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  1. The Members Shop provides a range of items for managers to buy for the Senior Team and the U23 team


    Items Available will be listed in the relevant section (Senior or U23) in the shop. Please read these items before you decide to purchase as they will have specific instructions with regard to that item including the cost to you and if you need to PM and member of the team for your item.


    Once you have read and decided to purchase an item then start a post in the Purchases Requested section stating item and what is required if necessary. Please set it as your team and the type of purchase.

    For Example. Everton <<>> U23 Scout.


    Once your purchase has been actioned it will be moved to the Purchases Actioned section.


    A List of what items have been purchased for Season 18 by teams can be found in a separate thread in this section

  2. Premier League

    Arsenal - Lee Clark @Redblueeagle

    Aston Villa - Alex Nock @Nocky

    Burnley - Aaron Burrows @Burrows

    Chelsea - Jason Fortune @Jason Fortune
    Everton - David Gooch @David

    Leeds United - Daniel Mason @Daniel
    Leicester City - Will Schoolar @willz121
    Liverpool - Thomas Edvardsen @Eduardo
    Manchester United - Tom Wright @Tom
    Sheffield United - Todd Fortune @Todd
    Tottenham Hotspur - David Hanna @David H
    Watford - William Doherty @BeDoZa



    Bournemouth - Matt Collisson @Matt
    Brentford - Neil Stockley @stocko74

    Brighton - Graham Brown @Graham
    Crystal Palace -  VACANT
    Derby County - Darren Lear @Dazoctaron
    Manchester City - Derek Purvis @Deefa

    Newcastle United - Harry Klenjan @harry51
    Norwich City - @Tony McCleary

    Queens Park Rangers - Joe Brown @Joe

    Southampton - P.Alberti @Alberti

    Stoke City - VACANT
    West Bromwich Albion - Neil Rowley @Neilr

    West Ham United - Mike McLeod @macca
    Wolverhampton Wanderers - Holly Mason @ThisBitchBites


    To PM a manager just click the @ name above and then choose message on the profile name..

    All teams marked VACANT can be applied for in the relevant thread in the job centre

  3. After a vote by managers it was decided that the U23's was still wanted but somethings needed changing.

    We hope we have listened and the changes below will go some way to helping resolve the issues managers had.


    The U23's will change back to 2 division and U23 Cup will stay in current format with groups at start - This was the majority decision voted for by managers.



    Managers said that there were too many players that they had that were deadwood and sat doing nothing with no hope of development.

    To help this we have announced in Season 18 Changes that the age limit for FMFA Sales will reduce to allow both 20 raters to be sold and 20 year olds as well (current season 17 limit is 21 rated and 21 year olds)


    Player Development

    Manager felt it was hard to get players developed who would make the senior teams.

    To help this the following changes will come in for season 18.


    1) Playing an U23 Player in the Senior Team.

    In order to help develop those promoted to senior teams we will be giving abs to the player based on the minutes they play in the senior team.

    The player must be aged 23 or below and rated 25 or 26 on their main skill.

    Then every minute they play will earn abs as below:

    2000+ mins = 2000 abs 

    1500-2000 mins = 1500 abs

    1000-1500 mins = 1000 abs

    500-1000 mins = 500 abs

    Players only earn the minutes towards abs while they are U23 and 26 rated or less and played in a senior game.


    That means as an example a 26 rater could become a 28 rater with those abs if they are played.  

    It is up to the manager to decide if they want to develop the players by playing them or not?


    2) Increase secondaries you can buy in member shop from 6 to 8 in a season.

    The same restrictions apply to this in that most on a player is 3 but the extra gives chance to develop a player further in the U23's.

    The cost of one secondary will remain at current price of 2,000,000 credits.


    3) Sheeting bonus of credits.

     If you sheet all for 50- 75% of games then you get 5,000,000 enough to say to add one on a main on a player

     If you sheet for 75% to 99% of games then you get £7,500,000 credits, enough say to buy a promoted player 1 rating increase

     If you sheet for 100% of games then you get £15,000,000 credits enough say to pay for promoted player 2 rating increase


    4) Loan players out for season and get abs on them

    Loan an U23 player out for the season and they get abs.

    Half a season = 500 abs and Full Season = 1000abs.

    This will be a new item in the shop and costs to be decided.


    5) There will be no capping on prize abs awarded

    This means you can add the abs on the player you wish to a maximum of 1000 on main and 1000 on secondary.

    Please remember though if the abs added makes them a 25 rater then they will be promoted to senior side.


    On top of the above you still have available in the Shop


    where you can up the main skill on any U23 player up to a 24 rating max. You can buy 2 of these a season

    B) Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD

    Increase the main skill on a promoted player. You can buy 3 a season and max you can add is 2 to a player taking them to a 27 rater.

    C) Play a 19 rater or below for 60mins in an u23 game and get abs.

    This will change back to 50abs for each game due to increase in games next season. Once re-rates are done a review will take place to see if needs changing to 20rater or less.


    The admin team hope you will agree that we have taken on board what managers have said and the above will go some way to giving managers the chance to develop players.



    @Nocky @Matt @Burrows @Jason Fortune @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @David H @BeDoZa @macca @Redblueeagle @stocko74 @Graham @Dazoctaron @Daniel @Deefa @Tony McCleary @Joe @Todd @Alberti @Neilr @ThisBitchBites


  4. Everton 2 - 0 Liverpool


    At last, I was beginning to think my luck was out this season and we were going to be close on a number of fronts and win nowt.

    A brace by Mateta in the first half sorted this one for us and we saw it home as Liverpool hits us and tried to get a goal.


    Great to win it this season after last years final defeat.

    Unlucky @Eduardo, great game as ever.

  5. 1) Changes to FMFA Sales to allow greater sales of unused players

    From next season 26 raters can be sold to FMFA also 20 raters and 20 year olds.



    GK 24/Outfield 20: Price = £ 5.00m

    GK 25/Outfield 21: Price = £ 8.00m

    GK 26/Outfield 22: Price = £10.00m 
    GK 27/Outfield 23: Price = £15.00m 
    GK 28/Outfield 24: Price = £20.00m 

    GK 29/Outfield 25: Price = £25.00m

    GK 30/Outfield 26: Price = £30.00m



    U23 ONLY 

    GK 21/Outfield 17: Price = £2.00m

    GK 22/Outfield 18: Price = £3.00m  
    GK 23/Outfield 19: Price = £6.00m 
    GK 24/Outfield 20: Price = £8.00m  
    GK 25/Outfield 21: Price = £12.00m 


    GK 26/Outfield 22: Price = £15.00m 
    GK 27/Outfield 23: Price = £25.00m 
    GK 28/Outfield 24: Price = £35.00m 

    GK 29/Outfield 25: Price = £40.00m 

    GK 30/Outfield 26: Price = £45.00m 


    2) Change To Random Requests


    a) No Random Requests will be accepted after 6pm on a gameday.

    b) No more than 3 random requests per manager allowed in a season.

    c) Managers to be informed of any random requests and so any agreed requests will be posted in FMFA WhatsApp group chat (you can join on this link https://chat.whatsapp.com/HYOHNMtuvc81KRYVXEkRHb ) and in chat on the forum.


    Other items will be added if and when any are agreed.

  6. Right in order to revert back to two Divisions, Admin have agreed on the following:


    Play-Offs will continue and the winners along with the two automatically promoted sides in Division 1 & 2 will go into the Prem for next season along with the top 6 in this seasons Prem.

    The reason for this is they will have earned promotion this season and it would be wrong to take that away from them.

    That will then give the 12 teams in the Prem.

    The remaining 14 will be in Division One.



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  7. 1398058696_CrystalPalace.jpg.d44823d091264ddd90062fbdcb173c11.jpg





    Division One Crystal Palace are again on the lookout for a manger after sudden sacking.

    They finished with a poor season and our on the look out for someone to revive their fortunes.

    Their current senior team can be viewed by Clicking Here 


    Their U23 youth structure is sound but are looking to get the team into the U23 Premiership

    Their U23 team can be viewed by Clicking Here


    Team Finance can be viewed by Clicking Here  (they will have season 17 prize monies to come)


    To Apply please respond below with:

    1) Your Name

    2) Email Address

    3) Previous ESMS Experience (if any)




    Note if a current FMFA manager gets the job he will receive a 5,000,000 credit bonus for taking them on and their current team will receive £5,000,0000 compensation to finances

  8. Bournemouth 4 - 1 Everton


    Well and truly beaten. The sending off for us on 38 mins didn't help our cause at all but we were being beaten by then.

    It certainly left us with too big a mountain and opened the door for Burnley to get back top and take the title.


    Well done @Burrows on the title, thoroughly deserved. 

    Such a great season this time to get a new winner and see dominant Liverpool who have won it 5 in the last 6 seasons not even make top 4.

    Man U who are usually a strong outfit finishing 7th.

    Villa who are a stalwart of making the top 4 and Champs League over last few seasons were vying to stay up and avoid relegation and finished 4th bottom.

    It shows that every team has a chance if they stick at it and you can do better than you think.


    Thanks to @Nocky for running the last round for me and to all the managers for a great season and hopefully another one like it next season.

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  9. S

















    Everton U23s 0 - 1 Aston Villa U23s


    Firstly congrats to @Nocky and Villa U23's on the title. The team who have been up there for half the season at the top deserved the title. Well played.


    As for this game we were undone with the sending off on 34 mins. All even until then and match could still have gone either way but with 10 v 11 it is a mountain to climb when playing a strong side.

    We will try to bounce back in the Cup final but will have to settle on 3rd for this season.

  10. Wolverhampton U23s 0 - 1 Everton U23s


    A crying shame that a semi-finalist chose not to sheet for both legs. 

    It left us knowing what was coming in 442N and so based our tactic on that.


    We achieved two 1-0 wins and make a final but I feel Wolves have missed a big opportunity to make a cup final and handed me a final spot on a plate.

    We may have got there had they sheeted of course but we may not have. 

    We will move on to the final knowing full well that @Nocky will sheet with Villa and it is always tough against them and could go to either team.

  11. On 9/18/2021 at 3:09 PM, Dazoctaron said:

    IMO cups should be a knockout format, otherwise it's not a cup. If it has groups then it should be called a Trophy (like the EFL Trophy) or a league (like the Champions League).

    I think this season on here and in TDE I never played a full strength side in any of the group cup games. It's a format that I do not like.


    Name surely doesn't matter but if majority like the groups we can call it Trophy instead of Cup it is only a name at end of the day.

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