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Status Updates posted by Daniel

  1. Arp form worries Spurs manager. Striker needs to find the net soon!

  2. Spurs u23s take on rivals Arsenal in the FMFA u23 cup. First leg was 1-1 can Spurs progress?

  3. Spurs manager tips Everton for mid table mediocrity this season. Says manager is past it.

  4. You can now bet on who you think will win the Jet Cup. Betting closes on 31 March 2019 ahead of the first round of games.

  5. #THS hope Dennis Suarez comes up good for the club after signing for £32m.

  6. About time we had this back!

  7. I will be putting the youth league back by 1 week so next games are on Wed 19th. @David will update the calendar with the change. Reason being is with Easter break I won't get these games done till Wednesday! Also need to do some modifications to the game engine before simming next games.

  8. No buildup posted for youth league tonight @stocko74

    1. stocko74


      going on the calender there is none until wednesday 

    2. Daniel


      okay lol, I go by your buildups :p

  9. Right, youth league is delayed, hopefully be up tomorrow. Sorry for delay.

  10. Youth League/Teams have been added to the Teamsheet Submitter.

  11. Chatbox is the reason the site keeps crashing so no chatbox for now :(


  12. What happened to Wolves re-rate request on Bonucci? Never got a reply!


  14. Testing status updates. 

  15. Arsenal announce manager to step down at the end of the season when his contract expires.

  16. Arsenal need to buck their ideas up after poor run of results.

    1. stocko74


      Until you face me at the weekend 

    2. Daniel


      Ah a win finally ;)

  17. Ah Arsenal finally have a decent manager. Welcome Ruggy to Spurs.

  18. Mason looking forward to facing former team Southampton in #FMFACup

  19. Arsenal confirm Giroud departure, striker to move to Bournemouth.

  20. Harry Kane to make debut in FMFA Cup match. #AFC

  21. BOU v ARS - Opening day nerves worries Arsenal boss.

  22. Arsenal manager thrilled to sign Harry Kane. Kane, along with Schweinsteiger and Assom will not feature against Bournemouth today.

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