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    There have been 11 seasons so far of the Premier Division on FMFA, and in those 11 seasons we have had only 4 different winners. Of those 4 winners you have to go back an amazing 8 seasons to find a non Merseyside champion, and that was Manchester United way back in Season 4!! In those 7 seasons since Liverpool and Everton have swapped the title each season with Everton being the more dominant with 4 wins to Liverpool's 3. In fact the only southern team to have won the top league was Chelsea way back in Season 2. Remember that? No? Neither do we! So can any team break the Merseyside dominance? Well last season Newcastle United came very close, and they could go one better this season and win the title. They are definitely the team with the best chance at breaking this dominance. Another team to watch out for is Sunderland. They have a youthful team and a good manager and once those players blood through fully they could well be unstoppable. They have already had the taste of silverware with the Anglo-American Cup and their team will want to go one further. Another to watch out for is Manchester United. They may not have done much recently, other than the FMFA Cup last season, the Champions Cup this season and beaten FMFA Cup finalists this season, but they are still one of the most successful FMFA teams, currently 2nd in the all time table, and with a few changes could easily become dominant once more. There is one other team I think could slip in under the radar and that is Arsenal. They finished 3rd last season under their new manager and with the right signings could go one further. Whatever happens, Liverpool and Everton will remain, rightly so, the favourites for the Premier Division title. They have some of the best players on the game, and two very good experienced managers, and they are the teams everyone fears to face in the Premier Division. The Premier Division is tight, and whoever wins it will have to work hard for that title. You can't just come in and expect to win, you have to work for it. Liverpool and Everton have their dominance for a reason, both managers have been there since the start, have moulded their teams into what they want and a lot of work has happened to both their first team and their academies. You look at some of the big names on the site, Arsenal before this season when they were struggling in Division One, Chelsea, Manchester City, Spurs. All struggling, or in Arsenal's case have struggled, due to mismanagement. The FMFA Division One looks more like the Premier Division! Chelsea, former Premier Division champions, have turned into a yoyo team! Back in season 9 they won the Division One title and got promoted to the Premier Division but were relegated right back down. Manchester City too are a yoyo team, switching between the Premier Division and Division One. These teams are huge teams with reputation but when the likes of Sunderland and Newcastle United are the top teams instead of Chelsea and Manchester United you have to wonder why. Spurs are unlucky to have been relegated, its only due to really poor management from a manager for the last few seasons that they are in the position that they are. In summary. If anyone is to break the Merseyside stranglehold on the Premier Division then they need a team with a dedicated manager. Will season 12 be the season that dominance is broken? Only time will tell! 606 words! #FM19Comp
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