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    Burnley v Queens_Park_Rangers 1st game of the season since we got relegated got some new faces in the club need to get off to a good start if we want to get back into the big league but if i get off to a bad start i could decide to leave let see how i get on
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    That's right, he's part of the deal I made with Sheffield United.
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    Watford vs Sheffield United We want to win all our games but realistically we have to focus on one competition this season and our main focus is to finish as high as we can in Division One. The cup is always a good opportunity for players to be rotated and to give other players a chance to show their worth, Osborn and Freeman both get an opportunity to showcase that today. Good luck Bedoza
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    He has to 18 rated so if he levels up he will earn the abs, if played, until they level up to 19. Then to continue getting abs an 18 rated needs to play.
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    1. Leeds United 2. West Bromwich Albion 3. Nottingham Forest 4. Fulham 5. Middlesbrough 6. Cardiff City 7. Derby County 8. Hull City 9. Blackburn Rovers 10. Huddersfield Town 11. Bristol City 12. Birmingham City 13. Swansea City 14. Brentford 15. Wigan Athletic 16. Queens Park Rangers 17. Reading 18. Stoke City 19. Preston North End 20. Charlton Athletic 21. Sheffield Wednesday 22. Barnsley 23. Luton Town 24. Millwall
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    1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Tottenham Hotspur 4. Chelsea 5. Arsenal 6. Manchester United 7. Aston Villa 8. West Ham United 9. Leicester City 10. Crystal Palace 11. Wolverhampton Wanderers 12. Bournemouth 13. Everton 14. Newcastle United 15. Sheffield United 16. Southampton 17. Watford 18. Burnley 19. Brighton & Hove Albion 20. Norwich City
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    1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool 3. Tottenham Hotspur 4. Arsenal 5. Chelsea 6. Manchester United 7. Leicester City 8. Everton 9. Wolverhampton Wanderers 10. West Ham United 11. Watford 12. Bournemouth 13. Southampton 14. Aston Villa 15. Crystal Palace 16. Burnley 17. Newcastle United18. Brighton & Hove Albion 19. Norwich City 20. Sheffield United
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    1. Liverpool (I have to believe) 2. Man City 3. Tottenham 4. Arsenal 5. Man United 6. Chelsea 7. West Ham 8. Wolves 9. Everton 10. Watford 11. Leicester 12. Bournemouth 13. Crystal Palace 14. Southampton 15. Brighton 16. Aston Villa 17. Burnley 18. Newcastle 19. Sheffield United 20. Norwich City
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    1. Fulham 2. Stoke City 3. West Bromwich Albion 4. Leeds United 5. Middlesbrough 6. Cardiff City 7. Derby County 8. Brentford 9. Wigan Athletic 10. Bristol City 11. Swansea City 12. Nottingham Forest 13. Huddersfield Town 14. Charlton Athletic 15. Queens Park Rangers 16. Blackburn Rovers 17. Preston North End 18. Barnsley 19. Reading 20. Luton Town 21. Hull City 22. Millwall 23. Birmingham City 24. Sheffield Wednesday
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    Premiership: Champions: Liverpool or Manchester United Anglo-American Qualification - Liverpool & Manchester United Still In The Hunt - Everyone else except Leicester City & Newcastle United* * as Villa still have to play Sunderland it means Newcastle can't qualify Asian Cup Qualification: Qualified:- Aston Villa will qualify if they don't get Anglo-American Qualification In The Hunt: Everyone else still mathematically have a chance Division One Champions: from Burnley, Stoke City, West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur & Wolverhampton Wanderers Play-Offs: Burnley are guaranteed a play off place - this is because Stoke have to play Watford & West Ham have to play Watford which means one of these teams will finish below Burnley. Bournemouth can not make the play-offs but everyone else is still in the hunt.
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    Changes to Members Shop for Season 14 1) It has been agreed that injury/suspension packs and fitness packs will be limited to two per season per team. That is 2 for senior team and two for U23 team. This is to make the game more realistic and also get managers to consider using their squads instead of waving a magic wand and clearing the problem with packs. The lottery will be be changed as well in season 14 and there will be fitness prizes but if won and chosen they will be an instant fix to fitness and not savable. 2)The price of the "Increase Secondary Rating by 1" will be increasing to F£2,000,000. However as secondaries are generally low in U23s we are raising the number a year to a maximum of 6 per season and a limit of 3 on any 1 player. It means that the price on secondaries on scouting will change also to be in line.. It was agreed the cost was really to low in comparison to other items and easy to afford and also if build-ups and match reports are done it is easy for managers to earn F£'s 3) The scouting will also change. The youngest player a senior scout can source will be 22 years old. Due to this the oldest a youth scout can source is 21 years old. This change is due to managers scouting 19 year old, 27 raters which if we continue this will have teams full of young superstars in a few seasons rather than an odd one. Also it is rare in real life to get such a high quality young player in a team.
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    A lot more exciting than Frank Lampard! Good luck Gary.
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    Wolverhampton_Wanderers v Burnley starting to pick up points now and move up the league want that to continue as we fight to get back into the prem i wil be going all out to do that as i am out of both cups already
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    West_Ham_United v Manchester_City Unbeaten City turn up to the Olympic stadium hoping to keep that record intact should be a good game.
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    Absolutely right, terrible game. I think it's the L tactic. Never going to play L again.
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    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets QPR - 442T Sheet Errors bur - G_Jesus* doesn't exist in the roster file mnc - L_McGee* doesn't exist in the roster file whu - R_Oxford* doesn't exist in the roster file
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    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets QPR, Stoke - 442N Sheet Errors ybu - N_Martinez* doesn't exist in the roster file. ybu - Error in penalty kick taker of ybu. Burnley 2 errors - 442N given
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    Bournemouth_U23 v Burnley_U23 we won this league last season and we will be the team that everyone wants to beat so its important that we hold our own and get off to a good start lets do this
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    We have now added the members shop and the credit system. Due to the removal of the last one due to it's affecting the site running we realise that many managers had credits in place that they lost. Unfortunately we do not have a list of what anyone had so in fairness to all everyone has been given F$1,000,000 credits to start. We also realise that some may now have missed out on a scout purchase. To remedy this we have set the senior scout to F$zero for this season. That means all can use and get a free scout for this season only. The only exceptions are the three teams who have already used the scout, Liverpool, Sunderland and Spurs. Also Southampton have two due to receiving one for taking on the unmanaged club that was offered by Daniel. PLEASE REMEMBER - it is only the scout you get free, you still have to be able to afford the player you request. We hope this alleviates any distress over the loss of previous credits. You can earn credits as before through posting media articles in the media section and through posting build-ups and reports for games. There are also other times with predictions and last man standing etc to earn them as well. Enjoy the new shop.
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    You may have noticed that the Members Shop and Betting Shop is now active. Let me explain a bit about them and the new features that are now on the FMFA. Members Shop The members shop is pretty self explanatory. You earn credits, or FMFA Pounds (F£) for posting on the forum. You will receive F£ for posting build-ups, reactions, media posts and also now status updates. You can redeem these for items from the shop. More items will be added as we go along. The items are not currently for sale as we are working the fine details but you can see what you can buy already. Betting Shop You will be able to bet on straight outcomes, as you can see the FMFA Champions Cup is currently up, you can either bet on Liverpool winning or Sunderland winning. You can also request bets so if a match you want to bet on hasn't been chosen you can request it and it will be added. More about this will be added in due course. You can see your current/outstanding bets here: http://www.thefmfa.com/index.php?/bettingshop/mybets/ One last thing. If you sign on and make a post each day you'll get a bonus 10,000 (F£)credits... over a 30 day month thats 300,000!
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    In fact at @Eduardo this was the option put by @Daniel that you were part of in the staff room Option 4 - All clubs get a pot of abs (I was thinking 10,000) to use on players primary and secondary rating so they can make 3 or 4 gems in the youth team, that if nurtured would become first team players. and you replied "Either option 2 or 4. Option 2 I guess. EAsier for both admin and managers" (option 2 by the way was the rating increase of 1) Further on I put "OK it seems to me that we all seem to favour options 2 & 4 between us." and you replied "All in for it"
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    Sunderland 0-0 Liverpool we had a lot more riding on the game than they did, and they have a cup final to look forward to, I don't think they would have expected us to attack and im surprised the game ended scoreless, but it is a valuable point against a top side that not many teams have managed to do. Well done Ed this season.
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    The vote on youth leagues went in favour of keeping but it was clear from comments it needed overhauling/updating/changing. The Admin/Staff have been discussing it to decide the main changes. We will put all agreed changes in here so do check. The FMFA Admin/Staff have agreed that from next season the youth league will become an U23 league. We have also agreed that the max rating allowed is 23 so once a player reaches a 24 rating they will then go to the senior teams.
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    On Day Seven Santa visited Wolverhampton Wanderers @ThisBitchBites, Everton @David, Aston Villa @Nocky and Manchester City @Deefa Santa has left you all £5,000,000 to finances This will be added to your finances in next update at weekend.
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    Actioned. Expenditure will show in other on Finances @Eduardo
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    yes that's right the scout cost is free you still need to pay for rest.
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    this its total bollocks tbh...
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    news has today broken that a deal that would have seen Kylian Mbappe move south and sign for title contenders Liverpool has collapsed after a deal could not be reached between the two sides. Mbappe was said to be disappointed the move did not materialise but is however very happy to stay at the club for longer, especially after the club secured the signing of Richarlison from an un-named club. Rodriguez was rumoured to have been moving in the opposite direction as part of the exchange but it is said the deal fell through after Liverpool could not come to the party within the negotiations and instead wanted to dine at the captains table, a table sunderland can simply not afford.
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    NEW sheet is in now. And sorry for not sheeting in last round.
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    QPR are in Bournemouth too if we attain safety.
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    Let's make it interesting, I'll take Brighton.
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    Ok @Eduardo looked at with Daniel and adjusted. Will see how it goes in youth cup Wednesday and games on Sunday.
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    It's been a nervous start for Liverpool FC but they've already picked up their first trophy of the season Liverpool FC did extremely well winning the league last season and their opening game of the season was against Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions Cup. Picking up the first trophy of the season is always a good start to the season and gives confident to both players and fans. The Reds was off to a bad start when they had Luis Suarez sent off after only fourteen minutes played. Losing their star striker was a massive blow but having tactical advantage helped them to control the game despite playing with ten men. Ten minutes before the break James Rodriguez played a great pass to David Luiz. It was a scorcher of a shot from Luiz and too much to handle for Tim Krul. Going into half time a goal up gave the players belief in winning the game and when Spurs had Anthony Martial sent off in the first minute of second half, The Reds knew they could go on to win it. Second half became very dull but The Reds won't mind as it meant they won their first trophy of the season. The first league game of the season saw The Reds travelling to Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal. A team with a good manager and they did good last season. The Reds set up with counter attacking football but depsite having tactical advantage they found it hard to play against The Gunners. Gabriel Barbosa hit the bar twice inside the first eight minutes. The first half an hour was dominated by the home side and The Reds was lucky to manage to keep it scoreless. Their first chance of the game fell to Hector Bellerin who hit the outside of the post. It was scoreless at half time and The Reds knew a single goal could be enough to win it. But playing without Luis Suarez isn't easy and Neymar wasn't at his best in this encounter. The Reds performed better in second half and once again Hector Bellerin came really close to score the opening goal. Once again James Rodriguez found Bellerin. His shot smashed against the post and the rebound fell to Bellerin. But under heavily pressure he didn't take it. The game ended scoreless and it's good to avoid losing the opening game but the football The Reds played isn't good enough to defend the title. Round 2 saw neighbours Everton take the short trip over Stanley Park to try to get something against their rivals. Once again The Reds set up nicely, having tactical advantage against The Toffees. But the visitors got off to a good start and dominated the first twenty minutes. And when the home side thought they had taken control of the game, The Toffees countered them and scored a brilliant first goal. Seamus Coleman played a great cross to Alexandre Lacazette who scored a spectacular goal from a bicycle kick. The Reds knew at half time they had to turn the game around but found it hard to play against a well organized Everton defence. Philippe Coutinho and Luis Suarez had chances to level the score but the home side didn't have any luck and had to see their rivals run away with all three points. Liverpool knew they had to win away to Queens Park Rangers in round 3 after failing to win their first two games. They got tactical advantage for the forth game in row and this time they made it count. Luis Suarez, Bobby Firmino, Neymar and James Rodriguez had all chances to score early on but The Reds had to wait until three minutes before the break to take the lead. Cesc Fabregas sidestepped his marker and with a crafty shot he managed to score. A great time to get the opening goal but The Reds knew there was still fourty-five minutes left of the game. They managed to keep the ball within the team and when Nicolas Otamendi scored with twenty minutes left of the game, The Reds knew they had picked up their first win of the season. It's always nice to get the first win but at the same time you need to keep winning if you want to defend the title. This is the ninth season of FMFA and only Manchester United has been able to pick up back to back titles. On to round 4 were The Reds hosted Newcastle United at Anfield. Neymar should have put the home side in front early on but instead The Magpies got a helping hand from Mats Hummels. He played a horrible backpass to Simon Mignolet and Mignolet couldn't prevent it from going in. A tough goal to take and it meant The Reds had to turn the game around. With seventy minutes left of the game they had more than enough time to save something from this game. The goal shocked the host but they drew level two minutes before half time when Bobby Firmino scored from a header. The Reds dominated second half but the visitors defended heroic and deserved to get something from this game. The home side had 10 attempts on target and hit the post three times as well. It was a game The Reds should have won but in current form they didn't manage to make their possession play count. Another home game awaited The Reds in round 5 when they took on Aston Villa. For the first time this season The Reds played brilliant and despite winning 2-0 the score should have been much bigger. They created 35 attempts on goal, 23 of them hitting the target. Only an outstanding Mark Bunn prevented The Reds from outclassing The Villans. The two goals came from Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho. Suarez scored the opening goal a minute before half time and should have had two before the break but the official ruled out the second. Clearly a wrong decision but nothing to do about it. Philippe Coutinho made sure of the win after an hour played when he came one on one with Mark Bunn and lobbed him to make it 2-0. A good home win for the home side and they had now gone three games unbeaten. After a tough start they've managed to be more consistent in their performance. Round 6 saw The Reds travelling to Old Trafford facing their bitter rivals Manchester United. The Red Devils sat two points above The Reds in the table and despite being early in the season, The Reds couldn't afford to fell five points behind their rivals. Reds manager Thomas Edvardsen decided to play with normal tactic for the first time this season and despite seeing The Red Devils having 63 % possession, they didn't manage to break down the visitors defence. The Reds played with five men at the back and the home side found little space to work in. Six minutes before half time, Luis Suarez recieved a pass from Neymar and made the most of it when his thundering shot slipped through David De Gea's hands. A marvelous goal from Suarez and an extremely important goal. The Reds had few problems in second half and came away with a narrow win. Winning at Old Trafford is a huge achievement and The Reds is looking much better than the start of the season. For the first time this season they picked up back to back wins and find themselves in 3rd, three points below Newcastle United who has started the season brilliantly. If The Reds can keep performing like this, they will have every chance of defending the title. The FMFA Cup has started as well and The Reds was drawn in Group D, playing Crystal Palace, Newcastle United and West Ham United. The opening game of group stages saw The Reds travelling up north to face Newcastle United at St James Park. It was a pretty even game but The Reds came away with a 2-1 win. Daniel Sturridge sent The Reds in front but the home side levelled the score after an hour played when Richard Peniket scored. The Reds got themselves back in front eight minutes later when Neymar made it 2-1 and they managed to take the win after holding off the home side the last twenty minutes of the game. The Reds hosted West Ham United in game 2 of the group stages and it was a tough game for the home side. The Hammers came to Anfield playing defensive football and when they managed to take the lead through Charlie Austin, the home crowd thought it was lost. But Neymar scored ten minutes into second half and Scot Bennett should have scored to win the game for The Reds but it all ended 1-1. An okey start to the campaign for The Reds but they need at least a couple of wins to be able to get into knockout stages. In other news we've seen The Reds expand their stadium and Anfield is now able to take 74,200 inside the stadium. It cost The Reds £70,000,000 but it's a good invenstment for the club and makes the club more competitive. We've also seen a couple of transfers being made at Anfield. Kalidou Koulibaly was signed from Napoli for a massive £135,000,000 to improve the quality in their defence. Late last night The Reds came to an agreement with Gaston Ramirez and the Uruguyan international will move to Anfield for £30,000,000. James Mahon and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is sent out on loan to get first team football and get much needed experience. Both players is of high quality and Reds manager Thomas Edvardsen is hoping to see them developing in Wolf League and come back as better footballers.
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    ha ha have to be a really good offer for me to swap martial just annoyed cause having a shit season
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    Never going to happen. Just never!. Sorry but some things are sacrosanct and not managing Hartlepool is one.
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    To be fair I have been bidding via PM for Lamela.. :P
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    Not yet no. Will do tomorrow morning.
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    Yes Eduardo, this is from yesterday!
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    We can no longer be friends...
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    The Christmas fairy has visited @Eduardo and it is done both are now available.
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    If it has any sense of realism, it will also include an Engxit every major tournament.
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    Henrikh Mkhitaryan (AM) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (FW) Granit Xhaka (DM) Michy Batshuayi (FW) Leroy Sané (AM) Nolito (FW? or maybe AM cos he's a winger) Joël Matip (DF) Ragnar Klavan (DF) Eric Bailly (DF) Renato Sanches (absolute young gun MF or DM)
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    Hi @CraigP No question is stupid. If you don't know quite rightly ask. All you need to do is go down the fixtures and predict the score of each match. So for Hull V Leicester you could go Hull 1 Leicester 2 or Hull 1 Leicester 1 or Hull 2 Leicester 1. Those are just examples you must decide the score you think that match will end and then do that for all the other games as well. If for example you predicted 1-1 for Hull Leicester and it finishes 0-0 then you get 10 pts as you predicted a draw with your score and it was. If it was to finishes 1-1 then that is 40pts as you got the final score correct. Hope that helps.
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    Daniel has kindly pointed out that Everton have been knocked out of the cup while his Arsenal revel in the glory of progression. Due to this and for fairness I will now take over the game running of the cup games.
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    The Leopard League is the brand new division of the FMFA, taking its place in the third tier and starting with minimal quality in each squad, as well as a relatively small transfer budget for each club. Some clubs have made their money work better than others. We go through each club's off-season recruits and their prospects for the season ahead. IN R_Duarte - Tottenham J_Stanek - Everton (loan) Gareth Barry - Everton (pending) Mauro Icardi - Queens Park Rangers (loan, pending) J_McCourt - Tottenham (loan, pending) Altrincham have had a solid off-season, bringing in two quality players, one of which is on loan. With further reinforcements coming in, including former England international Gareth Barry, Altrincham could be on for a strong season. IN Kevin de Bruyne - Bournemouth Zeki Fryers - Crystal Palace P_Roberts - Everton (loan) C_Roberts - Aston Villa (loan) K_Davies - Newcastle (loan) Blackpool have been busy snapping up some quality players, particularly in midfield, and look set to challenge near the top of the table this season. Really the only thing missing is a striker signing, which the club could probably still afford. IN Arouna Kone - Bournemouth L_Zander - Tottenham Maroune Chamakh - Crystal Palace (loan) K_Ly - Tottenham (loan) John O'Shea - Sunderland (pending) The acquisition of Zander for just 2 million from Tottenham is probably the signing of the summer and should prove to be a great player for seasons to come at Blackwell Meadows. There has been a slight improvement in most positions and a huge improvement up front. It will be interesting to see if this strategy pays off for The Quakers in their quest for a promotion play-off spot. They also should have money up their sleeve, too. IN Damien Delaney - Crystal Palace (pending) Mile Jedinak - Crystal Palace (pending) Joe Brown has only recently taken over at Broadhurst Park, so hasn't really had time to make many deals. Two signings have been made from Crystal Palace and should improve their defence and midfield quite a lot. That said, there is still work to be done in improving the squad. IN S_Ojo - Queens Park Rangers (loan) Samuel Eto'o - Tottenham (pending) Billy Jones - Sunderland (pending) Ricky Alvarez - Sunderland (pending) FC Halifax have waited until near the end of the off-season to make major moves, but they are set to be a game changer for them as they will hopefully propel themselves into promotion calculations. Their new players are well-spread throughout the outfield positions and will transform the team from potential also-rans overnight. IN None Surprisingly, Kev Welford has not dabbled into the transfer market in this off-season, putting the Pools at a major disadvantage. We know Kev is a good manager, but is he good enough to overcome the handicap of not improving their squad? Time will tell, but its a big ask. IN John Terry - Chelsea Reece Oxford - West Ham United Peter Crouch - Stoke City E_McCawl - Manchester United (loan) A_Olukanmi - Arsenal (loan) Hereford have assembled a formidable midfield during the off-season, including the very impressive scalp of 17-year-old Reece Oxford. The likes of Peter Crouch will be licking their lips at the prospect of service from Oxford, McCawl and Olukanmi, and with a number of young local players waiting in the wings, Hereford will be pushing hard for a promotion play-off spot. IN None Luton Town will struggle this season if they cannot bring players in, and while it is still very possible to improve the team, the best chances to do that have passed, as a number of clubs managed to get players on the cheap. With many of those players now snatched up by Leopard League clubs, Luton will struggle to find those same bargains. IN Levin Oztunali - Crystal Palace (loan) J_Tah - Sunderland (loan) Eduardo - Tottenham (pending) Thomas Edvardsen has recently taken over at Notts County, so has had little time to deal. A confirmation has been posted for the signing of Eduardo, but the deal may be in doubt, as it is believed Eduardo is still too young and too good to be allowed to move to the third-tier league. Nonetheless, Levin Oztunali will be a key figure in midfield and gain a lot of experience from first-team football. IN Ola Aino - West Bromwich Albion (loan) OUT R_Fulton - Queens Park Rangers Portsmouth are one of only a few clubs to sell one of their players, with young goalkeeper Fulton getting an opportunity at Queens Park Rangers. Other than a single loan deal, Portsmouth are well behind the eight ball in terms of bringing in quality players. The club will have to act quickly if they are to stand a chance of a top-half finish this season. IN Steven N'Zonzi - Stoke City Mohamed Salah - Chelsea Coll Donaldson - Arsenal S_Kurt - Everton (loan) D_Conroy - Aston Villa (loan) Neil Stockley has been one of the most active Leopard League managers in the transfer market this off-season and has put Tranmere in a strong position to challenge for a promotion play-off. Their defence and midfield promises to be among the best in the league. Only a quality forward and maybe a goalkeeper will complete what is looking a formidable squad. IN Kyle Naughton - Tottenham Chris Kettings - Crystal Palace Ryan Bertrand - Chelsea (loan) M_Cain - Tottenham (loan) Clinton Njie - Tottenham (pending) AFC Wimbledon manager Craig Pritchard has admitted his heart may not be in it for a Leopard League battle, but his signings indicate he is looking to build a formidable defence and has also signed Chris Kettings as a number one keeper. This may make the Wombles one of the most difficult teams in the league to break down, but seem to lack a bit of cutting edge as a result. The pending purchase of Clinton Njie may go a long way to fixing this issue, though. With a committed manager at the helm, AFC Wimbledon could well challenge near the pointy end of the table. It can also be said that young defender Nightingale will be transferring to Everton in only one of two players exiting a Leopard League club, but will be immediately loaned back to AFC Wimbledon. Seeing this is the third loan of the season, this will limit the quality Pritchard can bring in.
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    1-19 = 320 50 20 20-21 = 200 30 10 22-26 = 100 5 2 27-29 = 0 0 0 30 = -50 -5 -2 31 = -115 -50 -25 32 = -215 -110 -210 33 = -300 -242 -220 34 = -475 -350 -230 35+ = -500 -475 -550
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    Due to the increase in league numbers to twelve from season 14 it has been decided that the promotion and relegation will now change. The top two in Division One will get automatic promotion and then third, fourth, fifth and sixth will qualify for the play-offs for the final spot. Relegation will now see three teams relegated from the Premier Division.
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