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  1. LEAGUE FORMAT We will be changing the U23s next season from the current two divisions to 3 divisions. We will have: Premier Division ( 8 teams) Division One (9 teams) Division Two ( 9 teams). What this means is that every team in division one & two will be in the mix for promotion and relegation as top 2 are promoted then 1 from next four goes up from play offs and bottom 3 relegated. A more competitive league all season. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR THIS SEASON Promotion from Division One this season stays with two auto up in top
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  2. Thanks very much Z_Butt'worth 18 sco 1 10 20 5 23 300 999 20 970 to become Z_Butt'worth 18 sco 1 13 20 12 23 300 999 20 970 Please
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  3. Change 8 - Increase Secondaries on U23 Player We had been asked about an U23 or youth auction. With the raising of the rate from 23 to 24 for U23's which will see more players in senior teams last season going into U23s it has been decided there will be no U23 auction. Instead we have decided that the shop item allowing secondaries on an u23 player to be increased will be changed from buying a maximum of 6 is a season to 10. This is to allow managers to increase secondaries. We will also look at a couple of spot auctions for odd players in the season and include u
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