa to Newcastle goes M_Sels @wmcg1984, please confirm. Cheers.
  17. FMFA Cup Preliminary Round Leg 1

    I submitted the Leicester team sheet under Cup - Round 1 Leg 1, as there wasn't an option for the Preliminary round. Okay?
  18. Reds U21s vs Gunners U21s Dont like that the last years winners isnt seeded but we have to face The Gunners U21s over two legs. Hope we got what it takes to overcome them. Renato Sanches is injured and its a big blow for us. But we’re at home and will try to get off to a good start in the first leg
  19. West Ham News

    Good start for you :)
  20. Round 15 - Premier League Predictions

    Saturday 20th Jan 201812.30 Brighton v Chelsea 1-3 15.00 Arsenal v Crystal Palace 2-0 15.00 Burnley v Manchester Utd 1-2 15.00 Everton v WBA 3-0 15.00 Leicester v Watford 1-1 15.00 Stoke v Huddersfield 2-1 15.00 West Ham Utd v Bournemouth 3-0 17.30 Manchester City v Newcastle 3-1Sunday 21st Jan 2018 16.00 Southampton v Tottenham 0-0 Monday 22nd Jan 2018 20.00 Swansea v Liverpool 1-2
  21. FMFA Cup Preliminary Round Leg 1

    Huddersfield Town v Bournemouth prelim round and I suppose we should be thankful we are at home for this one. It is early days in the Huddersfield saga and so far we have managed to draw both our games so we will be looking to go that extra step and win this one.
  22. FMFA Cup Preliminary Round Leg 1

    West Ham United v Burnley Haven't started the season of well so let's see how we get on in this one my assistant will be taking charge of this as I have the lurgy so I am staying away
  23. Saturday 20th Jan 201812.30 Brighton 0-3 Chelsea15.00 Arsenal 2-0 Crystal Palace15.00 Burnley 0-2 Manchester Utd15.00 Everton 3-1 WBA15.00 Leicester 2-0 Watford15.00 Stoke 2-1 Huddersfield15.00 West Ham Utd 2-0 Bournemouth17.30 Manchester City 3-1 NewcastleSunday 21st Jan 201816.00 Southampton 0-2 Tottenham Monday 22nd Jan 2018Swansea 1-2 Liverpool
  24. Youth player

    My Youth squad is only 19 players so i need any player to take it up to the minimum required of 20
  25. Newcastle sales and loan list

    Yeah im.happy with that if you want to post the deal
  26. Newcastle sales and loan list

    Neuer is gone already, but I'm willing to swap Sels for Lloris.
  27. West Ham News

    West Ham began there campaign in the Wolf League against Aston Villa at home and managed to take all 3 points with a 2 nil win. Two late goals from Grigg and Cresswell settled the match in a fairly tight match. Villa who were the stronger side on paper will feel disappointed coming away with nothing after matching the home side for nearly 80 minutes. West Ham's youth side also began there season away to Stoke City youths and in a fairly uneventful game it ended in a draw. The seniors second game was away to Stoke and yet again they toughed it out against a stronger side scoring 2 second half goals through Jese & Eriksen to take all 3 points. This second win in a row took them to the top of the league but how long it will last who knows. The yths second match against Man Utd was an entertaining affair with the Reds running out 4 - 2 winners.
  28. LMS - Game 1

    My mistake, saw I was tagged in the thread and thought we had started afresh - serves me right for not reading it properly. Sorry
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