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    On Day Two Santa visited Crystal Palace @GaryG, Manchester United @Tom, Aston Villa @Nocky and Stoke City @Burrows Santa has left you $500,000 to credit fund
  2. 1 point
    If I had £60m - i'd have bid it for Leno. You may have paid more for Allisson but by paying £57m for Leno, you reduced Allisson's value I can't go any higher i'm afraid. Still interested in loaning him though
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    Crystal Palace & Burnley win added to finances today
  4. 1 point
    Sunderland & Crystal Palace win added to finances today.
  5. 1 point
    Lol - trying to fund the purchase of a 29r for £57m by selling a 28r for £75m!!! 😲 Villa bid £35m or would love to take him on loan
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    I'll get the ball rolling £25,000,000 from stoke
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    Eagles 0 - 1 Reds As I mentioned before the game, Selhurst Park is a hard place to visit. Looking at the stats we deserved something from this game and once again we can thank our defensive play for another win. Giovanni Simeone scored the only goal of the game after seven minutes played when Victor Wanyama played a great break through ball to Simeone who made no mistake. We're still unbeaten but we're up against The Toffees in our next game. David is a quality manager and I'm sure he'll interested in getting one over us
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    What!! how dare you say such a thing. We at Everton will fight to the bitter end to retain the title even if it does look next to hopeless. We still have eight games to go which is a possible maximum 24 points and the Reds are only 8 points ahead at the moment. Sorry @Eduardo but I'm not conceding the title yet. If we can win in the derby in Match 12 even if it is at your place then we will be closer and who knows what yet may happen.
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    On Day Seven Santa visited Wolverhampton Wanderers @ThisBitchBites, Everton @David, Aston Villa @Nocky and Manchester City @Deefa Santa has left you all £5,000,000 to finances This will be added to your finances in next update at weekend.
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    Actioned. Expenditure will show in other on Finances @Eduardo
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  12. 1 point
    There’s a fair few Villa are interested in. I’ll have a look later or tomorrow