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  1. Daniel

    Round 1 Results

    Games and Stats Missing: BRI, SOU, QPR Unmanaged: STO
  2. Daniel


    Or if on phone click this link... I think https://chat.whatsapp.com/HYOHNMtuvc81KRYVXEkRHb
  3. Stadiums are one of the areas neglected on FMFA, some clubs have paid in the past to expand their stadiums, some have never had the chance. I have noticed the newer clubs have different attendances than what they should have (should be 18,000 but noticed SHU are playing with 32k attendances) so this is what will be happening. All stadiums will be increased to their real life capacities. If the stadium is already at, or above, their real life capacity then they will remain as they are as the managers will have paid for the expansions. In November, this forum will be open for clubs to increase their stadiums, information on how will be given nearer the time. Ticket Prices will also be set and made clear and clubs will have 1 week at the end of November (after stadium capacities have closed) to increase or decrease their ticket prices. I will sort out some kind of table to show what your average gate should be with the default ticket price, you can work out whether you can afford to incrase, or decrease the price yourself. The stadium forum will then be open every pre-season for expansions. Any questions (and I am sure there are some) please respond below.
  4. We are setting up a WhatsApp group for teamsheet reminders etc, if you wish to be added to the group please PM myself or David with your mobile number and we will add you.
  5. Mike said first about WhatsApp and this may shock you David but I have absolutely no idea how it works or what it does let alone how to set anything up on it!
  6. Well feel free to add me then.
  7. Daniel

    Match 4 Results

    Mike's my bogey manaer I never do well!
  8. At least you requested a random and didn't just get a T.
  9. SATURDAY 19TH OCTOBER Everton 12:30 West Ham United - TV Game on BT Sport 3-1 Aston Villa 15:00 Brighton & Hove Albion 2-2 AFC Bournemouth 15:00 Norwich City 3-0 Chelsea 15:00 Newcastle United 1-2 Leicester City 15:00 Burnley 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur 15:00 Watford 1-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 15:00 Southampton 2-1 Crystal Palace 17:30 Manchester City - TV Game on Sky Sports 0-3 SUNDAY 20TH OCTOBER Manchester United 16:30 Liverpool- TV Game on Sky Sports 0-4 MONDAY 21ST OCTOBER Sheffield United 20:00 Arsenal- TV Game on Sky Sports 0-2
  10. Who has WhatsApp on here?
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