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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.



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    Well done @Eduardo you are now officially the FMFA's most successful manager... until at least the FMFA Cup final that is!
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    Sorry Ed I have been full of cold so not scored old yet. The prediction is up on my forum at http://www.extremefootballforum.com/t7661-round-28-premier-league-predictions-17-18 If you want to do them. If you can't remember you sign on just PM me on here your predictions before kick off and I'll add em on.
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    Well done Ed.
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    Congrats again Ed! Another fantastic season. Once again next season will be trying to desperately grind out results to stop you.
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    Congratulations @Eduardo on the title. Thought you would have had it sooner but a few hiccoughs held back the inevitable but is now fact after this round so well done.
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    Not as close as you think. In final game it's Sunderland v Wolves. So all above should be safe as they can't both win it. Whoever loses is down and if it is a draw then Sunderland's goal difference should send them down. They would need you to beat Newcastle at their place by 10 goals.
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    QPR are in Bournemouth too if we attain safety.