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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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  2. FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 5 20 September 2017

    Hammers vs Reds Need a win but won't be easy
  3. Yesterday
  4. FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 5 20 September 2017

    Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur already out of this competition so chance for some of my squad players to impress and my new signings cold make there debuts
  5. Last week
  6. Tottenham Hotspur U21s 0 - 0 QPR U21s poor performance from my youth team need to do better and must do better
  7. What happened to it's optional and the 20m that was spent on a youth manager? Or was that never done?
  8. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets All missing given 442 random this round Sheet errors NONE
  9. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Any missing given 442 randoms due to back up and sorting youth league Sheet Errors There were a couple but corrected this time.
  10. Youth League

    For the moment I will be taking over running youth games to keep them on track until Daniel has more time. Please check the calendar as I have juggled it around in that tonights round will be round 4 and round 5 will now be thursday 21st with round 6 now on thurs 28th which will get us back to normal by end of sept.
  11. YDLC Round 1 Leg 2

    Tottenham Hotspur U21s 0 - 2 Everton U21s well i left this game to my assistant and i was dissapointed to see him pick 451 l and cause of that we lost if he continues to pick formations like that he we wont win anything and he will be sacked
  12. LMS Round 2

    Crystal Palace
  13. YDLC Round 1 Leg 2

    Tottenham 0 Everton 2 (Agg 1-3) Well I thought we would at least try and must admit I certainly didn't expect 4-5-1 L from Spurs. That was a formation to try and hold a draw from the first leg and I'm not even sure that away goals count in this so the draw if it had come may have just led to ET and pens. Proud of the youngsters though that they could play and slot two home to leave no doubt in the tie.
  14. Tottenham >> Leicester

    Spurs confirm
  15. looking to send this guy out on loan would require a GK coming to me as a backup though
  16. C_Fuchs 13,000,000 R_Huth 10,000,000 W_Morgan 5,000,000 Total 18,000,000 We confirm
  17. Tottenham >> Leicester

    Leicester City + R_Bertrand + N_Clyne - 23,000,000 Tottenham - R_Bertrand - N_Clyne + 23,000,000 We confirm @stocko74 Thanks mate

    Ok dude post it up then

    23million for the both them :) I'll do that mate

    Well fmfa sales are 10 mil 20 rated And 21 rated 13 mil. So close to that amount if you can

    How much you looking for buddy

    I HAVE TO MANY DEFENDERS SO THESE 2 CAN LEAVE R_Bertrand 27 eng 2 20 11 3 23 300 927 620 351 N_Clyne 25 eng 2 21 12 3 24 616 250 709 968
  23. Event details FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 5 Group A Manchester United v Southampton Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur Group B Aston Villa v Sunderland Wolverhampton Wanderers v Queens Park Rangers Group C Everton v Leicester City Chelsea v Arsenal Group D Newcastle United v Crystal Palace West Ham United v Liverpool Sheets in by 8pm
  24. Table after 3 rounds is:- Name Pts Bonus TOTAL Exact Lawro 300 300 5 Eduard0 230 230 3 Darlington 190 10 200 2 Daniel 140 140 macca 160 160 3 Burrows 110 110 Bantam HD 70 70 1
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