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  2. Welcome back Graham. Good to have you back. I will set you up as Burnley manager tomorrow as I'm tied up tonight.
  3. NAME: Graham Brown EMAIL: grahambrown71@live.co.uk ESMS experience: Over 6 Years: ffo manager, tde3, ssl, CoE, Elite football league, FMFA(formerly with Crystal Palace)
  4. Sheffield United v DERBY COUNTY Still all to play for after the first leg ended all square. The cups have been a welcome distraction for us and an unexpected aberration in a disappointing season. We will need to score to have any chance of progressing and with on Morrison absent through suspension there will be some choices to make in regards selection.
  5. Should have gone D when we scored. But these things come to mind after the game
  6. 1 - 1 Watford v Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 0 Arsenal v Sheffield United 2 - 0 Brighton & Hove Albion v Aston Villa 2 - 0 Manchester City v Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Norwich City v AFC Bournemouth 2 - 1 Southampton v Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 - 1 West Ham United v Everton 0 - 2 Newcastle United v Chelsea 1 - 2 Burnley v Leicester City 3 - 0 Liverpool v Manchester United
  7. SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY Watford 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield United Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Aston Villa Manchester City 3-0 Crystal Palace Norwich City 1-0 AFC Bournemouth Southampton 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 1-1 Everton Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea SUNDAY 19TH JANUARY Burnley 1-2 Leicester City Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United
  8. Everton 1 - 1 Newcastle United We're satisfied with this result. After Everton's early 1-0 one of us was sent off and though we had only 38% possession we managed to score a goal.
  9. I didn't expect that result, but glad we captured this win. Now we will see an exciting finish of the title race. Good luck, Ed.
  10. Last week
  11. Two games left and still a bit to be decided. Pl Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Liverpool 20 12 6 2 27 11 16 42 - C ------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 Sunderland 20 10 5 5 22 15 7 35 - AAC 3 Everton 20 8 9 3 23 17 6 33 - AAT 4 Leicester_City 20 7 9 4 24 19 5 30 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Chelsea 20 6 9 5 26 23 3 27 6 Aston_Villa 20 6 8 6 27 23 4 26 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Manchester_United 20 6 6 8 18 19 -1 24 8 Wolverhampton_Wanderers 20 5 9 6 17 21 -4 24 9 Newcastle_United 20 3 11 6 22 24 -2 20 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Stoke_City 20 4 8 8 13 25 -12 20 11 Arsenal 20 4 5 11 18 30 -12 17 12 Crystal_Palace 20 3 7 10 20 30 -10 16 C = Champions AAC = Qualified for Anglo-American Champions League AAT = Qualified for Anglo-American Trophy Liverpool @Eduardo have won the league and as a result will also be in the Anglo-American Champions League next season. Current second placed Sunderland @stocko74 also have now qualified for the Anglo-American Champions League as the worst they can now finish is fourth. Third Placed Everton are certain of Anglo-American competition and will at worse be in the Trophy but a point from the last two games will ensure Champions League football again. In their favour as well are two home games to get that point, against Manchester United and Stoke City Leicester City in fourth @willz121 need a point at Villa or at home to Stoke to be certain of playing in the Trophy but win both and they seal a Champions League spot. Chelsea @Burrows hold the cards for a Trophy slot and it is in their own hands. Win the last two and they are in but they face Man Utd who can still qualify so they won't give in easy and Leicester who want the Champions League. Aston Villa @Nocky currently want the final slot for the trophy. They can still get get Champions League but need a big slip up from Leicester and to get two more points than Chelsea do in the final two games. On their heels for the trophy spot are both Man Utd and Wolves so they can't rest easy. Winning is the best thing to ensure it. Man Utd @Tom and Wolves @ThisBitchBites are both in the hunt if Villa slip up.Both are away for both games and probably will need to win both to stand a chance.
  12. So game 20 is no over and the table is Pl Team P W D L GF GA GD Pts ------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 West_Ham_United 20 13 2 5 33 12 21 41 P 2 Watford 20 12 5 3 23 12 11 41 P ------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Bournemouth 20 10 4 6 25 19 6 34 4 Tottenham_Hotspur 20 10 3 7 36 20 16 33 5 Southampton 20 9 5 6 25 28 -3 32 6 Norwich_City 20 8 5 7 22 26 -4 29 ------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Sheffield_United 20 7 7 6 21 22 -1 28 8 Manchester_City 20 6 7 7 14 17 -3 25 9 Burnley 20 4 7 9 21 30 -9 19 10 Queens_Park_Rangers 20 4 6 10 14 22 -8 18 11 Brighton 20 4 4 12 14 25 -11 16 12 Derby_County 20 3 5 12 14 29 -15 14 What is now decided is West Ham ( @macca ) and Watford ( @BeDoZa ) are both promoted to the premiership automatically but which one will be Champions is yet to sort and they are neck and neck. The interesting battle now ensues as six teams can still make the play-offs. Bournemouth ( @Neilr ) are almost sorted with a spot and draw from either of their last two games at home to Sheffield United or away at West Ham will get them home. Tottenham ( @Daniel ) and Southampton ( @Rivaldo10 ) both just need a win to seal their spots. Spurs need to beat either Watford away or QPR at home while Saints have a harder task with the top two to face in the last two games. Norwich City hold the final spot at present but they have Sheffield Utd a point behind so can't afford to relax. The saving grace for them is it is in their own hands. Win against QPR and Burnley and what the two behind do won't matter. Sheffield United ( @Ruggy ) need to win both and hope that Spurs, Saints or Norwich slip up. There best bet is Norwich as they need the other two to lose both games to be sure. They face Bournemouth next then Manchester City. Manchester City ( @Deefa ) are outsiders needing a miracle really as there maximum now is 31 points which would only get them to 6th spot but only if Norwich & Sheffield United blow it in the final games then you just never know. More updates after the next round of games or Match 21.
  13. Interesting but it does highlight one other thing.....you must have a lot of time on your hands.
  14. E_Alvarez 22 mex 1 26 13 2 23 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 Newcastle confirm.
  15. Magpies U23 4 - 1 Reds U23 Absolutely smashed by The Magpies U23. We got the better start to the game when we scored the opening goal and maybe I should have gone a little more defensive when we knew the title was up for grabs. Instead we kept our tactics and the home side overrunned us for the remainder of the game. Adam Armstrong the man of the match scoring an hattrick for the host. Only two points seperates the two clubs with two games left of the season and we know we must win our last two games to secure the title
  16. Cruzeiro (2) vs (1) Rosario Central We've put ourselves in a good position after we won 2-1 away from home but there is still a lot of football left in this encounter and we need to put in a real effort to make the final. These games can go either ways but I hope we got the quality needed to get the result needed to progress
  17. Reds (1) vs (1) Five Stripes We drew away from home and have the chance to reach the final if we manage to play a great game in front of our own fans. The Five Stripes is a good outfit and we need to perform at our best if we want to find ourselves in the final
  18. Reds 3 - 1 Gunners Three goals inside the first twelve minutes secured the win and it also secured the title since Sunderland failed to win. First club to win the title three seasons in row. James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez and Benjamin Woodburn scored the goals who secured the win. A good performance and we're over the moon for another title win
  19. I can sell him to FMFA sales, right? because if I promote him back to senior squad I'll have 6 forwards, too many...
  20. Manchester United U23 3-1 DERBY COUNTY Disappointed to lose this game. This result means it will be very difficult to finish in the top two positions now, though not impossible, but we can look forward to entering the playoffs. United have a very good youth team, as proven by their league position despite not sheeting, but it would have been good for the two promoted teams to be 'active' teams. That doesn't mean that United don't deserve it as they are one of the best U23s in the league.
  21. DERBY COUNTY 2-1 Bournemouth A good performance and 3 points brings us closer to the rest of the division. With 2 games left to play we have a chance to lift ourselves off the bottom.
  22. You have thre over aged/rated players yst - C_N'Jie @eltpm25
  23. David

    Club Pages

    OK I am getting there slowly I have now completed up to and including Leicester City on the new format. With Leicester though I have added a separate Anglo History Page and will be going back to do those before with a separate page for it.
  24. FMFA League Cup Semi-Final Leg 2 (1st Leg Scores in brackets) Sunday 19th January 2020 Sheffield United (1) v (1) Derby County Watford (0) v (1) Norwich City Sheets by 8pm Please note that if both teams are level after the second leg then away goals will count. Should the teams still be level then extra time and penalties (if required) will be played
  25. Anglo-American Trophy Semi-Final Leg 2 1ST LEG SCORE IN BRACKETS Cruzeiro (2) v (1) Rosario Central Portland Timbers (1) v (1) Club America Sheets by 8pm Please note that if both teams are level after the second leg then away goals will count. Should the teams still be level then extra time and penalties (if required) will be played
  26. Anglo-American Champions League Semi-Final Leg 2 Sunday 19th January 2020 1ST LEG SCORE IN BRACKETS Racing Club (2) v (3) Tigres Liverpool (1) v (1) Atlanta United Sheets by 8pm Please note that if both teams are level after the second leg then away goals will count. Should the teams still be level then extra time and penalties (if required) will be played
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