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Welcome to the FMFA. Teamsheet deadlines are Wednesday's and Sunday's at 8pm GMT for senior leagues and Monday's at 8pm GMT for youth leagues.


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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Result - Fri 6th Oct 2017

    Isn't 15 and 25 the same? 100 abs on S_Aguero shooting please.
  2. Result - Fri 13th Oct 2017

    Wolves take credits.
  3. Season 10 Staff Vacancies

    I shall PM you forthwith.
  4. Season 10 Staff Vacancies

    That's not a problem to me.
  5. Next season - League structure

    I think 1 league of 16 would be better as would be playing more teams rather than the same team 4 times.
  6. Season 10 Staff Vacancies

    You help well with buildups, I think David said he is happy with summing youths its other areas he needs help. Perhaps you can take on recruitment
  7. Season 10 Staff Vacancies

    I am creating a couple of new staff positions for Season 10. Current staff members and managers alike may apply for any of these. Transfer Officer - This role will NOT include the processing of transfers or updating of finances, that responsibility will lie with David alone. Instead this role will involve a number of aspects relating to the transfer system on the FMFA. You will be responsible for creating the pre-season auction as well as seeking out players for the weekly auction. You will also be responsible for sourcing the players for scouting based on the managers request. Youth League Commissioner - This role simply entails the simming of the youth leagues and youth cups. Recruitment Officer - This role entails the recruiting of managers and the recording of any current managers who receive T tactics. It also involves posting vacancies if and when they become available as well as appointing new managers based on their applications. Some more roles may be created but if you have any interest in the above roles and wish to apply please either post below or PM me. Please remember that we need roles like this filling if the game is going to continue. An added bonus is that any member who is on the FMFA Staff Team gets access to the staff room, and therefore can take part in discussions about the future of the game before it gets to manager discussion.
  8. Season 10

    I'm currently working on the plans for season 10 and wondering if there is anything that you, the managers, would like to see introduced, changed or removed. This is your chance to have your say!
  9. Music - Last Track You Played

    Been listening to a lot of play-lists on Amazon Music but the last song that was played on there was Ed Sheeran's Sing.
  10. 10m not gonna get me far lol. 10m and J_Lingard 24 eng 2 3 21 10 26 372 486 419 829?
  11. FMFA Leagues Round 20 15 November 2017

    Tough away fixture against Wolves. Be hard to get a result here but we need one if we are to continue to stand a chance at promotion.
  12. FM 2018

    I can try, might be a delay in getting them out! And found it cheap on a website so got it.
  13. Round 18 Results

    To be fair Ed, Man U's squad is far stronger than yours in defence so they don't shop many goals. The T on here is set to the same as TDE as far as I know.