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  1. I voted to change it back to 2 divisions and to change the cup back to a straight knockout. When we had 2 divisions the season just seemed to flow better and it was easier to keep track of which game number it was. IMO cups should be a knockout format, otherwise it's not a cup. If it has groups then it should be called a Trophy (like the EFL Trophy) or a league (like the Champions League). I think this season on here and in TDE I never played a full strength side in any of the group cup games. It's a format that I do not like.
  2. I've read through the comments and thought to myself are people making enough effort?? I have managed to develop at least 3 players that have come through my youth team and become 1st team players. It can be done if you put in the effort. Are the managers that don't bother sheeting for the under 23s writing match build ups and reports?? Getting credits by doing this will also help with developing players. I understand that for the top teams in the Prem this is more of an issue as the gap from u23s to 1st team is a lot wider but there is nothing stopping them from developing players and selling them on. As a side note, in CoE I try and make the top 3 divisions of u23s for teams whose managers regulary sheet to try and keep the competitive nature of the league and I also try and keep the divisions small with equal teams in them, although that is not always possible.
  3. I totally understand that and my post wasn't a dig at you. I asked on the WhatsApp group and even on there nobody confirmed whether I was getting a random or not. I wasn't sure myself until I read the match report and if I didn't know you definitely didn't know, which shouldn't be the case. There were other managers, that have had randoms themselves for inane reasons on more than one occasion, that questioned it. My point is that if a manager has a near 100/95% sheeting record then a random request should be considered differently to manager who doesn't sheet as consistently. Generally admin know the managers that will sheet every time and those that are less consistent.
  4. I chose options Don't allow after 6pm and notify opposing msnager as they seem to go together. One thing that I feel should also be considered is the sheeting record of the manager asking. For example I have an almost 100% sheeting record and probably have only missed 3 in 2 years on here, so if I ask for a random it should be clear that it is a last resort. I recently asked for a random on ESL ( I was actually playing David but didn't realise at the time) when I was in hospital. It was originally supposed to be a 4 hour appointment but turned into an overnight stay and as soon as I found that out I asked for random. Some questioned whether I should have a random (it was about lunchtime on the turn day) but I hadn't sheeted beforehand as I thought I would be home in time originally. It was the first time I'd asked for a random with about 90% sheeting record for my time in that game. I was a bit miffed it was questioned by some at the time as it was quote obvious it was a last resort. I hate playing Ts and I'm sure most managers do also. There is a difference between a manager regularly asking for a random and one who rarely does and that needs to be considered on my opinion.
  5. Derby wish to purchase an extra over aged/rated player slot please.
  6. Derby wish to purchase an under 23 scout for £5,000,000 credits.
  7. Derby purchase a senior scout for 7,500,000 credits.
  8. Derby purchase 1x Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD 7,500,000 credits 1 main added to P-E_Hojbjerg 23 den 2 11 25 14 22 610 707 277 244 please (P-E_Hojbjerg 23 den 2 11 26 14 22 610 707 277 244)
  9. Derby would like to buy 2 for Jordan_Brown 19 eng 1 13 24 3 23 300 344 670 413 (in u23 squad) to become Jordan_Brown 19 eng 1 13 26 3 23 300 344 670 413 (to go into seniors) Cost £15,000,000 credits
  10. Derby would like to purchase 3 of these for J_M-Lawson and increase his tackling. From J_M-Lawson 20 eng 1 5 22 5 23 300 724 481 409 to J_M-Lawson 20 eng 1 5 22 8 23 300 724 481 409 TOTAL COST £6,000,000
  11. Derby would like to purchase 2 of these and give them to O_Woods. He will go from O_Woods 18 eng 2 13 21 3 19 300 558 522 726 to O_Woods 18 eng 2 13 23 3 19 300 558 522 726 2 x 5,000,000 = £10,000,000
  12. Derby did ok last tiem so count them in.
  13. Do they get promoted automatically even if the u23s doesn't have any overage/rated players? U23 teams are allowed a max of 2 such players so if there a currently less than that is there an option to leave them in the u23s??
  14. Derby disappointing in the early encounters and looking for a big improvement.

  15. The Rams are off team building but the manager stays behind.

  16. Derby manager still tinkering with his squad with several players looking to be on the way out.

  17. Dealing Derby:  Quite a few new arrivals @TheRams and still more to come.

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