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  1. Daniel


    Yes she does, probably forgot lol.
  2. Daniel

    Premier Division Match 7

    I did have a look but couldn't find it, and looking at the monitor it wasn't submitted either.
  3. Games and Stats These were ran at 8 but I forgot to post!
  4. Daniel

    FMFA Cup Round 1 Results

    Games and Stats Missing: Bou
  5. Games and Stats
  6. Not even had a chance to boot up FM recently wanna give this a go tho extend over December too?
  7. Daniel

    Round 1 Leg 1 Results

    Manchester United 2 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur Man U ran riot and we couldn't even manage a goal! Need vast improvement on the second leg if we are to progress.
  8. Daniel

    Spurs > FMFA

    We sell M_Pennington 23 eng 2 21 2 2 23 300 937 373 307 for £10m
  9. Daniel

    Lotto Result 23/11/18

    Such choice lol! 100abs on: K_Coman* Ps please.
  10. Daniel

    Match 5 Results

    All Holly I can't be blamed this season for Wolves poor results 😛
  11. Daniel

    Match 5 Results

    Valuable 3 points for us as we climb the table slowly. Icardi with the only goal of the game.
  12. Daniel

    Match 5 Results

    Wolves are nothing to do with me Tony.
  13. £5m to increase T_Fosu-M'sah* from a 22 to a 23.