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  1. @David I think you got your rounds mixed up. This current round hasn't been played yet.
  2. SATURDAY 22ND FEBRUARY Chelsea 12:30 Tottenham Hotspur 2-3 Burnley 15:00 AFC Bournemouth 2-0 Crystal Palace 15:00 Newcastle United 3-1 Sheffield United 15:00 Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0 Southampton 15:00 Aston Villa 1-1 Leicester City 17:30 Manchester City 2-4 SUNDAY 23RD FEBRUARY Manchester United 14:00 Watford 1-0 Wolverhampton Wanderers 14:00 Norwich City 1-0 Arsenal 16:30 Everton 2-1 MONDAY 24TH FEBRUARY Liverpool 20:00 West Ham United 2-0
  3. T_Leighton 19 sco 1 21 7 2 21 300 979 816 445 + 500 Tabs & +500 Pabs T_Akinola 18 can 1 3 10 21 23 300 457 705 77 +500 Pabs & +500 Sabs T_Ebanks 18 eng 1 10 21 3 23 300 620 137 443 +400 Tabs & +200 Pabs Thanks
  4. BeDoZa

    Stoke List

    10 mil for Clyne
  5. BeDoZa

    Final Result

    Random?! I submitted my sheet last Friday. I had expected the game would have been played earlier than this though. A 50:50 match that fittingly ended a draw. In the end we got lucky with penalties. I don't feel like Pacheco is as steady between the sticks as Lopes but we'll see how he goes next season in the Premiership. Commiserations redblueeagle. Really could have been either of us. A cup win and a second placing (complete with promotion). Got to chalk that down as a successful season.
  6. Not confident but Arsenal (??)
  7. SATURDAY 8TH FEBRUARY Everton 12:30 Crystal Palace 2-2 Brighton & Hove Albion 17:30 Watford 1-0 SUNDAY 9TH FEBRUARY Sheffield United 14:00 AFC Bournemouth 1-1 Manchester City 16:30 West Ham United 3-0 FRIDAY 14TH FEBRUARY Wolverhampton Wanderers 20:00 Leicester City 2-1 SATURDAY 15TH FEBRUARY Southampton 12:30 Burnley 2-0 Norwich City 17:30 Liverpool 0-2 SUNDAY 16TH FEBRUARY Aston Villa 14:00 Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Arsenal 16:30 Newcastle United 1-1 MONDAY 17TH FEBRUARY Chelsea 20:00 Manchester United 2-1
  8. BeDoZa

    Round 22 Results

    Watford U23 1 - 1 Southampton U23 Story of our season - too many draws. We didn't ship many goals but we didn't score many either. 4th is a fairly credible result in the first season of promotion so we'll take it. Plenty of improvement still to be found and will look to get better next season. Congratulations Harry on the title, commiserations Eduardo. To get beaten by goal difference is tough.
  9. BeDoZa

    Round 22 Results

    Watford 4 - 0 Southampton Finished the season with a big win and the Hornets fans got to see new signings Sylla and Balde. However, the game was all about Alfredo Morelos who stole the show with a double. Even though we finished 2nd, there is plenty of good things happening with the team and plenty to look forward to next season. Congratulations on the title Macca.
  10. Watford v Southampton We need 3 points and we need West Ham to lose. And then we need to overturn a 15 goal deficit. Very unlikely but we'll try and put the Swans to the sword. We can't finish worse than 2nd.
  11. Watford_U23 v Southampton_U23 A good chance to sneak 3rd against 2nd-bottom Swans. The Hammers and Magpies should battle out a doozy and if the Hammers slip up, we need to be ready to pinch 3rd. At best, we need a point to ensure we don't lose 4th to Everton. The only downside is we still have to be careful with our rotations - need to ensure we have fit players for the cup final.
  12. Watford U23 2 (5) - 0 (0) West Ham U23 Jonathan David scores a double in the 88th and 89th minute after coming on in the 80th minute as a super sub. Message received loud and clear - start with David next time. A good win that sees Watford ease into the U23 Cup Final. Looking forward to it.
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