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  1. jason

    Tiger League: Manager Of The Month - March

    Thnx mate
  2. jason

    Tiger League: Manager Of The Month - March

    Can i have it on M_Icardi plz
  3. jason

    JET CUP (Season 11)

    Im in
  4. jason

    Round 15 Results

    Im coming for u ed mate lol
  5. jason

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Id like to apply for this team and to make my return
  6. jason

    Round 16 Results

    i hate this team dont know why they cant score for shit mun pissing me off
  7. jason

    Round 12 Results

    I think its time to call it a day on here now i think
  8. jason

    Round 2 Results

    Cant even beat a T ffs my team is shit
  9. jason

    Youth Abs Award

    1000 on H_Keto KAb 1000 on Z_Medley TAb 1000 on J_Benson PAb 1000 on E_Nketiah SAb 1000 on J_Beckford SAb
  10. jason

    LMA - Round 8

    Seattle Sounders FC
  11. jason

    LMS - Round 7

    New York Red Bulls
  12. jason

    LMS - Round 7

    LA Galaxy for me plz
  13. jason

    spurs swaps

    C_Ronaldo or A_Martial anything at arsenal mate
  14. jason

    Quarter Final Leg 2 Result

    Starting to hate this team cant score for shit
  15. jason

    Season 8 Captains - PICK NOW!

    arsenal picks E_Bailly