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    Well done @Burrowson getting Chelsea Job
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    Another chance for Burnley to be in automatic promotion all season then bottle it and finish 3rd
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    The FMFA Admin have discussed this and have decided that due to his success with Stoke City this year that they will appoint @Burrows as the new Chelsea manager. Stoke City will now look for a new manager.
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    Wow, can't believe we have won it. Liverpool have been such a force this season. In honesty I packed the midfield hoping to keep Liverpool at bay and maybe nick a goal or take it to ET and pens and hope it went our way. In the end it worked for us with the shots and Mirallas was a revelation. Those two early goals sure helped but boy that was a nervy second half after they scored.
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    Due to the increase in league numbers to twelve from season 14 it has been decided that the promotion and relegation will now change. The top two in Division One will get automatic promotion and then third, fourth, fifth and sixth will qualify for the play-offs for the final spot. Relegation will now see three teams relegated from the Premier Division.
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