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  1. Welcome back Graham. Good to have you back. I will set you up as Burnley manager tomorrow as I'm tied up tonight.
  2. SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY Watford 1-1 Tottenham Hotspur Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield United Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 Aston Villa Manchester City 3-0 Crystal Palace Norwich City 1-0 AFC Bournemouth Southampton 2-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 1-1 Everton Newcastle United 1-2 Chelsea SUNDAY 19TH JANUARY Burnley 1-2 Leicester City Liverpool 3-1 Manchester United
  3. Interesting but it does highlight one other thing.....you must have a lot of time on your hands.
  4. You have thre over aged/rated players yst - C_N'Jie @eltpm25
  5. David

    Club Pages

    OK I am getting there slowly I have now completed up to and including Leicester City on the new format. With Leicester though I have added a separate Anglo History Page and will be going back to do those before with a separate page for it.
  6. Matches and Stats Random Request Sheffield United U23 Missing Sheet Arsenal_U23 Brighton U23 Chelsea_U23 Leicester City U23 Manchester_United_U23 Tottenham Hotspur U23 Wolverhampton_U23 Sheet Errors yas - C_Rowe is named twice in the team sheet yas - C_Karatas is named twice in the team sheet 2 errors so 442N given
  7. Matches and Stats Random Requests Burnley U23 (unamanged) Manchester City U23 Missing Sheets (442N) Crystal Palace U23 Queens Park Rangers U23 Southampton U23 Stoke City U23 Sheet Errors NONE
  8. matches and Stats Randoms Burnley - unmanaged Man City Missing (442T) QPR Sheffield United Sheet Errors NONE
  9. Thanks Neil but the deal done with Derby sorts Norwich out for now. I just want to get them streamlined a bit and sorted ready for next season for a new manager as it looks like @wmcg16384 might not be back any time soon. That said if you need a keeper say and we can sort.
  10. David

    Villa Duo

    I'll split it with you. How about £21m?
  11. David

    Semi Final Draw

    Draw done on facebook in FMFA Chat. Draw done by @Eduardo numbers sent to @Daniel for verification Semi-Final Draw is Newcastle United versus Derby County Liverpool v Bournemouth Semi-Finals to be played Sunday 26th January 2020.
  12. Anglo-American Champions League Final Racing Club or Tigres vs Liverpool or Atlanta United
  13. David

    FMFA Cup Final

    FMFA Cup Final Newcastle United or Derby County vs Liverpool or Bournemouth Sheets by 8pm
  14. Anglo-American Trophy Final Cruzeiro or Rosario Central vs Portland Timbers or Club America FMFA League Cup Final Derby County or Sheffield United vs Norwich City or Watford FMFA U23 Cup Final West Ham United U23 or Watford U23 v Everton U23 or Bournemouth U23 Sheets by 8pm
  15. Premier League Predictions Round 20 A free fun game for managers and again the chance to get some credits as well so why wouldn't you? All you have to do is predict the scores of premiership games at the weekend. We will also keep score throughout and see just who is the king of the predictors. Bonus Points: Each round the games that will be shown live on TV will be marked. These are the bonus point games. Every correct score you get for either or both teams will earn you that score in bonus plus 1. For example for the opening game of the season which was Liverpool v Norwich. If you predicted 2-0 and then if Liverpool do score exactly 2 goals you get three bonus points, if Norwich don't score then you get 1 bonus point so if you got both right that is 4 bonus points. Round Winner gets F£500,000 credits, 2nd gets F£250,000 credits 3rd gets F£100,000 credits SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY Watford 12:30 Tottenham Hotspur - TV Game on BT Sports Arsenal 15:00 Sheffield United Brighton & Hove Albion 15:00 Aston Villa Manchester City 15:00 Crystal Palace Norwich City 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Southampton 15:00 Wolverhampton Wanderers West Ham United 15:00 Everton Newcastle United 17:30 Chelsea - TV Game on Sky Sports SUNDAY 19TH JANUARY Burnley 14:00 Leicester City - TV Game on Sky Sports Liverpool 16:30 Manchester United - TV Game on Sky Sports Please note that any prediction for a match must be in before that match kicks off. Any predictions entered for any match after kick off will be voided. @David @Eduardo @harry51 @Dazoctaron @BeDoZa @willz121 @Daniel @Ruggy @eltpm25 @wmcg16384 @Pezza @macca @Neilr @Haches @David @Eduardo @harry51 @Dazoctaron @BeDoZa @willz121 @Daniel @Ruggy @eltpm25 @wmcg16384 @Pezza @macca @Neilr
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