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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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    Chelsea v Man U
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  4. Manager List (season 11)

    Tiger League Arsenal - @BantamHD Everton - @David Leicester City - @willz121 Liverpool - @Eduardo Man City - @Deefa Man Utd - @Tom Newcastle - @harry51 QPR - @Joe Sunderland - @Tony Spurs - @jason Wolf League Aston Villa - @wmcg1984 Bournemouth - @Neilr Brighton - @Daniel Burnley - @stocko74 Chelsea - Vacant - caretaker @Deefa Crystal Palace - Vacant Southampton - @Alice Stoke - @Nocky West Ham Utd - @macca Wolves - @iZombie To PM a manager just click the name above and then choose message on the profile name.. All teams marked Vacant can be applied for in the relevant thread in the job center
  5. Bournemouth Appoint

    Bournemouth have appointed a new manager ahead of Season 11. The new man in charge is Neil Rowley. The board would like to thank @Joe for his caretaking of the club during their search for a manager and are now looking forward to a new era with the club with @Neilr in charge.
  6. Bournemouth

    You are Bournemouth's manager Neil. Give me 5 mins and I'll set you up on sheet submitter etc. and PM you shortly.
  7. Bournemouth

    If Bournemouth are still available I'd like to take them on. Name: Neil Email: neilrr@optusnet.com.au ESMS experience: UCFL, SSL, OFLM, GOAAAL, MOTD
  8. Yesterday
  9. Result - Fri 20th Apr 2018

    M_Fowler 50SH abs to youth striker please
  10. Result - Fri 20th Apr 2018

    50 TABs for Heathcote please
  11. Youth Development League Premier Division 1 Everton_U21s 2 Liverpool_U21s 3 Queens_Park_Rangers_U21s 4 Wolves_U21s 5 Newcastle_United_U21s 6 Southampton_U21s 7 Tottenham_Hotspur_U21s 8 Manchester_City_U21s 9 Stoke_City_U21s (promoted Season 10) 10 Brighton_U21s (replacing Huddersfield_Town_U21s) Youth Development League Division One 1 Aston_Villa_U21s (relegated Season 10) 2 Sunderland_U21s (relegated Season 10) 3 Leicester_City_U21s 4 Manchester_United_U21s 5 Crystal_Palace_U21s 6 Chelsea_U21s 7 Arsenal_U21s 8 West_Ham_United_U21s 9 Burnley_U21s 10 Bournemouth_U21s
  12. NEW For SEASON 11

    New Item For Shop From season 11 the following item is added to the shop to help youths promoted to senior squads. Increase the main rating of a 22 rated player to 23 for any player in the senior squad aged 22 years old or less (has a * after their name) The cost of this will be £8,000,000 from your credit fund. Can use twice in a season.
  13. Shop Items

    SHOP ITEMS Extra Injury/Suspension Pack - £5,000,000 credits. - Buy a pack to reduce an injury or suspension to a player by 1. Extra Fitness Pack - £5,000,000 credits - Buy a fitness pack and reset a players fitness back to 100 Move Your Credit Fund to main club Finances - Allowed in multiples of £1m only. New Item - Increase a the main rating of a 22 rated player to 23 on any player 22 year old or less in the senior team - £8,000,000 credits. May only be used twice in a season. Scouting - Cost is £5m credits (from your credit fund) and only allowed one scout per season. Player costs on scouting are below. You can scout either a youth player or a senior player. The player age of a basic scout is 21 for youth and 26-29 for senior player. The basic scout will scout a player of that age and with secondaries of a maximum of 5. You pay for him to search a main skill at the prices below. Youth Player 16 - £6m 17 - £8m 18 - £12m 19 - £20m 20 - £30m Senior Player 20 - £20m 21 - £30m 22 - £40m 23 - £50m 24 - £65m 25 - £80m If you want to enhance your scout by buying a set age or secondaries or both then the additional cost are below. Youth Age 16: +£10m 17: +£8m 18: +£6m 19: +£4m 20: +£2m Youth Secondaries DF: 8-9 +£5m DF: 10-12 +£10m MF: 8-9 +£3m MF: 10-12 +£6m FW: 8-9 +£3m FW:10-12 +£7m Senior Age 22: +£9m 23: +£6m 24: +£4m 25: +£3m Senior Secondaries DF: 6-8 +£5m DF: 9-12 +10m MF: 6-8 +£4m MF: 9-12 +8m FW: 6-8 +£4m FW: 9-12 +8m So if for example you decided you wanted a 24 year old forward with main rating of 25 and with 11 secondaries in passing then that would cost £80m for 25 rating plus £4m for age of 24 plus £8m for secondaries so a total of £92m.
  14. Result - Fri 13th Apr 2018

    Sunderland want 100Tabs on Garcia.
  15. Result - Fri 30th Mar 2018

    Abs added.
  16. Result - Fri 6th Apr 2018

    Prizes added as selected.
  17. Result - Fri 20th Apr 2018

    The winning numbers were 03 16 25 39 44 Tiger League - 07 - Manchester United Wolf League - 11 - Burnley Prizes Are: 03 - 50ST abs for senior keeper 16 - 25PS abs to senior midfielder 25 - 50TK abs for senior defender 39 - One Fitness Reset Pack 44 - 50SH abs to youth striker @Tom @stocko74 have until 8pm on Sunday 29th April to advise what prize from the above they wish. Please note if you select an abs prize then you MUST advise which player the abs are for. Failure to respond by the deadline will lead to loss of the prize.
  18. Result - Fri 13th Apr 2018

    The winning numbers were 05 25 34 48 50 Tiger League - 06 - Sunderland Wolf League - 07 - Crystal Palace Prizes Are: 05 - One Injury/Suspension Pack 25 - 50TK abs for senior defender - VOID due to ball 48 34 - 50TK abs for senior defender - VOID due to ball 48 48 - 100 abs to any player and skill 50 - 50SH abs for senior striker - VOID due to ball 48 @Tony has until 8pm on Sunday 29th April to advise what prize from the above they wish. Please note if you select an abs prize then you MUST advise which player the abs are for. Unmanaged Crystal Palace will be selected by Admin Failure to respond by the deadline will lead to loss of the prize.
  19. Play Off Final Result

    Very unlucky Neil. On paper I thought City were the stronger team but you ran them all the way and penalties could go anyway as it's a lottery.
  20. LMS - Game 3

    Right then both City and Everton won so @stocko74 @David get to go again but remember no team you have used in LMS3. Fixtures are:- Saturday 28th April 12:30 Liverpool v Stoke 15:00 Burnley v Brighton 15:00 Crystal Palace v Leicester 15:00 Huddersfield v Everton 15:00 Newcastle v WBA 15:00 Southampton v Bournemouth 17:30 Swansea v Chelsea Sunday 29th April 14:15 West Ham Utd v manchester City 16:30 Manchester United v Arsenal Monday 30th April 20:00 Tottenham v Watford
  21. Everton > BRighton

    Everton agree the deal
  22. Crystal Palace

    Due to the Crystal Palace manager leaving to join Arsenal manager they are now searching for a new man in charge for Season 11. The rosters can been viewed at Palace Roster & U21 Roster Finances are at Finances Apply Below with Name: Email: ESMS Experience (if any)
  23. Last week
  24. Everton > BRighton

    Brighton sign N_Chadli for £15m
  25. Everton Sales

    Post it up then and he can go to Brighton
  26. Everton Sales

  27. Match and Stats Missing Sheets None Sheet Errors NONE
  28. YDL Cup Final

    Stoke come into this game well rested where as our side is tired from all the recent games. The backbone of the team has been promoted to the senior side so we’re a both weaker in strength but also depth, but over 90 minutes you never know.
  29. Everton Sales

    Don't know you said how much new teams had last season to start with but I seem to think they started with £40m (hudds & bournemouth). As for Chadli make me an offer.
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