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  2. Right in order to revert back to two Divisions, Admin have agreed on the following: Play-Offs will continue and the winners along with the two automatically promoted sides in Division 1 & 2 will go into the Prem for next season along with the top 6 in this seasons Prem. The reason for this is they will have earned promotion this season and it would be wrong to take that away from them. That will then give the 12 teams in the Prem. The remaining 14 will be in Division One.
  3. CRYSTAL PALACE Division One Crystal Palace are again on the lookout for a manger after sudden sacking. They finished with a poor season and our on the look out for someone to revive their fortunes. Their current senior team can be viewed by Clicking Here Their U23 youth structure is sound but are looking to get the team into the U23 Premiership Their U23 team can be viewed by Clicking Here Team Finance can be viewed by Clicking Here (they will have season 17 prize monies to come) To Apply please respond below with: 1) Your Name 2) Email Address 3) Previous ESMS Experience (if any) DEADLINE FOR APPLICANTS IS TUESDAY 28th SEPTEMBER at 11:00am Note if a current FMFA manager gets the job he will receive a 5,000,000 credit bonus for taking them on and their current team will receive £5,000,0000 compensation to finances
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  5. Right this is sorted as even with those manager who haven't voted left they can not overtake the 10 for Two Leagues but keep Cup in current format. The U23s will revert back to Two Leagues next season which will be the U23 Premiership & U23 Division One.
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  7. FMFA Cup Final Burnley v Liverpool U23 Cup Final Aston Villa U23 v Everton U23
  8. We need to sort this can @BeDoZa @Eduardo @Graham @Joe @macca @Matt @Raingod @ThisBitchBites @Todd @Tom @willz121 please vote or it will close soon and we will go with majority vote.
  9. Name surely doesn't matter but if majority like the groups we can call it Trophy instead of Cup it is only a name at end of the day.
  10. I like the U23 league voted for two leagues plus group cup matches but will go with the majority
  11. I voted to change it back to 2 divisions and to change the cup back to a straight knockout. When we had 2 divisions the season just seemed to flow better and it was easier to keep track of which game number it was. IMO cups should be a knockout format, otherwise it's not a cup. If it has groups then it should be called a Trophy (like the EFL Trophy) or a league (like the Champions League). I think this season on here and in TDE I never played a full strength side in any of the group cup games. It's a format that I do not like.
  12. its all about bringing players through to your first team but also the bit part players should be used for generating cash for the club. So my point is each season a team should have a few earmarked for the senior side and then a few they concentarate on also for atm or sales to loower clubs because not every player should make it, the one thing we shouldnt do is make it to hard to develop a player for your senior side if the gap between your seniors and the upcoming youths is too big the youths will get neglected by managers and some managers, myself included, like a project of developing players, it should never be about just buying the players all the time it takes an aspect away from the game
  13. I am not voting. I will let the consensus win because I'm not too fussed personally. I view U23s as a mechanism to facilitate players for the first team. If I see that they're going to be beneficial and make it I will show an interest and sheet, irrelevant of the format of the competition. Winning/losing U23 competitions doesn't really matter a huge deal for me. I guess that means I would like the method that gives me the most games (i.e. league the whole season) but if people prefer it another way happy to go with that.
  14. I have selected the option Change League Back to Two Leagues as before but Keep U23 Cup as now with Group Stage. The reason is simple: the time I have played (a short one, but I did) under the current format I highly enjoyed the new Cup format. Group stages allow us to compete better and in a funnier way IMO. But I experienced the opposite thing with the new league format. And that was a big surprise for myself, considering that I've always been a defender of "the most divisions a competition has, the funnier and dynamic it is", but maybe the fact of being so few teams on each league, made them predictable and monotonous. Personally, I enjoyed much more the previous two league format. A bigger division, more teams, less monotonous. It's true that this way we eliminate the fact (a interesting one) of the relegation places, but doing a comparison between one way or the other one, I definitely prefer to go back to the previous system.
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  16. @Alberti @BeDoZa @Daniel @David @David H @Dazoctaron @eltpm25 @Eduardo @Graham @harry51 @Joe @Jason Fortune @macca @Matt @Neilr @Nocky @Raingod @Redblueeagle @stocko74 @ThisBitchBites @Todd @Tony McCleary @Tom @willz121 @Deefa
  17. Managers have voted for the U23's to stay but it seems the majority do think it should change so what we need to do is decide the best way forward. Firstly we have the new format of 3 divisions for the league or do we prefer the previous format of 2 leagues as the seniors have? Now some said that the league games started a lot after the seniors as there were fewer. This was my doing as the cup changed to group format to start and I wanted to get cup games out of the way first but it can easily be spread out so there is a mix of cup first round group games and league games rather than one competition before the other. The other point was the belief of less abs in the fewer games but this is why the cup changed to even it out and give more games there so more abs. The main reason it changed was to provide greater competition with teams having something to play for right through the season rather than be sat in mid table with nothing to play for and the season still having a good few games to play. So can we all vote on whether we wish to keep the current format or change back to previous two divisions.
  18. Right 18 managers have voted out of 25 so even if the remaining 7 who haven't voted voted it won't affect the result as the majority want to keep the U23s. What we need now is to sort how it continues.
  19. Division One Play Off Semi Finals Leg 2 3rd Place v 6th Place 4th Place v 5th Place U23 Division One Play Off Semi Finals Leg 2 3rd Place v 6th Place 4th Place v 5th Place U23 Division Two Play Off Semi Finals Leg 2 3rd Place v 6th Place 4th Place v 5th Place
  20. Division One Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Brighton v Stoke City Brentford v Arsenal U23 Division One Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Manchester United U23 v Stoke City U23 Bournemouth U23 v Manchester City U23 U23 Division Two Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Brighton U23 v Tottenham Hotspur U23 Chelsea U23 v Leeds United U23
  21. Premier League (Match 22) Newcastle_United - Watford Bournemouth - Everton Chelsea - West_Ham_United Aston_Villa - Liverpool Leicester_City - Tottenham_Hotspur Burnley - Manchester_United Division One (Match 26) Wolverhampton Wanderers - Brighton Norwich City - Leeds United Crystal Palace - Derby County West Bromwich Albion - Manchester City Arsenal - Southampton Brentford - Stoke_City Queens Park Rangers - Sheffield United U23 Premier League (Match 14) Liverpool U23 v Leicester City U23 Newcastle United U23 v Sheffield United U23 Southampton U23 v Burnley U23 Everton U23 v Aston Villa U23 U23 Division One (Match 18) Manchester United U23 v Bournemouth U23 West Ham United U23 v Queens Park Rangers U23 Watford U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Stoke City U23 v Manchester City U23 U23 Division Two (Match 18) Brentford_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Leeds_United_U23 v Brighton_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23
  22. 2x purchased Albin_Thaqi - add 2 TAb to this player who is being promoted this weekend Thanks
  23. Right, for now I'm out of the game (but having in mind to come back soon if I can) and I like U23s. During my time as Crystal Palace's manager I enjoyed it so much despite the results. So my vote is a big YES, I do want U23s into FMFA. The changes this system could need are in your hands (admins) and I'm sure you will execute what it's the best for FMFA. I trust in your criteria.
  24. Anglo_American Champions League Final Everton v Liverpool Anglo American Trophy Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur FMFA League Cup Final Bournemouth v Newcastle United Division One Play Off Final, Tie to be announced U23 Play Off Finals Division One Tie to be announced Division Two Tie to be announced
  25. FMFA Cup Liverpool v Leicester City Burnley v Watford FMFA U23 Cup Arsenal U23 v Aston Villa U23 Wolverhampton U23 v Everton U23
  26. Premier League (Match 21) Watford - Bournemouth Newcastle_United - Chelsea Everton - Aston_Villa West_Ham_United - Leicester_City Liverpool - Burnley Tottenham_Hotspur - Manchester_United Division One (Match 25) Brighton - Norwich City Wolverhampton Wanderers - Crystal Palace Leeds United - West Bromwich Albion Derby County - Arsenal Manchester City - Brentford Southampton - Queens Park Rangers Stoke_City - Sheffield United U23 Premier League (Match 13) Leicester City U23 v Newcastle United U23 Liverpool U23 v Southampton U23 Sheffield United U23 v Everton U23 Burnley U23 v Aston Villa U23 U23 Division One (Match 17) Bournemouth U23 v West Ham United U23 Manchester United U23 v Watford U23 Crystal Palace U23 v Stoke City U23 Arsenal U23 v Manchester City U23 U23 Division Two (Match 17) Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Leeds_United_U23 Brentford_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 West_Bromwich_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23
  27. I've got 1 youth who managed to make it to the seniors for regular game time: D_Quina I've got a 2nd (R_Suckling) who I'm looking to persist with. I've sold on 3 - J_Mukena, G_McEachran and A_Tuanzebe I've got some in the U23 team: D_Hutchins, T_Ebanks, D_Moonan & M_Caisutti who I want to keep developing and hoping that some will make the first team. I can't use credits to help Hutchins but age (and re-rates) should be on his side. Hoping to use credits for the other 3. I've also got T_Leighton who wont sell, and J_David and T_Akinola who probably wont sell either seeing how I can't sell L_Martinez. Working with those 3 has been wasted effort and credits which is a shame. It's why I'm persisting with Suckling otherwise he'd be another player were I wasted effort and credits.
  28. I've read through the comments and thought to myself are people making enough effort?? I have managed to develop at least 3 players that have come through my youth team and become 1st team players. It can be done if you put in the effort. Are the managers that don't bother sheeting for the under 23s writing match build ups and reports?? Getting credits by doing this will also help with developing players. I understand that for the top teams in the Prem this is more of an issue as the gap from u23s to 1st team is a lot wider but there is nothing stopping them from developing players and selling them on. As a side note, in CoE I try and make the top 3 divisions of u23s for teams whose managers regulary sheet to try and keep the competitive nature of the league and I also try and keep the divisions small with equal teams in them, although that is not always possible.
  29. yes as long as they get into 1st team otherwise why bother if not good enough? should focus on youth and be able to bring them in?
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