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  2. FMFA Leagues Round 22 22 November 2017

    Newcastle United - Tottenham Hotspur season over got fitness issues so need to change my tactics and formation nothing to play for so might try some thing different
  3. Wolf League Manchester City - ChelseaSunderland - Crystal PalaceWolverhampton Wanderers - Leicester CityWest Ham United - Southampton Sheets by 8pm
  4. FMFA Leagues Round 22 Tiger League Everton - ArsenalAston Villa - Manchester UnitedLiverpool - Queens Park RangersNewcastle United - Tottenham Hotspur Sheets by 8pm
  5. Round 21 Results

    Queens Park Rangers 1 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur Sent Off: J_Allen (12) D_Darbyshire (13) make mistakes in my sheet so got a t and a result i lost and now have no chance to win the league so nothing to play for now maybe making mistakes means its time to leave i need to think about things now until the end of the season
  6. Last week
  7. Round 21 Results

    Toffees 0 - 0 Reds Both teams deserved something from this game so a scoreless draw was the right result. Few things changed at the top at we still got every chance of giving it a good fight for the title
  8. Round 21 Results

    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Aston Villa (1) - 442T Sheet Errors Error!! Jose_Gimenez (new) is suspended for the game. Error!! Marcelo (ths) is named twice in the team sheet. Error in conditionals of ths (line 2)!! Reason Condition type missing after IF
  9. Round 21 Results

    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Southampton (1) - 442T Sheet Errors Error!! Player A_O_C'berlain (cry) is suspended for the game
  10. Last Man Standing Table

    Updated for round 3 after pick 4 results
  11. LMS Game 3

    Ok all three had winning guesses again but their list of teams to pick is going down. @Tony @harry51 @Eduardo all need to pick again from next fixtures which are:- Friday 24th November 2017 20:00 West Ham v Leicester Saturday 25th November 2017 15:00 Crystal Palace v Soke City 15:00 Manchester Utd v Brighton 15:00 Newcastle v Watford 15:00 Swansea v Bournemouth 15:00 Tottenham v WBA 17:30 Liverpool v Cheslea Sunday 26th November 2017 13:30 Southampton v Everton 14:00 Burnley v Watford 16:00 Huddersfield v Manchester City
  12. Lawro's prediction's from the BBC are:- SATURDAY Arsenal v Tottenham 1-1 Bournemouth v Huddersfield 2-0 Burnley v Swansea 2-0 Crystal Palace v Everton 2-1 Leicester v Man City 0-2 Liverpool v Southampton 2-0 West Brom v Chelsea 0-2 Man Utd v Newcastle 2-0 SUNDAY Watford v West Ham1 -1 MONDAY Brighton v Stoke 0-2
  13. Premiership Predictions Round 12Arsenal 1 v 1 TottenhamBournemouth 1 v 2 HuddersfieldBurnley 2 v 0 SwanseaCrystal Palace 1 v 3 EvertonLeicester 1 v 2 Man CityLiverpool 3 v 1 SouthamptonWest Brom 1 v 2 ChelseaMan Utd 2 v 1 NewcastleWatford 1 v 2 West HamBrighton 1 v 2 Stoke
  14. Result Tue 10th Oct 17

    50ST abs for Joe Hart please Cheers Derek
  15. Result - Tues 24th Oct 2017

    Shooting abs for mbappe please david
  16. The O My God Challenge Right FM18 is out...whoopee!! So first challenge is for rest of November & December. On May 25th 2014, Leyton Orient found themselves 2-0 up against Rotherham United at half time in the League One play-off final with a place in the Championship firmly in their sights. A couple of Alex Revell goals and an unsuccessful penalty shootout later, and the O’s instead had another season in the English third tier to prepare for. Fast forward to the present day and the notion of Orient playing in the Championship is a difficult one to envisage. This is a club, after all, that has suffered back-to-back relegations and slipped out of the Football League entirely last season, ending a 112-year stay in the top four divisions of English football. The club was virtually run into the ground by their former owner, Francesco Becchetti, and almost went out of business completely before being salvaged by a consortium led by lifelong fan, Nigel Travis. That Orient survived when at one stage it looked like they could fold is a feat in itself, but the club has found negotiating the National League a difficult task. They are currently far closer to the bottom of the table than the top. It has been a turbulent few years for the East London club and your task is to lead them one step further than they managed back in 2014 – by realising the Championship dream. Positives: Becchetti is no longer around, hurrah! And there are a few talented youngsters to build around for the future. Negatives: Expectations. As Orient have found this season, non-league can be an unforgiving place… You can do this on early versions but obviously they won't be in the National League. As not every manager enters this the prizes are:- £100,000 to your credits fund for entering and completing at least half a season. (so prove you have gone past 1st Jan along with proof of taking over a club) £200,000 to your credits fund if you finish the bottom half and not get relegated. £500,000 to your credits fund if you can finish in top half of the league. £750,000 to transfer funds if you can get promoted £1,000,000 to transfer/team finances if you can win the league in your first season Remember this is just a bit of fun and to see how you do against others
  17. FMFA Leagues Round 21 19 November 2017

    Queens Park Rangers - Tottenham Hotspur slowly going down the table need to go up and need to get a win here season is a damp squid so far need to go on a run now and try salvage the season but doubt that will happen
  18. Result - Tues 24th Oct 2017

    Everton choose - 50PS abs for youth midfielder to N_Broadhead
  19. Result - Tues 24th Oct 2017

    The result of the lotto is 09 11 13 27 33 The winners based on lucky stars are:- Tiger League 07 - Everton Wolf League 10 - Sunderland - (Rollover for Wolf, double prize!) 09 - 50SH abs for senior striker 11 - 50PS abs for youth midfielder 13 - 50SH abs for senior striker 27 - 50TK abs to youth defender 33 - One Injury/Suspension Pack The winners have until 8pm on 21st November to advise which prize they wish to have and if it is abs which player the abs are for. @David @Tony
  20. Result - Fri 20th Oct 2017

    The result of the lotto is 04 17 23 27 30 The winners based on lucky stars are:- Tiger League 03 - Arsenal Wolf League 08 - No Winner - (Rollover for Wolf, double prize next draw) 04 - 50TK abs for youth defender 17 - 25ST abs for senior keeper 23 - 50TK abs for senior defender 27 - 50TK abs to youth defender 30 - 25SH abs to youth striker The winners have until 8pm on 21st November to advise which prize they wish to have and if it is abs which player the abs are for. @jason
  21. Result - Fri 13th Oct 2017

    Both replied so prizes added already.
  22. Result - Tues 17th Oct 2017

    The result of the lotto is 13 17 19 26 36 The winners based on lucky stars are:- Tiger League 02 - Manchester United Wolf League 03 - Southampton 13 - 50SH abs for senior striker 17 - 25TK abs for youth defender 19 - £100,000 to your Credits Fund 26 - One Injury/Suspension Pack 36 - 25PS abs to youth midfielder The winners have until 8pm on 21st November to advise which prize they wish to have and if it is abs which player the abs are for. @Tom @Alice
  23. Result - Fri 6th Oct 2017

    As both already replied these have been added
  24. Reds U21s vs Saints U21s We drew in the first leg and got a good opportunity reaching the final. Our league campaign hasn't been good so this is our only hope of lifting any trophy this season.
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