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    We have now added the members shop and the credit system. Due to the removal of the last one due to it's affecting the site running we realise that many managers had credits in place that they lost. Unfortunately we do not have a list of what anyone had so in fairness to all everyone has been given F$1,000,000 credits to start. We also realise that some may now have missed out on a scout purchase. To remedy this we have set the senior scout to F$zero for this season. That means all can use and get a free scout for this season only. The only exceptions are the three teams who have already used the scout, Liverpool, Sunderland and Spurs. Also Southampton have two due to receiving one for taking on the unmanaged club that was offered by Daniel. PLEASE REMEMBER - it is only the scout you get free, you still have to be able to afford the player you request. We hope this alleviates any distress over the loss of previous credits. You can earn credits as before through posting media articles in the media section and through posting build-ups and reports for games. There are also other times with predictions and last man standing etc to earn them as well. Enjoy the new shop.
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    You may have noticed that the Members Shop and Betting Shop is now active. Let me explain a bit about them and the new features that are now on the FMFA. Members Shop The members shop is pretty self explanatory. You earn credits, or FMFA Pounds (F£) for posting on the forum. You will receive F£ for posting build-ups, reactions, media posts and also now status updates. You can redeem these for items from the shop. More items will be added as we go along. The items are not currently for sale as we are working the fine details but you can see what you can buy already. Betting Shop You will be able to bet on straight outcomes, as you can see the FMFA Champions Cup is currently up, you can either bet on Liverpool winning or Sunderland winning. You can also request bets so if a match you want to bet on hasn't been chosen you can request it and it will be added. More about this will be added in due course. You can see your current/outstanding bets here: http://www.thefmfa.com/index.php?/bettingshop/mybets/ One last thing. If you sign on and make a post each day you'll get a bonus 10,000 (F£)credits... over a 30 day month thats 300,000!
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