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  1. O_Woods 17 eng 2 12 19 3 19 300 492 488 673 +1 tackling please
  2. Nice! Derby choose: O_Woods 17 eng 2 2 19 3 who will become O_Woods 17 eng 2 12 19 3
  3. I'd be happy with either Club Athletico Paranaense or River Plate. Any Trophy team if other managers want those.
  4. Club America if no one else wants to.
  5. Derby did ok last tiem so count them in.
  6. Do they get promoted automatically even if the u23s doesn't have any overage/rated players? U23 teams are allowed a max of 2 such players so if there a currently less than that is there an option to leave them in the u23s??
  7. Derby disappointing in the early encounters and looking for a big improvement.

  8. The Rams are off team building but the manager stays behind.

  9. Derby manager still tinkering with his squad with several players looking to be on the way out.

  10. Dealing Derby:  Quite a few new arrivals @TheRams and still more to come.

    1. Ruggy


      Posted on your confirmation mate, let me know what you think 

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