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  1. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    But how many players do I need for a roster (squad)? Is there a way to turn off injuries? Because I don't want players to be missed half a season. The one week off for a red card is fine. In your instance, Aguero should have the same abilities as everyone else in the side. Meaning he could play GK one game, and then FW the next. And every player would have the same level of competence on the field in every position. I may have to trial a few numbers to get some good results. Seeing as our forum is based in Australia, I just wanted to make sure of this. We would be using act, nsw, nt0, qld, sa0, tas, vic, wa0, then for people from overseas they'd have a country listed. Also, does age have any impact on the players performance? Can I just list everyone as 18 for the same output. Basically, what I need is to have everyone have the same equal abilities and performance level, so that it's the sim and the tactics that make the difference in the result not the player performance.
  2. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    So I was able to create a new roster by copying and pasting the tm1 and tm2 files. I have a few more questions: Is there a minimum and maximum for number of players? Also, with the st-tk-ps-sh-ag numbers, is there an arbitrary set of numbers that could work on all players? Can I use random letters for nationality? States of Australia? thanks.
  3. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    @Daniel , this is brilliant. and really easy to use. I went through the Beginner Pack and played a game using tm1 and tm2. Though I was wondering how I would go about creating my own roster, using usernames from my forum. I am able to create a teamsheet using TSM Plus, but when I try to insert that teamsheet into esms+ _v335 or tsc_v335, the porgrams don't pick up the teamsheet that I created. Thanks.
  4. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    I’ll look into this and see how it goes.
  5. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    Thank you. Is there a guide to using the program, because there are a lot of files contained in the folder? And does this also work on a MacOS, or is it just for PC?
  6. akkaps

    ESMS Simulator

    Hi everyone, I am a user on [URL=https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/]BigFooty[/url], where we run similar text based games for Cricket and Australian Rules Football, both of which are quite popular on the board. And we were looking to expand into Association Football (Soccer). I was wondering if it was possible to be sent a copy of the sim that is used so that we we would be able to start our own league? If this is not the right place to ask this question, can you please direct to the right location or person to speak to. Thanks, akkaps
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