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  1. Matches and Stats Random Requests Southampton_U23 Missing Sheets (442N) Burnley_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Sheet Errors yst: F_Pereira doesn't exist in the roster file. ycr: M_Funnel is suspended for the game. ycr: O_O'Dwyer is suspended for the game. ycr two errors so 442N given.
  2. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets (442N) Burnley Norwich City Random Requests Southampton Sheet Errors der: C_MacDonald is suspended for the game
  3. Yep ok post it up. Yes I'll go with that. You gonna post up.
  4. October Manager of the Month The full table showing all who have entered (not just on here is) Well done @Neilr who is October Manager of the Month and wins F£250,000
  5. FRIDAY 8TH NOVEMBER Norwich City 2-0 Watford SATURDAY 9TH NOVEMBER Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace Burnley 2-1 West Ham United Newcastle United 1-1 AFC Bournemouth Southampton 1-1 Everton Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 Sheffield United Leicester City 3-1 Arsenal SUNDAY 10TH NOVEMBER Manchester United 2-1 Brighton & Hove Albion Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Aston Villa Liverpool 2-3 Manchester City
  6. You and Me both. God knows what happened but defence of our title looks nigh on a lost cause. We now need wins from the last two games as a minimum.
  7. Ok then what are you offering for say P_Roberts 22 eng 2 3 23 11 25 300 606 246 634
  8. Premier League Arsenal v Sunderland Wolverhampton Wanderers v Newcastle United Stoke City v Liverpool Manchester United v Everton Leicester City v Chelsea Crystal Palace v Aston Villa Division One Southampton v Watford Bournemouth v West Ham United Queens Park Rangers v Tottenham Hotspur Manchester City v Sheffield United Burnley v Norwich City Brighton v Derby County U23 Premier League Bournemouth_U23 v Everton_U23 Burnley_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Southampton_U23 v Watford_U23 U23 Division One Arsenal_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Brighton_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  9. Premier League Newcastle United v Arsenal Liverpool v Sunderland Everton v Wolverhampton Wanderers Chelsea v Stoke City Aston Villa v Manchester United Crystal Palace v Leicester City Division One West Ham United v Southampton Tottenham Hotspur v Watford Sheffield United v Bournemouth Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers Derby County v Manchester City Brighton v Burnley U23 Premier League Manchester_City_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Everton_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Burnley_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Watford_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Southampton_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 U23 Division One Leicester_City_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Brighton_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  10. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets Burnley Randoms Southampton Sheet Errors nor - P_Hiese doesn't exist in the roster file. qpr - N_Keita is injured for the game der - C_MacDonald is named twice in the team sheet shu - B_Osborn is named twice in the team sheet.
  11. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE
  12. Matches and Stats Randoms Arsenal - requested Club America - unmanaged Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE
  13. The winning numbers were: 02 - 20 - 39 - 44 - 48 and Lucky Stars were 05 & 07 Winning Teams Premiership : 05 - Aston Villa @Nocky Division One : 07 - Manchester City @Deefa Prizes 02 - 100SH abs on U23 Forward 20 - 100PS abs on U23 Midfielder 39 - 25ST abs on Senior Goalkeeper 44 - 50TK abs on Senior Defender 48 - 25SH abs on Senior Forward Winning Managers should state below which prize they wish from the above (only 1) and if it is an abs prize the player and the abs type to add it to. Prizes MUST BE claimed by 8.00pm on Tuesday 12th November 2019 or they will be forfeited.
  14. @harry51 & @willz121 This transfer is cancelled and can not take place. Newcastle already have two loans out K_Coman to Brighton and Y_Mutu to Sheffield United and are at the maximum of two allowed.
  15. I know we are not half way through this season but we like to keep you informed and also always looking at ideas and things to improve the game, freshen it up etc. That said please remember this is not a dictatorship and if any managers have any ideas or concerns regarding the game then please do contact me @David or @Daniel and let us know. Believe me some managers do and they know we do listen and will change things where we are wrong or it is a good idea. Anyway back to Season 15. We will be changing the format of the FMFA Cup from next season. It is currently a one leg tie and the 8 teams who qualify for Anglo competitions get a bye to the second round. It has been bugging me that maybe this isn't a fair way. So from next season all teams are in the draw for the first round but 8 will get a bye and that is any team. Secondly the competition will change to two legged ties so both teams will have a home tie and home advantage for one game. That will be all rounds bar the final which will remain a one leg tie on a neutral ground with no home advantage. As when any more changes are sorted and made definite we will post in here.
  16. Everton U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Tricky tie against Palace over two legs...never easy. Would have preferred to have home leg second but that is the luck of the draw. We face them at home first so will need to get a good win out of it to take it to their place.
  17. Hi Will, As you didn't come back I sold him to FMFA sales so is on unattched list. I can loan you M_Virtanen 20 fin 2 2 2 22 19 300 439 694 587 instead if you need a loan. If you want him post it up.
  18. Everton v Atlanta United Round 4 and after half the games it is tight. While we are second in table at moment we have Villa right behind us just a point behind. We need to get a good result here to keep us well in the hunt to qualify for the semi's. We played Atlanta in the reverse last group game and scraped a one nil win. They will be wanting revenge for that defeat as well so we will need to be wary of them. B Mendy in defence will be out for this game as he is suspended for the game.
  19. Right October is over and the Manager of the Month Result is (top 5): @willz121 304pts (4 correct scores) - F£500,000 winner @harry51 265pts (3) - F£250,000 winner @Ruggy 234pts (3) @BeDoZa 220pts (3) @Eduardo 210pts (3)
  20. Premier League Predictions Round 12 Each round the games that will be shown live on TV will be marked. These are the bonus point games. Every correct score you get for either or both teams will earn you that score in bonus plus 1. For example for the opening game of the season which was Liverpool v Norwich. If you predicted 2-0 and then if Liverpool do score exactly 2 goals you get three bonus points, if Norwich don't score then you get 1 bonus point so if you got both right that is 4 bonus points. Round Winner gets F£500,000, 2nd gets F£250,000 3rd gets F£100,000 FRIDAY 8TH NOVEMBER Norwich City 20:00 Watford - TV Game on Sky Sports SATURDAY 9TH NOVEMBER Chelsea 12:30 Crystal Palace - TV Game on BT Sports Burnley 15:00 West Ham United Newcastle United 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Southampton 15:00 Everton Tottenham Hotspur 15:00 Sheffield United Leicester City 17:30 Arsenal - TV Game on Sky Sports SUNDAY 10TH NOVEMBER Manchester United 14:00 Brighton & Hove Albion Wolverhampton Wanderers 14:00 Aston Villa - TV Game on Sky Sports Liverpool 16:30 Manchester City - TV Game on Sky Sports Please note that any prediction for a match must be in before that match kicks off. Any predictions entered for any match after kick off will be voided. Entry may be on this thread or by mail (with your predictions) to premiership@extremefootballforum.com @Eduardo @harry51 @Dazoctaron @willz121 @David @BeDoZa @wmcg16384 @Ruggy @Daniel @macca @Neilr @eltpm25 @Graham
  21. Ok then the results on this round are: Ruggy 148pts (2 exact scores & 8 bonus pts) - F£500,000 winner Eltpm25 128pts (2 exact score and 8 bonus pts) - F£250,000 winner David 99pts (1 exact score and 9 bonus pts) - F£100,000 winner Willz121 82pts (1 exact score and 2 bonus pts) Ruggy 80pts (1 exact score and 10 bonus pts) Lawro & Harry 77pts ((1 exact score and 2 bonus pts) BeDoZa 75pts (1 exact score and 5 bonus pts) wmcg16384 54pts (4 bonus pts) Dazoctaron 52pts (2 bonus pts) Eduardo 36pts (6 bonus pts) Overall table is 1
  22. Table says you have three of them this season in the league and you are only 1 point of second place. Not as bad as you think it is.
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