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  2. Southampton Welcome Karlan Grant to the club. K_Grant 21 hud 1 3 4 23 24 300 300 300 800 the third signing to join the club is 21 year old Karlan Grant. Karlan was signed from Huddisfield town despite having only been there a short time. His goal scoring record has been very good specially when he played for Charlton which got him his big move to the top flight, however wen we heard that we could have him as part of this seasons auction we jumped at the chance to try and take him. People question the price tag and yes it's a big one but we're getting a player with potential and that's what we had to look at wen we put in the high bid. We're currently in a very good position finantially and we knew that it was better to pay to get the man we want. THe club are happy that Karlan agreed to join and we're looking forward to what he can offer us. Karlan Grant said the following about the move. "Wen I heard Southampton were interested in signing me, it was an exciting moment, I love the ethos of there club and the fact there willing to allow youngsters to develop. At only 21 I am still learning my trade and have a lot of improvements to make to my game. I felt that this club was the write place to make though's improvements. Football is my life and playing for a club as well ran as Southampton is a fantastic achievement for me. I am looking forward to showing what I can do and my aim is to make the first team as quickly as possible. I have ambition to be one of the first choice strikers at the club however I know that there is good compatition for places here and that excites me. I will need to play well and work hard because I have 3 hungry young strikers up against me and we're all fighting for one maybe two positions depending on how the manager is planning to play. There are still things being completed in regards to my move but the manager is great and is stil allowing me to come and train so I can get use to my team mates. Everyone is great to get on with and the buz in the squad is amazing. Everyone is really excited to get going this season and we're all looking forward to the future." McNamara said the following. "Karlan may have cost a lot of money and yes people might question why I would spend the amount I did. However Karlan has huge potential and has played for England already at youth level. I am convinced in his potential and although he's cost us a lot of money I have faith that if ever he does not make the grade or we need to cell him for some reason that we can make him good enough so we get more for our investment. We have signed him on a 4 year deal so that's going to give us a really good amount of time to really work with him and develop him into the player he wants to be. He will need to show hunger and passion but already since he's been training with us he's shown that. He's proven he can score goals and that he's got good finishing abilities. If he can show us his qualities on the pitch I feel he could be one of our best strikers at the club. We now have 4 young strikers the oldest being 23 years old, however Karlan being one of the youngest has huge experience already. He's played in the youth setup with England so knows what it's like to play in vital games. We're excited about this signing and the qualities he will hopefully bring to the club."
  3. Southampton welcome Dan Darbyshire to the club. D_Darbyshire 21 eng 1 2 2 23 So the second signing of the trio of new signings is 21 year old Dan Darbyshire. he is a striker with ambission and he's worked hard to get a chance in QPR's first team squad. However now he's arrived with us and so far in training he's looked hungry and committed to doing whatever it takes to successfully obtain a place in the first team. Qpr were about to send hin to Dartford but after they heard Vandijk was availible they offered Dan along with Stephen to make this deal happen. We were looking for the chance to lower the age of our strikers so this worked well in our favour. Dan is a player we've not actually seen much and it looks like he'll be more of a around the box striker as he has very low secondaries but we're hoping that with training and regular football that might improve. Dan Darbyshire said the following. "Southampton is a really great club and since my arrival everyone has been really welcoming. The training is really intence and Ian really puts us threw our paces however it's a challange for us and it's great having players in the squad who are looking for the same goals as me. There are some really young players in this squad and all of us want to make the grade at this club. Also with the quality of the under 23s setup here it's amazing to see the quality of younger players here. Mixed with experience as well it'll enable us all to learn from better players. I am eager to get started now and my ambition is to play first team football for this club. I know that Karlan sam and Richarlason are all going to give me a run for my money though so I am going to have to be showing my abilities early on. I am eager to help this club get back up to the top flight as soon as possible so that we can be in the top league along with our under 21ns side. being in the top league is where everyone hopes to be. I am really excited about the potential of this squad because the manager has really high hopes for us which is really good to know." McNamara said the following about the signing. "Dan is a player who I don't really know a huge amount about, however when I was offered the chance to sign him I jumped at the chance, it was a chance to lower our strike force age which was something I was keen to do. Wen he came and looked around the club I was impressed by his maturity and attitude he asked questions about what I would expect from him and what he would get from me in return. He also asked about the club's ambitions and that's something that really impressed me because it showed that he was keen and interested in the clubs future. His ideas and mine matched and I am looking forward to see what qualities he will provide us with. So far in training he's looked very committed and wanting to do his best. His finishing is good and he seems to make up for his lack of secondaries by getting into really good positions. I am looking forward to seeing how he develops at the club and weather he will get a chance in the first team."
  4. sorry i forgot about that ha so just leave it until you process the fmfa sales then do it then cheers
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  6. Southampton welcome Stephen Caulker to the club. S_Caulker 27 eng 2 24 5 2 25 300 200 557 342 So our first signing to be introduced to the fanz is 27 year old defender Stephen Caulker. A very good center back at this level and has also played in the top flight. Caulker has arrived from QPR as part of the deal that took vergal Vandijk to QPR. Caulker is dependible and a solid defender. He's played at the top level and is experienced in this league as well. He knows what it takes to be a good defender and could help some of the younger defenders in the team. Caulker said the following on his move to the club in his press conference earlier today. "This is a fantastic chance for me, Southampton are a well run club and there manager is full of ambission to succeed and make this team a force to be reckoned with. When I was first made aware of the deal to bring me here I was not sure how to take it due to them just being taken over by a new manager. However when I met with Ian and we spoke about his vision and deturmination for the club his passion won me over instantly. I did not hesitate on agreeing to come after meeting ian and feel that this is the write place for me to come and continue my Career. It's a club that's really well ran and always tends to achieve big things despite not being a top level club. My hope in the four seasons I am here is to help the club grow into the team Ian wants it to be. His vision is such an exciting one and if I can be part of assisting that to happen it will make me very happy in deed. I know that this club have ambission and hope that I can be a big part of that moving forward. I have good experience and I am sure that I can help this club achieve some good things while I am here." McNamara said the following. "Stephen is a fantastic player, when I knew vergal wanted to leave I knew that it would take a good offer to allow him to go, when Stephen was offered as part of the deal I did not hesitate, I know his quality as a defender and what he's able to do. He is a no noncence center half who just wants to put defending first. This season is going to be a hard one and we need a good mix of youth and experience. At 27 Stephen has still got a good few years left yet and we're hoping that he'll improve drasticly under us."
  7. Yes it was £35 m but you spent £20m increasing his main abs to 800. That made £55m fella. @stocko74
  8. ok i will leave it until my fmfa sales go through then i will have the money plus my auction win was 35 ,000,000 not 55 mil
  9. 500 Shooting abs on Y_Muto please. = 20m.
  10. M_Asensio 23 spa 2 3 22 5 20 300 323 10 367 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 12m 0m 2m TOTAL: 14M K_Balde_Diao 23 sen 2 4 4 21 21 551 197 405 998 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 10m 0m 2m TOTAL: 12M C_Donaldson 23 sco 2 21 3 5 17 570 982 193 41 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 10m 0m 2m TOTAL: 12M
  11. Crystal Palace would like to sell the following to the FMFA K_Anderson 24 eng 1 2 3 21 22 300 357 366 - 10m (starting price) + 0 (Secondary Skills) + 0 (Age) = TOTAL: 10m
  12. 500 abs = 20,000,000 on K_Grant please David.
  13. @Aldridge as you were holding off I have moved this to completed. When you have returned from Portugal and done the 5k bonus adding look at who you want to move and post.
  14. Wolves get Y_Lodygin 15m Spurs get K_Arriz'laga
  15. 500 please 20m D_Suarez
  16. Right so they have all been done except @Tom - you still have your secondaries to add. @Deefa - get the right squad this mate. @Aldridge - is away in Portugal so will do on his return (but he advised me) @BantamHD - Mate I'm patient but if you don't do them then don't come crying. Everyone else I can contact but yourself (add yourself to facebook group?) @BeDoZa - Bill I'm hoping it's you in Australia and the time difference and you'll catch us up.lol.......needs doing mate. Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal & Watford it means I can't action any U23 moves for you guys until sorted as current roster is what you can add abs too.
  17. Brilliant @Deefa took me 5 mins and you had me. I couldn't find any of these players in your U23 roster then I discovered where they are. Derek mate you have been looking at ymu instead of ymc and those boys are Man Utd U23 players and not yours.
  18. Name Age Nat St Tk Ps Sh Ag KAb TAb PAb SAb Gam Sub Min Mom Sav Con Ktk Kps Sht Gls Ass DP Inj Sus Fit ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rui_Patricio 30 por 28 1 1 1 24 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £43m Wolves A_Barreca 23 ita 1 23 8 2 24 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £24m Stoke City D_Suarez 25 spa 1 5 24 10 23 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £31m Tottenham Y_Muto 26 jap 1 6 11 24 27 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £31m Newcastle R_Jimenez 27 mex 1 3 10 24 23 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £26m Bournemouth K_Grant 21 hud 1 3 4 23 24 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 - £60m Southampton Above are the round 2 auction wins. This will be processed Sunday or Monday AM. (31/03 or 01/04) So @ThisBitchBites @Burrows @Daniel @harry51 @Neilr @Ian McNamara have until Midday Sunday 31st March 2019 to buy extra abs if they wish for their player above. You can buy 100 abs increases on your auction win up to a maximum of 500 abs. This is on their main stat only so Defender on Tackling, Midfielder on Passing etc. Each 100 abs will cost £4m. Should you want to up it, please post below number of abs and price and your player. e.g 200abs - £8m on Y_Muto.
  19. Sorry @stocko74 but you don't have enough cash you started with £65,283,000 and spent £55,000,000 on you Auction round 1 win leaving you with £10,283,000 This can not be processed. @willz121
  20. Last week
  21. Three players un valed to fans. Hello everyone and welcome to this press conference today we are at ST Mary's stadium where our three new signings will speak for the first time since there arrival at the club. The actual processing of the deals has yet to be completed but everything has been put threw and the deals are fully confirmed. The three players as you know are Stephen Calka, Dan Darbyshire and Karlan Grant. Each player will have a seperate slot where they will all take time to answer questions. The three players have all been introduced to the players and have all had a tour of the ground and fasilities here. We can safely say they were all impressed with what they saw and can't wait for the chance to come here. Firstly however we're going to here from Manager Ian McNamara and Chairman Ralph Krueger who are going to talk about the rolls and impact they see these three lads having on the team going forward. Over to Mr Krueger. "Mr Krueger Karlan Grant cost you 60,000,000 pounds, what made you pay that amount of money for an un proven player conciddoring that Mr McNamara has only been in post for a short time?" "Firstly I want to say I trust Ian 100 percent and know he knows what he's doing. He's an experienced manager and knows how to develop young players. We bid a high price because we see high Potential in Karlan and he's young and English which is another reason we decided to take him. Yes it's a high price tag but we feel that this club will benifit highly from paying this amount of money for a player who we believe is going to turn into a top player for this club. Karlan has shown he's a goalscorer and has some very good qualities. He's a young man with huge ambition and we're signing that." "Mr Krueger, Dan Darbyshire another un proven player yet you say letting Vergal go who's a vital player for you go was the write thing to do to sign a player with potential and an average defender lower in skil than Vergal. What is your thinking in allowing Ian to do this?" "Well quite frankly Vergal has been unhappy here for a long time and has been asking for a move for a long time. I do not want players playing for this club who don't want to play for us. Stephen jumped at the chance as did dan and both expressed there delight early on in negotiations wanting this deal to go ahead. We feel that if a player does not want to be somewhere trying to keep them is not worth it and it is best to just allow them to leave." "Mr McNamara can you tell us your reasoning for these three signings? Your putting your faith in four young strikers the oldest only being 23 years old?" "Well these players have good qualities, Sam specially has been waiting for a chance to play first team football here for a while after quite a few loan spells, he's a player I have followed for a long time now and although he's going to be the most experienced striker age wise he's ready to take that mantal on and finally ready to play for our first team. The other three Richalason Darbyshire and Grant are young and hungry and I can see a lot of goals in our team." "Mr McNamara do you feel you'll get promoted in your first season and do you think these players can help towards this?" "It's my first season here, nobody knows what is going to happen yet, all I can say is that we'll be doing our upmost to make sure that we do the best we can. I need time to bring my own ideas across to the players and make the signings I want to make. This first season for me is very much getting use to the squad learning who makes the grade and who does not and then seeing where we go from there. Promotion is a great aim to go for but until we see how the team jells I am not willing to commit to that aim and put unnecessary pressure on the players or coaching staff. Let's first see how things go at the start then we can look at the future. Firstly the players need time to get to know me and my style and I need time to get to know them plus our new signings also. I have only been in the job a few days so I would respectfully ask that you give me a chance to really work out what I have and what I need."
  22. Southampton are looking for deals for the following players. Below is each player with there stats and what I am looking for for each one. Please could people respond on this thread rather than Pm as it's easier for me to keep track of responces if I only have to look in the one place. K_Vermeer 33 ned 27 2 3 2 26 924 777 777 777 I am looking for a younger keeper same rating but would be willing to drop one main providing the keeper is young. V_Chiriches 29 rom 1 26 8 4 27 300 447 606 419 Younger DF similar rating but would be happy to drop a main for a younger defender with higher secondaries. S_Ramos 33 spa 2 24 2 3 23 300 32 40 72 Younger defender with higher secondaries and similar rating although again would be willing to drop a main for someone with higher secondaries. A_Lallana 30 eng 2 4 24 12 24 616 262 791 295 Looking for a younger am similar rating and skill level although again would be willing to drop a main for younger and higher secondaries. M_Dembele 32 bel 2 5 24 4 27 300 425 438 395 Younger MF willing to drop a main if secondaries are decent. K_Asamoah 29 gha 2 9 23 2 24 345 229 177 728 Looking for a younger DM same rating with better secondaries. O_Giroud 32 fra 2 2 12 22 26 300 678 245 655 Looking for cash offer based on auction prices. C_Ronaldo 34 por 2 2 10 22 23 300 154 753 431 Again looking for cash offer. H_Kane 26 eng 2 3 3 22 27 300 480 541 440 Looking for cash offer for this guy to. Look forward to hearing from people.
  23. Southampton announce three new signings. Southampton can today announce three new signings as they were successful in obtaining there target from the recent auction making the players coming in a total of three so far. The three signings can now be affisially announced as all the paperwork has now gone threw and they will soon be arriving at the club. The three signings are as follows. From QPR in the deal which involved Vergal going the other way come in experienced defender Stephen Calka and Young talented 21 year old Dan Darbyshire. Both are good players and are expected to be great players for the club. Stephen is an experienced defender and Dan is young and hungry. We're glad to do this deal as Vergal was clearly unhappy at the club and praise is given to the manager and is team for sorting the problem out. McNamara said the following about the deal when he spoke to Sky sports news earlier today. "I am happy with this deal, Stephen and Dan are both good players and Dan being young is what we wanted in our striking options. Stephen is an experienced defender at this level and is a solid center back. We're hoping that both players settle quickly as we're excited about the future that these two players have. Both hav signed 4 year deals at the club as we were keen to commit them to long term contracts. Both are expected to feature a lot for the team this season although Dan will probably find himself 4th choice as we have four very good and talented strikers here at the moment and we expect them all to get chance." The third signing is from the auction, Southampton are pleased to announce the signing of 21 year old striker Karlan Grant from Hiddisfield town for 60 million pounds. People will question the price tag I am sure but McNamara has proven that he knows what he's doing so far so it's suspected that people will give him a chance to prove the investmant is worth while. McNamara said the following. "Karlan is a good young player who has proven that he's a goal scorer he'll give our young strike force much needed compatition for places and we're looking forward to his arrival at our club. He'll need to bide his time although with his price tag and age if he shows promis early on in training he could start the season. It's going to be great compitition for places up front and we're hoping that all four will make my choices hard."
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