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  1. League Cup 1st Round Leg 2 West Ham United v Arsenal Sheffield United v Wolverhampton Wanderers
  2. The Season 16 Anglo-American Teams require caretakers please. Rules: 1: You can not apply for a team in same competition you are in should you be in one.(e.g. Liverpool are in Champs League so @Eduardo can't apply for a Champs League side) 2: If you fail to sheet for any round you will be sacked. Teams are: Anglo-American Champions League Seatle Sounders (sea) Monterrey (mon) Flamengo (fla) Boca Juniors (boc) Anglo-American Trophy Toronto FC (tor) Tijuana (tij) Club Athletico Paranaense (par) River Plate
  3. Hi William, Welcome back. You are the new Norwich manager. I will PM you shortly.
  4. Same as league match games. For prem read u23 prem and div 1 read u23 div 1 as well
  5. Draft opens tonight at 8pm.

  6. League Cup 1st Round Leg 1 Arsenal v West Ham United Wolverhampton Wanderers v Sheffield United
  7. David

    Champions Cup

    Saturday 26th September 2020 Venue: Anfield Manchester United versus Watford Sheets by 8pm
  8. 1: Sat 26/09 - Champions Cup 2: Wed 30/09 - League Cup Round 1 Leg 1 3: Sat 03/10 - Legaue Round 1 Division One 4: Wed 07/10 - League Cup Round 1 Leg 2 5: Sat 10/10 - League Round 2 Division One 6: Wed 14/10 - AAC/AAT Group Game 1 & League Round 3 Div 1 7: Sat 17/10 - League Round 1 Prem, Round 4 Div 1 8: Wed 21/10 - AAC/AAT Group Game 2 & League Round 5 Div 1 9: Sat 24/10 - League Round 2 Prem, Round 6 Div 1 10:Wed 28/10 - League Round 3 Prem, Round 7 Div 1 11:Sat 31/10 - AAC/AAT Group Game 3 & League Cup Round 2 Leg 1 12:Wed 04/11 - League Round 4 Prem, Round 8 Div 1 13:Sat 07
  9. Premier League Aston Villa - Alex Nock @Nocky Crystal Palace - Carlos Granados @eltpm25 Everton - David Gooch @David Leicester City - Will Schoolar @willz121 Liverpool - Thomas Edvardsen @Eduardo Manchester United - Tom Wright @Tom Newcastle United - Harry Klenjan @harry51 Preston North End - Neil Stockley @stocko74 Southampton - P.Alberti @Alberti Stoke City - Ryan Field @Ryanfield1 Tottenham Hotspur - David Hanna @David H Watford - William Doherty @BeDoZa Championship Arsenal - Lee Clark @Redblueeagle Bournemouth - Matt Collinson @Matt Brentfor
  10. NORWICH CITY Following their current manager's departure to new club Brentford, the Canaries are now on the look out for a new man at the helm. Currently they are financially sound with £154 million in the bank to invest in upgrading the squad. They need someone to build a team to get them up to the Premiership, which is a challenge for the right person. View their squad at Norwich Roster and their U23 squad at Norwich U23 Roster Their Finances can be viewed at Norwich City Finances Apply below with following details:- NAM
  11. Change 7 - New Member Shop Item. Following this being suggested by @Todd in a discussion earlier in season. It was put to Admin/Staff who agreed it as an item. From Season 16 teams will be able to buy a 3rd slot for over aged/rated players in the U23 team. This will be at a cost of F£5,000,000 credits.
  12. Below is the prize money earned this season. The sponsorship & TV money is for season 16 paid in advance of season. This will be added at the update at the weekend.
  13. Change 6 - New Scouting Changes. Admin have agreed the following changes to the senior scouting. We are removing 24 raters from scouting as no one requests them. We are introducing a new 28 (32 goalkeeper) rater for scouting. Their base price will be £120m We are also increasing the price on age to £5m per age below 25 as well. The minimum age for a senior scout remains 22 and no price increase in secondaries either. This change as we are at season end will be actioned as of now.
  14. Just to let you all know if you want to keep abreast of the pre-season and get to know when things are done and ready for managers input etc then join the WhatsAp group (if you haven't already) as I will post in there as we get sorted.
  15. The U23 rosters have been rerated for end of season 15. Captains have had their 500 abs removed as well. All U23 teams are now in their Season 16 division for viewing. The only problem is Bournemouth U23 @Neilr have only 19 players and will need to be at 20 before start of season 16. If you have any problem with your U23 rosters then PM me. Do not post in this thread.
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