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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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  1. Teamsheet's are due each week on a Thursday and Sunday at 8pm GMT.
  2. If you are still in the trial stage of your career, a missing sheet will result in immediate sacking. Otherwise you are permitted 3 missed sheets in a row before you are removed, or 6 throughout the season. 
  3. In the event of a league round being entirely free of errors and missing sheets, each club will get a £250,000 bonus to their finances. 

Squad Caps

ll teams must have at least 20 players on their roster. Teams must have no more than 30 players on their roster. If you have less than 20, a filler will be added to your team at a cost of £2,000,000 per week needed. If you have more than 30 players, you will have 1 week to reduce your squad size otherwise will have the player removed and auctioned. You will receive 50% of the value. If it is the last processing day of the window, a player will be removed and auctioned immediately. 


At the end of each season the rerater is ran. These are the current rates:

1-19 = 320 50 20
20-21 = 200 30 10
22-26 = 100 5 2
27-29 = 0 0 0
30 = -50 -5 -2
31 = -115 -50 -25
32 = -215 -110 -210
33 = -300 -242 -220
34 = -475 -350 -230
35+ = -500 -475 -550

Min/Max Positions

Below are the min and max allowed in each position. 

Min_DF = 3
Max_DF = 5
Max_DM = 2
Min_MF = 0
Max_MF = 6
Max_AM = 3
Min_FW = 0
Max_FW = 4


Players age on the 1 January every year and retire when they retire in real life.

Loan Rules

Max Loans In: 3
Max Loans Out: 3


Teams are not permitted to go into debt. If a team goes into debt they will have a player auctioned off immediately and will be docked 5 points.

Misc Rules

  1. Each club can appoint 1 player as captain. The appointed captain will gain 500 abs and cannot be sold during the time they are captain. Captains can only be appointed once a season, preferably in pre-season but if a new manager comes in they can elect to change their captain. 
  2. Gate receipts are earned for each match. In league games the home team will keep all gate receipts. In cup games they are shared between both teams. 
  3. Managers must stay at a club for 1 full season before being eligible to apply for other jobs. Only exception to this rule is if the FA invites a manager to apply for a job.