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  1. BeDoZa

    LMS Round 4

  2. BeDoZa

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 12 13 January 2019

    Watford - Wolverhampton Wanderers The Hornets host the Wolves at Vicarage Road and the home ground advantage will be much needed. Muller, Evans, Insigne. There's some very good players in this Wolves squad who will be difficult to break down and score against.
  3. Liverpool_U21s - Watford_U21s Playing away at Anfield, and the Liverpool squad looks very good on paper. On a 5 game unbeaten streak which would be nice to stretch to 6 but this is a very tough test for the young Watford players.
  4. R_Miller - 2.3M
  5. BeDoZa

    Watford > FMFA Sales

    J_Jolebas - 8.5M
  6. Watford loan in from Everton: M_Foulds* 20 eng 1 22 4 2 22 300 601 721 424 for the season. Cheers.
  7. BeDoZa

    Round 11 Results

    Tottenham Hotspurs 0 - 0 Watford A bit of a dour draw here. Spurs could only manage 2 on target from their 9 shots, whilst the Hornets only had the 2 on target and we made more tackles then we did passes. Domingos Quina played 64 minutes in his debut, making 2 passes to be one of the more creative players on the team. He will certainly be playing more games for the seniors who will hopefully have better games than that.
  8. Watford U21s 3 - 0 Southampton U21's Benefited from Southampton's T tactic with goals from defender Ryan Suckling, midfielder Emmanuel Adebiyi and in his 3rd game for the Hornet's, young striker Tom Akinola scored his second goal. Very happy with the decision to buy in Akinola and the Hornets are benefiting from contributions all over the field. Slowly marching our way up the table but with only 6 points separating 1st from last, there's still plenty of games for the Hornets to end up anywhere come season's end.
  9. Watford_U21s - Southampton_U21s After the bad loss on the weekend, there will be changes to the line-up. It's another game to address Watford's inability to defend and score and try and tweak things in our favour.
  10. BeDoZa

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 11 09 January 2019

    Watford travel to White Hart Lane to face Spurs. Young gun Domingos Quina was promoted recently and will feature in his first match for the seniors. Spurs currently sit 4th and can field quite a strong team. It will be tough to get a result here away from home.
  11. BeDoZa

    Round 2 Leg 2 Results

    Manchester United U21 4 (4) - 1 (5) Watford U21 United are a goal up with the first action of the game and 2 up before 20 minutes are played. Watford reply soon after but immediately concede again and we are 3-1 down and only 30mins have been played. Now I'm worried and when United score their 4th not long after the restart I'm sure Watford are being bundled out of the YDL Cup in ignominious fashion having surrendered a 4 goal cushion. But the goals for United dry up and the heart rate returns to normal. Keen to see the final stats because we have been destroyed.Imagine my surprise to see 50/50 possession and 12 shots on target to 6, except that Watford has the 12 shots on target. Watford has had issues defensively and offensively in the league but that's absolutely crazy. Happy to progress but I don't think we'll survive another cup game like that next round.
  12. BeDoZa

    Round 2 Results

    Watford 3 - 0 Newcastle United Was a little worried when I saw Newcastle start with A but it couldn't have gone any better. Thankfully Watford were clinical in front of goal and were sitting pretty at 2-0 by half-time. A late own goal by Newcastle rounded the game off but probably ended up flattering us a bit. Keen to see how far Watford can go in the FMFA Cup.
  13. BeDoZa

    FMFA Cup Round 2 06 January 2019

    Watford v Newcastle Utd Very tough ask. Facing a very good Premiership side in Newcastle and a very good manager in Harry. Watford have home advantage but little else going for us. Somehow we have to try and nut out a way to win.
  14. Manchester United U21s (0) vs Watford U21s (4) Watford has a handy cushion for this leg. We might need to rest one or two players but our stamina is certainly better than United's. Good opportunity to rotate a few around.
  15. Watford U21s 1 - 0 Stoke U21s The reserve team's inability to score was really on show this match. Facing a T, the match resulted in a massive 64% possession and 23 shots - shame that 17 (yes, you read that correctly - 17!) were off-target. Knew before the match that Stoke had an excellent defense but that was disappointingly wasteful. On the plus side, new forward Akinola got on the scoresheet and the u21's climbed out of the bottom 3 to sit 6th.
  16. BeDoZa

    Round 10 Results

    Xmas gift signing C_Cathcart went off injured in the 3rd minute but the expected hammering from Chelsea never came. Instead even though we were significantly outplayed possession-wise Watford restricted Chelsea to 1 shot off target for the entire match. Before the game, I said I would have been pleased with a point but this almost feels like 2 lost. Still it's a good result that keeps us second.
  17. BeDoZa

    Wat <> Ywa

    Please promote D_Quina* to Wat Please drop M_Navarro to Ywa as our overaged/overrated player
  18. BeDoZa

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 10 02 January 2019

    Watford - Chelsea Vicarage Road hosts top of the table Chelsea who are unbeaten and running away with the title sitting a phenomenal 10 points clear of us.... and we're sitting in equal second with Manchester City. A quick look at the roster shows why; Butland, Xhaka, Gotze, Dybala - there's quality all through this Chelsea team. If we can snatch a point, we will have outdone ourselves.
  19. Watford_U21s - Stoke_City_U21s  We're hosting 3rd placed Stoke. They have some defensive issues but have some great options up front. Watford aren't too bad for goals scored against but are easily the worst at converting. It's either going to be a 0-0 or a goal feast. Certainly hope to end up with the 3 points.
  20. BeDoZa

    LMS Round 4

  21. BeDoZa

    Watford - Youth Shop

    Hope I'm posting to the right spot - let me know if it needs to be elsewhere. ywa would like to purchase for 3M: T_Akinola* 17 can 1 3 5 17 23 300 300 300 300 ywa would like to increase the secondaries of: J_Mukena 19 bel 1 19 6 2 18 300 707 417 329 to J_Mukena 19 bel 1 19 12 2 18 300 707 417 329 for 1.5M ywa would like to increase the secondaries of: D_Quina* 18 por 1 2 23 6 21 300 320 860 392 to D_Quina* 18 por 1 2 23 12 21 300 320 860 392 for 1.5M All up, this will cost Watford 6M. Cheers.
  22. BeDoZa

    LMS Round 4

    Manchester United
  23. Saturday 29th December 2018 15:00 Brighton v Everton 0-3 15:00 Fulham v Huddersfield 2-1 15:00 Leicester v Cardiff 2-0 15:00 Tottenham v Wolves 4-0 15:00 Watford v Newcastle 1-0 17:30 Liverpool V Arsenal 3-2 Sunday 30th December 2018 12:30 Crystal Pal v Chelsea 2-2 14:15 Burnley v West Ham Utd 1-2 14:15 Southampton v Manchester City 1-2 16:30 Manchester Utd v Bournemouth 1-0