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Status Updates posted by David

  1. U23 Cup Group Draw has taken place. Details of groups and fixtures on U23 Cup Board

  2. League Cup Quarter Final draw has been made. 

  3. League Cup Draw made. 14 teams bye to round 2 and 4 teams into round 1. 


  4. Have a really good Christmas and New Year guys. And stay safe.

  5. Draft opens tonight at 8pm.

  6. Newcastle and Bournemoth please get your senior roster to 30 players or less please. You are currently over 

  7. We have had 5 different champions in 6 seasons in U23's so it is more competitive than main leagues. 

    U23's are staying Neil. There will be things to develop the teams coming. 

  8. yes you can Neil. If you want to field 11 at 100 fitness you can it would be a 3-4-3 formation but you have the fit players for that.

    1. stocko74


      cant play 3 4 3 away from home i will get hammered BUT dont hve much choice do i 

  9. After a poor league season the Everton board are sticking with Gooch as manager after he lifted the Anglo-American and reached the Cup final.

  10. Everton board considering sacking their most successful manager after run of bad league results. Rumours from Goodison is if they fail to qualify in Anglo American for knockouts he is out.


  11. Everton move to get young Attacking Midfielder to build team for future due to ageing midfield.

  12. Gooch claims Mason couldn't tip rubbish let alone pick a winner in a league well above his standard.

  13. Ten man Everton very unlucky to lose to a poor Spurs side. The better team lost and but for the red card we could have won this.

  14. Please note that Daniel is now running the FMFA Cup as Chelsea are no longer in the competition.

  15. Calendar done for April without Youth Games as don't know what Daniel is sorting there.

  16. Cup Games are up

  17. Thanks guys all cup sheets are in. Will run games now.

  18. If your putting Youth League back Daniel you will need to adjust the calendar so we know when you are running them from now.

  19. Tiger Round 13 results are up and rosters updated

  20. All Wolf Sheets in early so games run and round 13 is up and rosters updated.

  21. Tiger round 12 is up and all rosters updated

  22. Wolf round 12 is up as all have sheeted.

  23. That's because Youth round 2 is next Wednesday.

  24. Quarter Final Leg 2 is up


  25. Last Man Standing Round 6 updated. 4 players left in.

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