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    27/03/2020 - Auction Round 2 Results Announced and transfers processed 28/03/2020 - Auction Round 3 Opens (10:00am) 31/03/2020 - Auction Round 3 Closes (13:00pm) 04/04/2020 - Champions Cup Final 08/04/2020 - League Round 1 Transfers will be processed tonight after I release Auction Round 2 results along with those players.
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    Sorry to here this everything takes a back burner when it comes to your health take it easy and hope your back on your feet soon and we can all chip in on this site to keep it going if you want that but whatever happens your health is the number 1 priority
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    With current situations it has become obvious that the season cannot start on Sunday, as originally planned. The Champions Cup game will now take place on WEDNESDAY 8 APRIL and the first league games will be on SUNDAY 12 APRIL. Once again we are sorry for this delay but we don't want to rush into the season and would rather have everything (transfers etc) all sorted before hand.
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    The FMFA is a virtual online game but the managers are real people. If any manager is unable to manage due to contracting the virus and falling ill (apparently its like having a bad case of the flu and can leave you lethargic with no energy) then please let a member of the staff know. Your team will be placed under caretaker management until you are well enough to take over. At the moment there is no plans to suspend or postpone any games however we have families and we are human too so if the virus affects any staff member we will assess what measures we can do (other staff taking on duties etc). If and only if all other avenues are exhausted will we look at possible postponements. Keep calm and carry on managing!
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