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  1. Right I have decided I want to get all this onto Word doc and Excel spreadsheets. Basically like the Man City pages. So I am starting again getting the Club Information, Club Honours and League History for all clubs right to start then I'll look at cup. Right done are: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brentford, Burnley
  2. FMFA Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Aston Villa Stoke City v Manchester City Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur Derby County v West Ham United Newcastle United v Norwich City Sheffield United v Liverpool Southampton v West Bromwich Albion Bournemouth v Everton Queens Park Rangers v Leicester City Chelsea v Brentford U23 Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Wolves U23 v Chelsea U23 Tottenham Hotspur U23 v Crystal Palace U23 West Bromwich U23 v Aston Villa U23 SouthamptonU23 v Burnley U23 Newcastle United U23
  3. Premier League (Round 10) Watford - Crystal_Palace Chelsea - Everton Newcastle_United - Tottenham_Hotspur Aston_Villa - Preston_North_End Leicester_City - Manchester_United Southampton - Liverpool Division One (Round 14) eeds_United - Norwich_City Derby_County - Wolverhampton_Wanderers Arsenal - Stoke_City Bournemouth - Sheffield_United West_Ham_United - Burnley Brentford - Queens_Park_Rangers West Bromwich_Albion - Manchester_City U23 Premier League (Round 10) Manchester_City_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 - Everton_U23
  4. David


    Yes please. I will set submitter up for you for next match.
  5. David


    For the time being as no one has come forward I will take on caretaker at Stoke City.
  6. Anglo-American Champions League Group Game 5 Group A Manchester United v Monterrey Everton v Flamengo Group B Aston Villa v Boca Juniors Liverpool v Seattle Sounders Anglo-American Trophy Group Game 5 Group A Leicester City v River Plate Burnley v Club Athletico Paranaese Group B Watford v Tijuana Preston North End v Toronto League Cup Quarter Final Leg 1 Norwich City v Bournemouth Arsenal v Newcastle United West Bromwich Albion
  7. For the two unmanaged clubs PNE - N Williams PSabs STOKE - J_Hallam SHabs
  8. As it is Black Friday and deals are supposedly a plenty in retailing etc. We decided we would join in. All Managers in the Black Friday FMFA Special get a free secondary upgrade by 1 on any U23 player. That is and player who qualifies as an U23 player so aged 23 or less and rated 24 (28 for keepers) or less. This event runs for 1 week so place the name of your player and the secondary you wish it on below before 1pm December 4th 2020 @Nocky @Jason Fortune @eltpm25 @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Alberti @David H @BeDoZa @Redblueeagle @Matt @Burrows @Dazoct
  9. We have decided to increase the credits. Firstly anything in the media section on the forum will now get 500,000 credits so you media stories and team post will get you more. Secondly the match build up for league matches has gone up to 250,000. So 8 match build ups or reports will net you £2m credits and that is enough to increase an u23 players secondary rating by 1. If it is a scout you are then 20 will do it. Remember the minimum league games is 22 games so 44 build-ups and reports available a season for league games. Hopefully this will help managers
  10. David


    We have had no applicants for the roles of manager for both Stoke & PNE That being the case we could do with caretakers to look after them in the interim until a manager comes in. PNE are Premier League so it would need to be a Division 1 manager. Stoke City are in Division 1 so it needs to be a Premier League Manager. Please apply below.
  11. Premier League (Round 9) Crystal_Palace - Chelsea Watford - Newcastle_United Everton - Aston_Villa Tottenham_Hotspur - Leicester_City Preston_North_End - Southampton Manchester_United - Liverpool Division One (Round 13) Norwich_City - Derby_County Leeds_United - Arsenal Wolverhampton_Wanderers - Bournemouth Stoke_City - West_Ham_United Sheffield_United - Brentford Burnley - West_Bromwich_Albion Queens_Park_Rangers - Manchester_City U23 Premier League (Round 9) Aston_Villa_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23 Manchester_City_U23 - Queens_Park_
  12. Premier League (Round Newcastle_United - Crystal_Palace Aston_Villa - Chelsea Leicester_City - Watford Southampton - Everton Liverpool - Tottenham_Hotspur Manchester_United - Preston_North_End Division One (Round 12) Arsenal - Norwich_City Bournemouth - Derby_County West_Ham_United - Leeds_United Brentford - Wolverhampton_Wanderers Wet_Bromwich_Albion - Stoke_City Manchester_City - Sheffield_United Queens_Park_Rangers - Burnley U23 Premier League (Round Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - West_Ham_United
  13. PRESTON NORTH END After sacking their current manager as they sit second bottom and in the relegation spots, Preston are now on the hunt for a replacement. They expect to be aiming for top 6 this season and are looking for a manger with ambition to take them there and beyond. The club has £73.5m in the bank to aid in any future transfers a new manager may look at. To view the current roster click HERE and for the U23 squad click HERE Finances can be viewed by clicking HERE As deadline has passed this is now an immediate appointment upon appli
  14. STOKE CITY Due to the sudden resignation of the Stoke manager the Division One club are now available to manage. You can view their current roster by clicking HERE and the U23 roster by clicking HERE They are currently sitting with £44m in the bank and their finance can be viewed by clicking HERE As deadline has passed this is now an immediate appointment upon application acceptance Apply below with; NAME: E-Mail ADDRESS: PREVIOUS ESMS EXPERIENCE (if any):
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