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    It has been decided that from next season we will be introducing a bonus for playing an 18 rater in your U23 team. The reason for this is two fold, firstly a lot of teams are utilising all the higher rated players and these lower rated ones are not getting played and secondly to give teams the chance to help improve these lower rated players in their team as they will get abs from playing and the ab bonus as well for the manager come the end of the season. There will be no mandatory rule on this it will be down to YOU the manager to decide if you want to develop your players but the proposal we have gone with is this. Play at least one 18 rated player in your starting eleven for 60 mins or more in a league game and it will earn the U23 team a 50 ab bonus. There will be 22 league games next season so do it in all 22 games and that is a bonus of 1100 abs. At the season end the 18 rater bonus abs you have earned can then be placed on your 18 rated players which means you could level a player up to a 19 rater on the back of this. We have yet to fully decide if your bonus abs have to go on one player or can be spread across your 18 raters. It has also been decided to help in case some teams don't have 18 raters or any in a certain position (GK/DF/DM/MF/AM/FW) that we will have a draft in the pre-season of 18 rated players. The draft will go in reverse order of finishing position, so bottom division one first to top of premiership last.
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    MANAGER UNVEILED TO THE MEDIA New Chelsea manager Gary Goodson has been unveiled at their club press conference this afternoon after making the switch from London rivals Crystal Palace on Thursday. Coming somewhat out of the blue, Chelsea acted quickly after sacking previous manager Pip Aldridge at the weekend after some woeful performances this season, and identified Goodson as their number one target. When asked how it felt to be announced as the new Chelsea manager, Goodson replied “I am absolutely delighted to be here and to be given this chance at such a prestigious club. It came out of the blue as I was happy at Palace but when the opportunity to come to one of the biggest clubs in the country is put in front of you, then it was one I could not turn down”. The appointment has been met with some scepticism from Chelsea supporters who have expressed their reservations over his suitability for the role considering Goodson has not managed a so-called big club. When put to him, he replied “I understand that and it is my job to convince those doubters that I am the right man for the job. I can assure all our fans that I will be doing everything in my power to bring success to this club. I want to provide a team that they are proud of and one they enjoy coming to see week in week out”. This has given the impression that Goodson will adopt a more adventurous style of play, compared to the solid and steady style he brought to Crystal Palace. When pushed on the matter, he replied “You have to look at the players you have got and play to their strengths. If we had played open and expansive football at Palace, we would have been played off the park most weeks. That’s no disrespect to the players at Palace as they were a great bunch of lads and a joy to work with but they have different strengths and weaknesses to the squad I have inherited here. You have to show you can adapt and that is what I am hoping to prove here”. When asked if he planned on making wholesale changes to the squad, Goodson said “I think in my time at Palace, you could see that is not my style. I like to give every player a chance, assess their strengths and weaknesses and then go from there. Between now and the end of the season it gives me some time to do this, then come the end of the season, I will be in a better place to make a judgement. However make no mistake about it, we have some fantastic players here and overall the squad is very strong so I do not anticipate making wholesale changes”. The move has prompted certain sections of the Crystal Palace support, to blast their former manager for leaving at such short notice, and to a London rival. Goodson did not duck the question and said “I understand some of the fans will be disappointed and they are entitled to their opinion. What I will say is that I feel I have left them in a better position than when I first took over. 2 seasons ago, they couldn’t have imagined playing in the Premier League, let alone the Anglo American Trophy but we did that together this season. I think the majority of fans will appreciate my efforts and I wish them well, but my sole focus is now on Chelsea Football Club going forwards”. Goodson’s first game in charge sees him at home to Leicester City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday evening and it will be interesting to see how he sets up his side for that game.
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    Ok I have thought about this for a while and notice that nearly all have put any U23's that are 23 or below rated into youth teams and they are not getting a shot or chance in many senior teams. So I have pinched an idea from another site to give managers the option to play them in the seniors and make it perhaps worthwhile in the long run. Firstly it will not be mandatory it is entirely up to the manager how he develops his youth or even if he wants to. If any player who would qualify for U23's (so U23 and 23and under rated) is played in the senior team then the minutes they play in the season in the senior team you will get as ability points to give to that player across their abs. Just to put this in perspective, there are 22 league games this season which is 90mins x 22 a player plays them all which is 1980 mins so a possible 1980 abs available in the league, never mind cup games. The player though has to be in the senior team, if he is demoted to U23 then those minutes earned will not become abs as they are now a youth player. That is the choice you have if you want to demote, which is lose potential abs. However if you promote a player up to seniors then minutes earned above what they had when promoted will be turned to abs. So a player has 180 mins in youth and you promote and he goes on to play in seniors and has 880 mins at season end then they will have 700 abs. The moment they leave the seniors to join the youths they lose those potential abs. The choice then is yours where to play your upcoming or potential youth stars. Risk one or more in the senior team and get the bonus for doing it or not? This will come in from next season, Season 14.
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    Changes to Members Shop for Season 14 1) It has been agreed that injury/suspension packs and fitness packs will be limited to two per season per team. That is 2 for senior team and two for U23 team. This is to make the game more realistic and also get managers to consider using their squads instead of waving a magic wand and clearing the problem with packs. The lottery will be be changed as well in season 14 and there will be fitness prizes but if won and chosen they will be an instant fix to fitness and not savable. 2)The price of the "Increase Secondary Rating by 1" will be increasing to F£2,000,000. However as secondaries are generally low in U23s we are raising the number a year to a maximum of 6 per season and a limit of 3 on any 1 player. It means that the price on secondaries on scouting will change also to be in line.. It was agreed the cost was really to low in comparison to other items and easy to afford and also if build-ups and match reports are done it is easy for managers to earn F£'s 3) The scouting will also change. The youngest player a senior scout can source will be 22 years old. Due to this the oldest a youth scout can source is 21 years old. This change is due to managers scouting 19 year old, 27 raters which if we continue this will have teams full of young superstars in a few seasons rather than an odd one. Also it is rare in real life to get such a high quality young player in a team.
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    We have decided that we will be expanding to 24 teams from next season. This is because we are pretty full with managers and it helps with the cups. Coming into the league (division one) will be Brighton, Norwich, Sheffield United and Derby County. It means that this season there will be no relegation from the premiership. Two teams will then get promoted as usual taking top division to twelve and the four new teams will add to division one's remaining eight to make twelve there as well. The same will apply to the U23's and the four new U23 teams will go into division one.
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    A lot more exciting than Frank Lampard! Good luck Gary.
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    C_C-Vickers (yth) - now 24 rated - @Daniel
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    With only seven games left of the league campaign and the season entering the final stages of the season we take a look on the teams who can up with trophies: Premier Divison: Liverpool find themselves seven points clear at the top and it's their to lose. Arsenal find themselves in second and has hired Jason Fortune to try to catch The Reds at the top. A point behind The Gunners we find Manchester United and the club got a outside chance of winning the title. It's been eight season since their last league title and Tom is trying his best to get The Red Devils back where they belong. Aston Villa is sitting in fourth at the moment and is within shooting distance of the title but I can’t see them winning the title. But they got every chance of making top 3. Also Everton and Crystal Palace got a chance of making the top 3 but they need to be more consistence in their performance. Division One: It's so tight in Divison One and every team apart from Wolverhampton Wanderers and Bournemouth got a chance of winning the title. After 11 rounds played Southampton find themselves top of the league but Tottenham Hotspur is only a point behind them. A point behind Spurs we find Burnley and these three makes up top 3. All three teams was among the favorites to win the league before the season but the league won't be decided until the last game of the season. Manchester City, West Ham United and Stoke City sits right behind the top 3 and all three clubs is only four points behind league leaders The Saints. We also got Watford and Queens Park Rangers within distance of fighting for the title but they need a great run in to be up there. My bet is that Tottenham Hotspur will end up with the title. FMFA Cup: We're ready for the quarter finals of the FMFA Cup and it's still very open who will win it. Everton takes on Crystal Palace at Goodison Park while Merseyside rivals Liverpool host Sunderland. Up in north Newcastle United will welcome Watford to St James' Park and Chelsea is the only London team to have a home tie. They face Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. Looking at the quarter final draw The Toffees, The Reds and The Blues is favorites to make the semi finals. The game between The Magpies and The Hornets is impossible to predict but however ends up in the semi final must be thinking they can go all the way. FMFA League Cup: The draw for the semi final isn't done yet but these teams will be within three games of winning the title. Aston Villa, Arsenal, Leicester City and Tottenham Hotspur all got the chance of winning a trophy this season. The Gunners is the highest ranked out of the lot but they must be hoping to avoid rivals Spurs in the semi final. Spurs is the only Division One team left in the league cup while Aston Villa is having a fine season in the league. The two teams got great managers at the helmet. If Spurs are to win the league cup it’s a great achievement as a Division One club. Will is doing a fine job at The Foxes and they always seems to do well in the cups. The FMFA League Cup is wide open but I believe Aston Villa could go all the way and pick up the trophy. Anglo-American Trophy: The Anglo-American Trophy is already done with the group stages and we know which teams has gone through. We also know which team will be facing each other in the semi final. In Group A Liverpool finished above Manchester United after they won 1-0 at Old Trafford of the group stages. In Group B Everton managed to overcome Crystal Palace in the last game of group stages and they secured the top spot. Racing Club overtook The Eagles after their win against Atlanta United and ended up in second place. Racing Club will be facing Liverpool in the semi final while the blue side from Merseyside is up against Manchester United. The three english teams has to be counted as favorites and however wins between The Toffees and The Red Devils is my favorites to win the Anglo-American Trophy. U23 Premier Division: Like the senior team, Liverpool U23 find themselves top of the league with seven games left of the season. But the U23 Premier Division is a little closer and from my point of view there is five clubs in the race for the title. Burnley U23 and Crystal Palace U23 find themselves five points behind The Reds U23 and a perfect end to the season could land either the title. Newcastle United U23 and Everton U23 is only one point behind The Clarets U23 and The Eagles U23 but need a little more luck to pick up the title. With seven games left of the season there is five teams capable of winning the title but I'm of course hoping to see ourselves picking up the title for the first time. U23 Division One: Watford U23 has performed very well this season and find themselves four points clear at the top. West Ham United U23 and Wolverhampton Wanderers U23 is both on joint points, four behind The Hornets U23, and they are the two fighting to knock The Hornets U23 down from the first spot. Arsenal U23 got a small chance of getting into the title race but their finish to the season must be perfect. Watford U23 is the team to beat but I believe they got what it takes to take the title and make promotion. U23 Cup: We're in the semi final of the U23 Cup and four teams is fighting to claim the cup win. The semi finals is played over two legs and Newcastle United U23 will host Everton U23 in the first leg. Both teams got an outside chance of winning the Premier Division title as well but their best chance is winning the U23 cup. In the other semi final Southampton U23 will take on West Ham United U23. The Saints U23 has the first leg at home and I rate them as favorites against The Hammers U23. But for me the winner will be either The Magpies U23 or The Toffees U23. These two teams is the two best teams left in the U23 cup and the team making the final will win.
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    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Stoke City - 442T given Random request - Southampton Sheet Errors qpr - error in penalty kick taker.
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    Arsenal have moved quickly after the resignation of Ryan Field to replace him and are pleased to announced the appointment of experienced manager Jason Fortune. Jason has had wide experienced with clubs and comes to Arsenal at a time when they are fighting to get into the Anglo-American Trophy next year by finishing in the top four. The board will be expecting this as a given. They are also currently still in the league Cup Quarter Finals, holding a one nil lead from the first leg and hoping to continue on under Jason.
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    Friday 21st June 2019 21:00 Egypt v Zimbabwe 4 - 0 Saturday 22nd June 2019 15:30 DR Congo v Uganda 2 - 0 18:00 Nigeria v Burundi 3 - 1 21:00 Guinea v Madagascar 2 - 2 Sunday 23rd June 2019 15:30 Morocco v Namibia 1 - 0 18:00 Senegal v Tanzania 2 - 1 21:00 Algeria v Kenya 1 - 3 Monday 24th June 2019 15:30 Ivory Coast v South Africa 2 - 1 18:00 Tunisia v Angola 1 - 2 21:00 Mali v Mauritania 1 - 2 Tuesday 25th June 2019 18:00 Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau 3 - 1 21:00 Ghana v Benin 2 - 1
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    Well the U23 cup has rumbled on and we are now left with the final four in the semi finals. Newcastle United U23 v Everton U23 and Southampton U23 v West Ham United U23 . There will definitely be a new name on the cup as both of last years finalist have gone out. Newcastle though have been in the big game before reaching the final in season 9 when they lost 3-1 to Liverpool U21. That experience will make them favourites from the last four but they have a hard task. They face Everton U23 who made the semi finals last season and are here again. They want to get a step further and win it. This semi will be a real battle of two youth teams but who can prevail and get to the final. Then we have Southampton who have turned themselves around from last season. A new manager and a change in squad and they find themselves in the last four compared to the second round last year. It doesn't get much tougher for them as they face one of last seasons beaten quarter finalist in West Ham United. The hammers are riding high in second place in division one as they try to get to the top division where the Saints are mid table in the premiership. Could the battle for promotion hit the Hammers in the cup or will they have the will to win this one? Cup Odds: Newcastle United U23 2/1, Everton U23 3/1, West Ham United U23 7/2, Southampton U23 7/2.
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    Draw done by @Daniel numbers to @Eduardo for checking. Draw: Newcastle United U23 v Everton U23 Southampton U23 v West Ham United U23 Ties to be played: Leg 1 - Wednesday 3rd July 2019 Leg 2 - Sunday 28th July 2019
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    Sorry for missed sheet totally forgot all about it
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    Friday 21st June 201921:00 Egypt v Zimbabwe 2-0Saturday 22nd June 201915:30 DR Congo v Uganda 3-118:00 Nigeria v Burundi 2-121:00 Guinea v Madagascar 2-2Sunday 23rd June 201915:30 Morocco v Namibia 3-218:00 Senegal v Tanzania 2-021:00 Algeria v Kenya 1-2Monday 24th June 201915:30 Ivory Coast v South Africa 2-218:00 Tunisia v Angola 1-221:00 Mali v Mauritania 2-0Tuesday 25th June 201918:00 Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau 3-021:00 Ghana v Benin 2-0
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    Friday 21st June 201921:00 Egypt v Zimbabwe 5-0Saturday 22nd June 201915:30 DR Congo v Uganda 3-018:00 Nigeria v Burundi 4-021:00 Guinea v Madagascar 1-1Sunday 23rd June 201915:30 Morocco v Namibia 3-118:00 Senegal v Tanzania 2-121:00 Algeria v Kenya 3-2Monday 24th June 201915:30 Ivory Coast v South Africa 3-218:00 Tunisia v Angola 2-121:00 Mali v Mauritania 2-0Tuesday 25th June 201918:00 Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau 3-021:00 Ghana v Benin 3-1
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    Round 1 Friday 21st June 2019 21:00 Egypt 2 - 0 Zimbabwe Saturday 22nd June 2019 15:30 DR Congo 3 - 1 Uganda 18:00 Nigeria 3 - 0 Burundi 21:00 Guinea 4 - 1 Madagascar Sunday 23rd June 2019 15:30 Morocco 2 - 0 Namibia 18:00 Senegal 3 - 1 Tanzania 21:00 Algeria 1 - 1 Kenya Monday 24th June 2019 15:30 Ivory Coast 2 - 1 South Africa 18:00 Tunisia 1 - 2 Angola 21:00 Mali 3 - 0 Mauritania Tuesday 25th June 2019 18:00 Cameroon 2 - 0 Guinea-Bissau 21:00 Ghana 4 - 1 Benin
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    Friday 21st June 201921:00 Egypt v Zimbabwe 3-0Saturday 22nd June 201915:30 DR Congo v Uganda 1-218:00 Nigeria v Burundi 2-021:00 Guinea v Madagascar 3-1Sunday 23rd June 201915:30 Morocco v Namibia 3-118:00 Senegal v Tanzania 4-021:00 Algeria v Kenya 2-1Monday 24th June 201915:30 Ivory Coast v South Africa 2-218:00 Tunisia v Angola 3-021:00 Mali v Mauritania 2-1Tuesday 25th June 201918:00 Cameroon v Guinea-Bissau 4-121:00 Ghana v Benin 3-1
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