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  1. I've got 1 youth who managed to make it to the seniors for regular game time: D_Quina I've got a 2nd (R_Suckling) who I'm looking to persist with. I've sold on 3 - J_Mukena, G_McEachran and A_Tuanzebe I've got some in the U23 team: D_Hutchins, T_Ebanks, D_Moonan & M_Caisutti who I want to keep developing and hoping that some will make the first team. I can't use credits to help Hutchins but age (and re-rates) should be on his side. Hoping to use credits for the other 3. I've also got T_Leighton who wont sell, and J_David and T_Akinola who probably wont sell either seeing how I can't sell L_Martinez. Working with those 3 has been wasted effort and credits which is a shame. It's why I'm persisting with Suckling otherwise he'd be another player were I wasted effort and credits.
  2. I voted yes. I submit sheets regularly and I enjoy developing players. I agree with the above comments however. a) The current format has no point. I spent a bit of time and effort in previous seasons to develop several youths who had pretty good potential. I've only kept a couple and sold a couple a more. I haven't brought myself to the point of selling the remainder to FMFA but unfortunately I think some will have to. Also I am currently developing some more in the youth team who don't have any kind of future. It kills the enjoyment though when there's no point to it. and b) I don't care if other managers sheet or not - that's their prerogative and it doesn't change how I feel about developing players.
  3. Thanks David. Appreciate you sorting it.
  4. @David Yep. That's what I mean. Started at 10 and paid for 3 increases but only 2 were added.
  5. @David M_Caissutti is only showing 2 passing
  6. Watford would like to purchase 3 seconds for M_Caissutti M_Caissutti 18 ita 1 22 10 10 +3 Ps to become: M_Caissutti 18 ita 1 22 13 10 Cost 6 million credits. Thanks.
  7. Watford would like to purchase 3 seconds for T_Ebanks. T_Ebanks 19 eng 1 12 24 3 23 300 89 240 562 +1 Tk & +2 Sh to become: T_Ebanks 19 eng 1 13 24 5 23 300 89 240 562 Cost 6 million credits. Thanks.
  8. Watford request a u23 scout. Cost is 5m credits. PM has been sent. Cheers.
  9. Watford would like to increase the main rating of D_Moonan (again) for 5m credits. Thanks.
  10. Sorry to hijack your thread @Nocky but can you use increase the main rating on the same U23 player? It's not an option I even considered.
  11. I would like to use 5,000,000 credits to increase the main rating of: D_Moonan by +1. Thanks.
  12. @David I don't have the option to edit the above post but seeing how this hasn't been processed yet I would like to amend Watford's choice. Instead of T_Leighton; Watford would like to use 15,000,000 credits to upgrade: A_W-Bissaka 23 eng 1 25 12 7 28 300 265 355 507 by 2 main skills to: A_W-Bissaka 23 eng 1 27 12 7 28 300 265 355 507 Cheers.
  13. Watford would like to use 15,000,000 credits to upgrade: T_Leighton 20 sco 1 25 11 2 21 300 247 305 557 by 2 main skills to: T_Leighton 20 sco 1 27 11 2 21 300 247 305 557 Cheers.
  14. I knew about the maximum abs but hadn't seen a minimum. Thanks for the clarification @David
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