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  1. Final Games are on 17th and 19th July 2019. WEDNESDAY 17TH JULY 3rd/4th PLAY OFF Tunisia 20:00 Nigeria FRIDAY 19th JULY FINAL Senegal 20:00 Algeria Please note that any prediction for a match MUST be in before that match kicks off. Any predictions entered for any match after kick off will be voided. @BeDoZa @Daniel @David @Eduardo @GaryG @Neilr
  2. Results were: 1: David 50pts (1 exact score) 2: BeDoZa 40pts (1) 3: Eduardo 10pts 4: NeilR 0pts Overall Table Name Total Pts correct scores David 470 6 GaryG 440 7 Neil R 380 6 BeDoZa 380 4 Eduard0 370 4 Daniel 340 3
  3. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Arsenal, Leicester, Man Utd, Sunderland, Tottenham, Wolves Sheet Errors NONE
  4. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets QPR & Southampton - 442N given Stoke Random request Sheet Errors yne - M_Longstaff is injured for the game.
  5. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Stoke - Random requested Sheet Errors NONE
  6. SUNDAY 14TH JULY SEMI-FINAL Senegal 2-1 Tunisia Algeria 2-1 Nigeria
  7. Semi Final Games are from 14th July 2019.SUNDAY 14TH JULYSEMI-FINALSenegal 17:00 TunisiaAlgeria 20:00 NigeriaPlease note that any prediction for a match MUST be in before that match kicks off. Any predictions entered for any match after kick off will be voided. Entry maybe on this thread or via e-mail to info@extremefootballforum.com @Daniel @BeDoZa @GaryG @Neilr @Eduardo
  8. Round scores were: GaryG, David, NeilR & Daniel 60pts (1) - All share 1st & 2nd and get F£187500 each. BeDoza 20pts Eduardo 10pts Overall Table is GaryG 440 7 Darlington 420 5 Neil R 380 6 Eduard0 360 4 BeDoZa 340 3 Daniel 340 3
  9. David

    Spot Auction 2

    Well now can be either as his real name is what I have used. He is also known by yours. I am happy to change it when the transfer is done.
  10. Manchester United 1 - 3 Everton Get in what a result for us. Sorry @Tom I sat on this and wondered what to do then thought well he went A and it worked lets try it so we did what you did to you if you like. But for you you doing it in our last game and I was at a loss on what to do I'd have never tried it. The question now is can we hang on to it in the second leg.
  11. David

    Spot Auction 2

    The FMFA are offering for auction the following player; Casimiro 27 bra 1 14 25 5 27 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 The Minimum Bid for this player is £40,000,000 after which bid increments of £1,000,000 will only be accepted. This Auction will open at 12.00pm on Thursday 11th July 2019 and run at least until 12.00pm Sunday 14th July 2019. After this time if there have been no bids for 24 hours then the last bid will win. This means it will close at 12.00pm on Sunday 7th July if the last bid is over 24 hours old otherwise it will 24 hours after the last bid. All teams may bid except Newcastle @harry51 as they won a spot auction.
  12. Man Utd v Everton Not sure on this at all. Games against Utd have gone both ways this season and they won the last. Hopefully it will be our turn again but ultimately I just hope if we lose it is just a goal so we are in the tie for the second leg.
  13. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE
  14. QUARTER-FINALWEDNESDAY 10TH JULYSenegal 2-1 BeninNigeria 2-1 South AfricaTHURSDAY 11TH JULYIvory Coast 2-0 AlgeriaMadagascar 1-2 Tunisia
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