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  1. Daniel

    Round 17 Results

    Games and Statistics ars - Missing teamsheet bur - Error in conditionals (line 13), Illegal player position cry - Player D_Cal-Lewin wasn't found in the roster mnu - "PK:" wasn't found qpr - Player R_Sessgnon* wasn't found in the roster
  2. Daniel

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 17 17 February 2019

    Been a poor season for Spurs this season, hopefully can come back stronger next season and push for promotion but think we've missed out on playoffs this season 😞
  3. Friday 15th February19:45 QPR v Watford 0-2Saturday 16th February 201915:00 Brighton v Derby 3-115:00 Wimbledon v Millwal 2-2l17:30 Newport v Manchester City 0-7Sunday 17th February 201913:00 Bristol City v Wolves 1-316:00 Doncaster v Crystal Pal 0-216:00 Swansea v Brentford 3-1Monday 11th February 201919:30 Chelsea v Manchester U 0-1
  4. Daniel

    FMFA League Cup SF Leg 2 13 February 2019

    Final is at Molineux 🙂
  5. Daniel

    Round 16 Results

    Games and Stats
  6. Daniel

    Quarter Final Results

    Games and Stats Random Requests - ARS, SUN
  7. Daniel

    Round 15 Results

    Games and Stats Errors: CRY - Sess.. whatever was spelt wrong SUN - J_Maja* wasnt in team.
  8. Daniel

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 14 27 January 2019

    Drop me a message on FB if you ever can't sheet.
  9. Daniel

    Semi Final Leg 1

    Games and Stats
  10. Daniel

    Round 14 Results

    Games and Stats Missing - SUN Random - MNU, LEI
  11. Daniel

    Round 13 Results

    Games and Stats Missing: ARS
  12. Daniel

    Youth Leagues - Please Read

    @Tony we have a similar generator that puts 2 subs in but you either pick 442 with random tactic or random formation and tactic. Is that the one you are talking about? The random sheet maker that you can choose formation and tactic (ie 442P) doesnt put subs in?
  13. Daniel

    Round 5 Results

    Games and Stats Arsenal - random