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  2. Reds U23 1 - 0 Eagles U23 Our rivlas The Toffees U23 drew while we won thanks to a great free kick from Toni Gomes. We find ourselves five points clear with two games left of the season. Things can still change!
  3. Reds vs Racing We drew 1-1 away from home and it's up to us to get the result needed to get into the final. We've found it hard against Alex this season and most games against him has ended in a draw. Time to try a different approach!
  4. Reds 1 - 1 Villans Controlled the game but found it hard against a well organized Villa team. Against run of play ex-Reds Bobby Firmino sent the visitors in front but we got our equlizer through Jackie Mahon. Couldn't find the winner but with two games left we're four points clear. Need to get that decisive win.
  5. Tottenham Hotspur v Aston Villa Arsenal v Leicester City Sheets by 8pm
  6. Liverpool v Racing Club Everton v Manchester United Sheets by 8pm
  7. Division 1 Play-Off Semi Finals Leg 1 5th Place vs 2nd Place 4th Place vs 3rd Place
  8. David

    League Match 17

    SENIOR TEAMS Premiership Arsenal - Leicester_City Crystal_Palace - Manchester_United Aston_Villa - Sunderland Chelsea - Newcastle_United Everton - Liverpool Division One Burnley - Wolverhampton_Wanderers Stoke_City - West_Ham_United Queens_Park_Rangers - Southampton Watford - Bournemouth Manchester_City - Tottenham_Hotspur U23 TEAMS Premiership Bournemouth_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 Everton_U23 - Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Burnley_U23 - Stoke_City_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 - Southampton_U23 Liverpool_U23 - Newcastle_United_U23 Division One Arsenal_U23 - Sunderland_U23 Leicester_City_U23 - Watford_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 - Wolverhampton_U23 Chelsea_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23 Manchester_United_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  9. Seriously shit end to the season so far. Lose last time out when we outplayed Palace with ten men. Now we bombard Chelsea's goal with three times more shots on target than them and still don't get a goal or win. Be glad when this season is over as had more than my fair share of games like this where we have been better and lost or drawn. Match Statistics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everton | Chelsea Attempts on Goal : 15 | 8 Off target : 6 | 5 On target : 9 | 3 Possession : 51 | 49
  10. West Ham United 3 - 0 Burnley M_Arnautovic (11) A_Romagnoli (13) Injured: M_Reus (40) H_Wolf (56) they went attacking i went counter no advantage what so ever and got hammered not impressed 2 games left we sit top by 3 points will we blow our will we keep our nerve and go up
  11. Shit I sheeted for round 13 ha my bad guys
  12. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Stoke - 442T given Sheet Errors NONE
  13. Sometimes I just don’t see the point of this game. When you counter someone who doesn’t sheet and still get spanked. also why managers who don’t sheet still get to use subs is beyond me
  14. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets QPR, Stoke & Southampton - 442N given Sheet Errors bu - Only 10 players in staring eleven.
  15. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Arsenal, Leicester, Man Utd, Sunderland, Tottenham, Wolves - 442N given Sheet Errors NONE
  16. Southampton_U23 v Everton_U23 Away to the saints who have probably avoided relegation although it is still mathematically possible. They will want to make sure by picking up a win against us and we can't afford for for that or Liverpool could go to far ahead to be caught. We will look to rotate the team as ever and hopefully Palace can turn over Liverpool.
  17. Everton U23s 2 - 2 Liverpool U23s An even game which is maybe expected considering the league positions we were both in. That said we clearly had the more shots on target and ultimately should have converted more of them as we could have won this. In the end we rescued a deserved point in coming back twice in the match against a strong Liverpool U23 team and it does keep us right behind them at the top with just three points in it with three games to go. The question is now will we rue not winning this and cutting that points advantage. Now with three left we need another team to upset Liverpool when we should have beaten them and made the run in a tighter contest. It isn't over yet but Liverpool will be favourites at the moment.
  18. Everton v Chelsea At home to a team under new management of @GaryG who has moved from Palace, which could make the match a little tougher for us. We have home advantage and need to make it pay. Squad wise we have Holgate out at the back after his red card last game.
  19. Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Everton Bloody hell we take on a side and play with ten men for virtually the whole game, match their eleven with only ten and lose to one goal. That was so nice a kick in the nuts and has really put the spark into the end of season for us. We need to get it back together if we want to finish in the top four and make Anglo-american qualification.
  20. Spurs buy Casemiro for £50m
  21. WEDNESDAY 17TH JULY3rd/4th PLAY OFFTunisia 1-2 NigeriaFRIDAY 19th JULYFINALSenegal 1-2 Algeria
  22. Newcastle_United_U23 v Burnley_U23 season is over no chance of winning the league so i will let my assistant take charge of this game
  23. West_Ham_United v Burnley we sit top by 3 points but cant afford to lose west ham sit 4th so wont be an easy game hoping to get at least a point and try stay at the top
  24. WEDNESDAY 17TH JULY 3rd/4th PLAY OFF Tunisia 3 - 1 Nigeria FRIDAY 19th JULY FINAL Senegal 1 - 3 Algeria
  25. Reds U23 vs Eagles U23 Three games left of the season and three teams got a chance of winning the title. The Toffees U23, The Eagles U23 and ourselves got the chance of finish the season on top and this game will a very decisive one. If we are to win, The Eagles U23 will be out of the title race. A tough game but we're in good form and I feel confident going into this one
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