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  1. Very unlucky Neil. To make the competition fair I have to give the unmanaged teams a random as giving T's would devalue it a bit.
  2. We Are Just Amateurs Challenge Cardiff Metropolitan University’s football team have been causing a stir in recent years, consistently finishing in mid-table in the Welsh top flight and, this season, winning a game in European club competition for the first time in 20 years. With the club prevented from moving beyond amateur status in Football Manager, it’s your challenge to manage the consistent player turnover and funnel their resources into a side capable of winning a maiden Cymru Premier title and making greater waves in Europe. Can you do it then? Remember this is just a bit of fun and hopefully if a few of us have a go we can see how we do against one another on a level playing field so to speak, Take charge of them and just load any UK leagues you want as let's face it you won’t be able to afford an Aguero or Kane. In the Welsh premier top goes to Champs League, 2nd & Welsh Cup Winners to Europa and then 3rd to 7th play off for a third Europa spot. Object is to win league within three seasons and points are as follows. Season 1: Win League = 20 points Second place = 12points Play off spot = 8pts Win Welsh Cup = 15pts Welsh Cup Runners Up = 10pts Welsh Cup Semi Finalist = 6pts Season 2: Win League = 12 points Second place = 8points Play off spot = 5pts Win Welsh Cup = 10pts Welsh Cup Runners Up = 6pts Welsh Cup Semi Finalist = 3pts Season 3: Win League = 8points Second place = 5points Play off spot = 3pts Win Welsh Cup = 6pts Welsh Cup Runners Up = 4pts Welsh Cup Semi Finalist = 2pts To enter send a screenshot of you taking control of the club. Entry gets you 5pts. Then screenshot the league table end of each season (19/20, 20/21 & 21/22) to get pts and screenshot Welsh Cup to show you in semi or final to obtain those points. We will keep a running score of the challenges we do for FM20 and see how everyone scores. Prizes for each challenge are 1st (most pts) = F£ 500,000 credits 2nd = F£250,000 credits All who enter get F£100,000 credits You can enter on any version of football manager you wish but remember to advise which on entry. Also if you enter an early version you need to remember that Cardiff Met did not get into the premier league until the 16/17 season.
  3. David

    Semi Final Draw

    Draw done in FMFA Chat group on facebook and numbers drawn by @Deefa Draw is: West Ham United U23 v Watford U23 Everton U23 v Bournemouth U23
  4. Anglo-American Champions League Semi-Final Leg 1 Tigres v Racing Club Atlanta United v Liverpool Anglo-American Trophy Semi-Final Leg 1 Rosario Central v Cruzeiro Club America v Portland Timbers FMFA League Cup SF Leg 1 To be announced Sheets by 8pm
  5. Round scores were: Dazoctaron 130pts (2 correct and 10 bonus pts) - F£500,000 winner Daniel 121pts (2 correct and 11 bonus pts) - F£250,000 winner Eltpm25 87pts (1 correct and 7 bonus pts) - F£100,000 winner BeDoZa 82pts (1 correct and 2 bonus pts) Harry51 & Lawro 77pts (1 correct and 7 bonus pts) Ruggy 72pts (1 correct and 2 bonus pts) Willz121 45pts (5 bonus pts) David 44pts (4 bonus pts) Eduard0 32pts (2 bonus pts) Overall Table is now
  6. Premier League Predictions Round 16 Ok this is another free fun game for managers and again the chance to get some credits as well so why wouldn't you? All you have to do is predict the scores of premiership games at the weekend. We will also keep score throughout and see just who is the king of the predictors. Bonus Points: Each round the games that will be shown live on TV will be marked. These are the bonus point games. Every correct score you get for either or both teams will earn you that score in bonus plus 1. For example for the opening game of the season which was Liverpool v Norwich. If you predicted 2-0 and then if Liverpool do score exactly 2 goals you get three bonus points, if Norwich don't score then you get 1 bonus point so if you got both right that is 4 bonus points. Round Winner gets F£500,000 credits, 2nd gets F£250,000 credits 3rd gets F£100,000 credits SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER Liverpool 12:30 Watford - TV Game on BT Sports Burnley 15:00 Newcastle United Chelsea 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Leicester City 15:00 Norwich City Sheffield United 15:00 Aston Villa Southampton 17:30 West Ham United - TV Game on Sky Sports SUNDAY 15TH DECEMBER Manchester United 14:00 Everton - TV Game on Sky Sports Wolverhampton Wanderers 14:00 Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal 16:30 Manchester City - TV Game on Sky Sports MONDAY 16TH DECEMBER Crystal Palace 19:45 Brighton & Hove Albion - TV Game on Sky Sports Please note that any prediction for a match must be in before that match kicks off. Any predictions entered for any match after kick off will be voided. @Eduardo @Dazoctaron @David @harry51 @willz121 @BeDoZa @Ruggy @wmcg16384 @Daniel @macca @eltpm25 @Neilr
  7. Matches and Stats Randoms Manchester United Racing Club (unmanaged) Sheet errors NONE
  8. Matches and Stats Random Request Burnley (unmanaged) Newcastle United Sheffield United Tottenham Hotspurs Wolverhampton Wanderers Missing Sheets NONE
  9. Matches and Stats Randoms Club America (unmanaged) Crystal Palace (unmanaged) Rosario Central Sheet Errors NONE
  10. @Eduardo Norwich would love Ejaria and will play in senior team. Guaranteed starter when fit etc.
  11. The final round of games and the only certain thing is that Palmeiros can't qualify for the semi's. So seven teams with something to play for and some better set than others. Group A Racing Club in poll spot but they are away to Atlanta but a draw may do as Villa would need to win by four clear goals minimum to go above them. A win of course and Racing cruise into the semis and as group winners. Second Place is currently Atlanta but hot their heals is both Villa and Everton. They need a win to be sure of going through. If they draw they let in Villa should they win but Everton would need to win by four clear goals to stand a chance. Villa in third then need to win first and foremost and then they will progress as if the other game is a draw or produces a winner then they will finish second. A draw and they need Racing to beat Atlanta by at least four goals. Everton are in the worst position but the games favour them in that the top two are playing each other. A win over Villa and a win for Racing and they will be second. A win for Atlanta or a draw and they need a miracle of goals. Group B Again the top two play each other but Liverpool are in the box seat in that they are pretty sure they are going through either first or second. A win or draw and they are through. Defeat though and it does let in Manchester United should they win. Tigres in second will be through with a win but a draw and then United would be back in with a win also. Of course should United lose to Palmeiros, who have nothing to lose, then United would only go through if Liverpool win by four goals or more.
  12. David

    League Match 18

    Premier League Chelsea v Arsenal Aston Villa v Everton Crystal Palace v Liverpool Leicester City v Newcastle United Manchester United v Sunderland Stoke City v Wolverhampton Wanderers Division One Norwich City v Southampton Derby County v Sheffield United Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur Burnley v West Ham United Manchester City v Watford Queens Park Rangers v Bournemouth U23 Premier League West_Ham_United_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Watford_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Southampton_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Everton_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Burnley_U23 U23 Division One Wolverhampton_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Brighton_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  13. Right then we have ten entries this time and four depart at first guess. Out with a loser or a team that drew go; @BeDoZa @Daniel @harry51 @Burrows Through though are; @Dazoctaron @David @Eduardo @Ruggy @eltpm25 @willz121 - can't use team already used! Fixtures are:- SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER Liverpool 12:30 Watford Burnley 15:00 Newcastle United Chelsea 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Leicester City 15:00 Norwich City Sheffield United 15:00 Aston Villa Southampton 17:30 West Ham United SUNDAY 15TH DECEMBER Manchester United 14:00 Everton Wolverhampton Wanderers 14:00 Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal 16:30 Manchester City MONDAY 16TH DECEMBER Crystal Palace 19:45 Brighton & Hove Albion
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