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    FMFA have had a discussion and we have decided to do away with the youth unattached list. It was there to help teams get a youth player quickly to take them back to required squad minimums should they go below for youth promotions to senior squads. We believe that we need to shake it up a bit and rather than just have a basic youth player the opportunity should be there to get particular youth in if required e.g. attacking mid, defensive mid, defender with good passing etc. We will be replacing it with a youth shop as such. Here you will buy your 17 rater or 18 rater which will be the basic model with low to average seconds. You can then enhance the seconds of your player up to a maximum of 12. This will allow better youth players into youth teams and then hopefully these will reach senior squads and rather than having average youths in the senior teams sat there and getting sold to FMFA you may have better youths that you may then use. To make this reasonable the price of the basic rated player will drop so when you enhance then you pay more. So if you just want a cheap average squad youth you can but if you want to change into a potential good youth that you want to develop on you can pay for that. I hope you all feel this will be a better way and give you some scope on the type of player you can bring into the youth team. @BantamHD @stocko74 @GaryG @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Tony @Joe @Nocky @Neilr @Aldridge @Deefa @Burrows @Daniel @macca @ThisBitchBites
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