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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Final

    Chelsea v Man U
  2. Everton > BRighton

    Brighton sign N_Chadli for £15m
  3. Everton Sales

  4. Everton Sales

    Brighton are interested in Chadli would you sell for cash and if so how much (also how much cash do I have?)
  5. FMFA Cup Final

    @Deefa @Tom Get sheets in ASAP and I will sim.
  6. JET CUP (Season 11)

    No abs but we will be using the Jet Cup to test ab settings for the upcoming season so the more competitors the better. I am also considering a prize for the top 4 teams.
  7. The FMFA League Cup Rules

    Venue for the first competition will be Stadium of Light (Sunderland) This has been chosen as Sunderland won the FMFA Trophy in season 7 in its last season and therefore never got to host the following season, which would have been their right.
  8. NEW For SEASON 11

    The 4 teams that are entering next season for the League Cup will be joining full time in Season 12 as we are expanding each league by 2. This means that the promotion and relegation will be slightly different for next season. Only 1 team will be relegated from the Tiger League, the team in 10th place. In the Wolf League the top 2 will automatically be promoted and places 3-6 will go into the play-offs with the winner being promoted.
  9. Round 18 Results

    Congrats Will. You join Tom Wright (MNU) as the only managers to have won back to back titles...
  10. Round 18 Results

    Good win for us, Arsenal will remain in the Tiger League next season so the season wasn't a complete failure!
  11. Hall of Fame

    Well done @Eduardo you are now officially the FMFA's most successful manager... until at least the FMFA Cup final that is!
  12. Hall Of Records

    NEW RECORDS Least Lge Points Chelsea (9) - S10 TIGER League Lge Points Aston Villa (7) - S10 WOLF
  13. Mason Departs Arsenal

    Arsenal manager Daniel Mason has stepped down from his role ahead of a move to Brighton. Arsenal are now on the lookout for a new manager.
  14. Round 17 Results

    5 Queens_Park_Rangers 17 5 7 5 16 16 0 22 6 Arsenal 17 7 1 9 20 23 -3 22 7 Newcastle_United 17 6 3 8 26 21 5 21 8 Wolverhampton_Wanderers 17 5 6 6 16 26 -10 21 9 Sunderland 17 4 8 5 13 17 -4 20 How close is the relegation battle?!!!
  15. Tiger League Match 17

    2 games left, need to win this one if we are to haev any chance at surviving.