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  1. David


    Hi @Tom you can not demote him as you already have an overaged/rated player in the squad. M_Willock
  2. Updated after Match 17 with 1 game to go. Champions still to be decided which can only be Bournemouth or West Ham and 3 play off spots available with 5 teams in the hunt. Fixtures are:- Chelsea_U21s - Arsenal_U21s Manchester_United_U21s - Aston_Villa_U21s Tottenham_Hotspur_U21s - Bournemouth_U21s Wolverhampton_U21s - Crystal_Palace_U21s West_Ham_United_U21s - Sunderland_U21s
  3. Updated after match 17. 4 teams in the relegation mix going into the final game and the fixtures are: Newcastle_United_U21s - Everton_U21s Southampton_U21s - Leicester_City_U21s Watford_U21s - Manchester_City_U21s
  4. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Arsenal, Chelsea - T Given Randoms - Man Utd, Wolves Sheet Errors NONE
  5. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Man City, Stoke - T given Southampton - random Sheet Errors NONE
  6. David

    Round 17 Results

    Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Man City - T Given Southampton, Wolves - Randoms Sheet Errors NONE
  7. David

    What Is Left To Decide

    We are left with two games left but what is left to decide.....Plenty. Premier League Champions: Liverpool Anglo- American Trophy Qualification (4 places): Qualified - Liverpool, Everton. Still can qualify: Manchester Utd, Crystal Palace, Leicester City, Newcastle Utd, Arsenal and Sunderland. Relegation: Two go down but 5 still in the mix. Queens Park Rangers, Burnley, Sunderland, Arsenal & Newcastle Utd Newcastle are all but safe as to go down Burnley need to win both games and get a big turn round in goal difference. A point saves the Toon mathematically. Arsenal as well need just two points to be certain of staying up and as they play Burnley if they don't lose that game they are safe. Division One Champions: Chelsea or Watford Chelsea need just one point to be crowned Champions. Play-Offs: Guaranteed Place - Chelsea if not crowned Champions are in and will be second in league. Watford are definitely in unless they win both games and Chelsea lose both then they will be champions. In The Hunt: Aston Villa, Manchester City, stoke City, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur . With Stoke City playing Wolves that knocks West Ham out of the race as a draw means they can't reach Stoke in the last spot and should Stoke lose then they can't catch Wolves who would then be in the last play off spot. Wooden Spoon: Southampton & Bournemouth. Southampton will finish bottom if Bournemouth pick up a point in their final two games or Saints drop any points.
  8. Fixtures for this round are: Friday 15th February 19:45 QPR 0-2 Watford Saturday 16th February 2019 15:00 Brighton 1-2 Derby 15:00 Wimbledon 1-2 Millwall 17:30 Newport 0-5 Manchester City Sunday 17th February 2019 13:00 Bristol City 1-2 Wolves 16:00 Doncaster 1-2 Crystal Pal 16:00 Swansea 1-2 Brentford Monday 11th February 2019 19:30 Chelsea 1-1 Manchester U
  9. David


    After the vote on non-sheeting the majority of managers have selected a 442N. From next season non sheeting will result in the team receiving a 442N sheet. I am sure you are all aware but in case, please realise that if you want to develop players then it is far better to sheet.
  10. David

    Youth League Sheeting Vote

    Right I have closed the poll as we have had the vast majority vote now. There is a clear winner and next season non sheeting will result in the team getting a 442N.
  11. Don't forget @BeDoZa @GaryG @Aldridge @harry51 @macca @Daniel @Neilr @Burrows to get your predictions in as it is Cup this weekend and no prem games.
  12. Results on this round: Firstly everbody got 10pts bonus on Man City game except Lawro who got 20pts (10pts bonus off both games) Lawro 160pts (2 exact scores) Harry51 130pts (2) - $500,000 winner David 120pts (2) - $250,000 winner Neilr & Eduardo 90pts (1) BeDoZa 80pts Overall Table 1: Harry51 2105pts (29 exact scores) 2: David 2070pts (26) 3: Lawro 1980pts (23) 4: NeilR 1895pts (19) 5: Eduardo 1740pts (17) 6: macca 1070pts (9) 7: GaryG 760pts (9) 8: Daniel 575pts (4) 9: willz 345pts (3) 10: BeDoZa 260pts (2) - Up 2 11: Graham 330pts (2) - Down 1 12: BantamHD 260pts (3) - Down 1
  13. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors qpr - M_Perin doesn't exist in the roster file. mnu - Ureadable penalty kick taker.
  14. Everyone is back in to enter. The rules are: You have to select a team to win, a draw or loss and your out. If your team wins then you then pick again but you can't pick a team you have previously used in the round. This season as last we will score you, so you get a point for a correct guess and $100,000 to credit fund and 1 bonus point for the last man standing each round. The Last man Standing will then get $500,000 to credit fund for winning the round. The overall season winner will get a 18 rated youth player (they can choose position). Second will get £5,000,000 to finances. Free to enter so what you got to lose people. @BantamHD @stocko74 @GaryG @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Joe @Tony @Nocky @Neilr @Aldridge @Deefa @Burrows @BeDoZa @Daniel @macca @ThisBitchBites Only 8 fixtures due to Carabao Cup Final Friday 22nd February 2019 19:45 Cardiff v Watford 19:45 West Ham Utd v Fulham Saturday 23rd February 2019 12:30 Burnley v Tottenham 15:00 Bournemouth v Wolves 15:00 Newcastle v Huddersfield 17:30 Leicester v Crystal Pal Sunday 24th February 2019 14:05 Arsenal v Southampton 16:00 Manchester United v Liverpool