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  1. The calendar for season 14 is below. The pre-season Auction and pre-season Jet cup will be prior to this. Sun 22nd Sep: Champions Cup Wed 25th Sep: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 1/FMFA U23 Cup Round 1 Leg 1 Sun 29th Sep: League Match 1 Wed 2nd Oct: League Match 2 Sun 6th Oct: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 2/FMFA U23 Cup Round 1 Leg 2 Wed 9th Oct: League Match 3 Sun 13th Oct: League Match 4 Wed 16th Oct: FMFA Cup Round 1/FMFA U23 Cup Round 2 Leg 1 Sun 20th Oct: League Match 5 Wed 23rd Oct: League Match 6 Sun 27th Oct: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 3/FMFA League Cup Round 1 Leg 1/FMFA U23 Cup Round 2 Leg 2 Wed 30th Oct: League Match 7 Sun 3rd Nov: League Match 8 Wed 6th Nov: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 4/FMFA League Cup Round 1 Leg 2/FMFA U23 Cup QF Leg 1 Sun 10th Nov: League Match 9 Wed 13th Nov: League Match 10 Sun 17th Nov: FMFA Cup Round 2/FMFA U23 Cup QF Leg 2 Wed 20th Nov: League Match 11 Sun 24th Nov: League Match 12 Wed 27th Nov: League Match 13 Sun 1st Dec: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 5/FMFA League Cup QF Leg 1 Wed 4th Dec: League Match 14 Sun 8th Dec: League Match 15 Wed 11th Dec: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Group Match 6/FMFA League Cup QF Leg 2 Sun 15th Dec: League Match 16 Wed 18th Dec: FMFA Cup Round QF/FMFA U23 Cup SF Leg 1 Sun 22nd Dec: League Match 17 XMAS BREAK (25th/29th & 1stJan) Sun 5th Jan: League Match 18 Wed 8th Jan: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Semi-Final Leg 1/FMFA League Cup SF Leg 1 Sun 12th Jan: League Match 19 Wed 15th Jan: League Match 20 Sun 19th Jan: Anglo-American Champions League/Anglo-American Trophy Semi-Final Leg 2/FMFA League Cup SF Leg 2 Wed 22nd Jan: League Match 21 Sun 26th Jan: FMFA Cup Round SF/FMFA U23 Cup SF Leg 2 Wed 29th Jan: 2nd Feb: League Match 22 Sun 2nd Feb: Division 1 Play-Off Semi Finals Leg 1 Wed 5th Feb: Division 1 Play-Off Semi Finals Leg 2 Sun 9th Feb: Division 1 Play-Off Final Wed 12th Feb: FMFA League Cup Final & U23 Cup Final Sun 16th Feb: Anglo-American Trophy Final Wed 19th Feb: FMFA Cup Final Sun 23rd Feb: Anglo-American Champions League Final
  2. U23 Cup Rules 1) The U23 Cup is a cup competition for all current U23 teams on FMFA in Premier League and Division One 2) The competition will be a straight knockout competition over two legs for all rounds except the final. Away goals will count if teams are level after two legs and then extra-time and penalties if required to decide a winner. 3) All rounds apart from the final will have home advantage for the home team and the final will be on a neutral ground with no home advantage. 4) Current holders will automatically get a bye into Round Two. 5) Sheeting is not mandatory for U23 games and 442N will be given for any missing sheets. U23 Format Round One: Bottom four teams in last season's U23 Premiership and all U23 Division One. If current holders are not in top eight of premiership then next lowest team in the premiership will replace them in round one as holders get a bye to round two. Round Two: The eight winners from round One plus top eight teams in the U23 premiership from last season. Quarter Final: The eight winners from round Two Semi-Final: The four winners from the Quarter Finals Final: The semi-final winners The cup remains two legs with away goals counting if needed after two legs. If still level then extra time and penalties. Final will be held on a neutral venue, usually last year's winners unless they are in the final.
  3. 1. Bournemouth_U23 v Burnley_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Everton_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Southampton_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Watford_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 2. Crystal_Palace_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Burnley_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Everton_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Southampton_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Watford_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 3. Bournemouth_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Southampton_U23 v Burnley_U23 Watford_U23 v Everton_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 4. Newcastle_United_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Southampton_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Watford_U23 Burnley_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Everton_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 5. Bournemouth_U23 v Southampton_U23 Watford_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Burnley_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Everton_U23 6. Watford_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Southampton_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Burnley_U23 v Everton_U23 7. Bournemouth_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Watford_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Southampton_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Everton_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Burnley_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 8. Stoke_City_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Watford_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Southampton_U23 v Everton_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Burnley_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 9. Bournemouth_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Everton_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Burnley_U23 v Watford_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Southampton_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 10. Manchester_City_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Everton_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Burnley_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Watford_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Southampton_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 11. Bournemouth_U23 v Everton_U23 Burnley_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Southampton_U23 v Watford_U23 12. Burnley_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Everton_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Southampton_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Watford_U23 13. Bournemouth_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Burnley_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Everton_U23 Southampton_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Watford_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 14. Liverpool_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Burnley_U23 v Southampton_U23 Everton_U23 v Watford_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 15. Bournemouth_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Southampton_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Watford_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Burnley_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Everton_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 16. Southampton_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Watford_U23 Liverpool_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Burnley_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Everton_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 17. Bournemouth_U23 v Watford_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Southampton_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Everton_U23 v Burnley_U23 18. West_Ham_United_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Watford_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Southampton_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Everton_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Burnley_U23 19. Bournemouth_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Watford_U23 Everton_U23 v Southampton_U23 Burnley_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Liverpool_U23 20. Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Everton_U23 Watford_U23 v Burnley_U23 Southampton_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Liverpool_U23 21. Bournemouth_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Everton_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Burnley_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Watford_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Southampton_U23 22. Everton_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Burnley_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Liverpool_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Watford_U23 v Southampton_U23
  4. 1. Arsenal_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Brighton_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 2. Brighton_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 3. Arsenal_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Brighton_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 4. Manchester_United_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Brighton_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 5. Arsenal_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Brighton_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Chelsea_U23 6. Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Brighton_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Chelsea_U23 7. Arsenal_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Brighton_U23 8. Sunderland_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Brighton_U23 9. Arsenal_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Brighton_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 10. Leicester_City_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Brighton_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 11. Arsenal_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Brighton_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 12. Aston_Villa_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Brighton_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 13. Arsenal_U23 v Brighton_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Sunderland_U23 14. Derby_County_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Brighton_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Sunderland_U23 15. Arsenal_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Brighton_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 16. Sheffield_United_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Brighton_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 17. Arsenal_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Brighton_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 18. Wolverhampton_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Brighton_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 19. Arsenal_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Brighton_U23 v Derby_County_U23 20. Norwich_City_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 v Brighton_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Derby_County_U23 21. Arsenal_U23 v Leicester_City_U23 Chelsea_U23 v Norwich_City_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Sunderland_U23 Brighton_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Derby_County_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Manchester_United_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 22. Chelsea_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Brighton_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23
  5. The following teams are not at the minimum 20 players in the squad and need to rectify prior to the start of season 14. Leicester_City_U23 (19 players) @willz121 Stoke_City_U23 (19 players) @Burrows
  6. David

    Final Reaction

    Now this is what I expected in the Anglo cup. Taking them the distance but winning. Unfortunately this time it came down to pens and they were clinical and we let one slip. Nice to take them this close though and not get stuffed in the final by them. Disappointed not to have won this time. Well played @Eduardo
  7. After Anglo-America Final this is now sorted Anglo-American Champions League Season 14: Liverpool, Manchester United, Aston Villa & Everton (qualify as holders) Anglo-American Trophy Leicester City (FMFA League Cup Winners) Sunderland & Crystal Palace Arsenal (qualify as FMFA Cup winners are in Champions League)
  8. David

    FMFA Cup Final

    FMFA Cup Final Everton vs Liverpool Venue: Stadium of Light Sheets by 8pm
  9. Wow, can't believe we have won it. Liverpool have been such a force this season. In honesty I packed the midfield hoping to keep Liverpool at bay and maybe nick a goal or take it to ET and pens and hope it went our way. In the end it worked for us with the shots and Mirallas was a revelation. Those two early goals sure helped but boy that was a nervy second half after they scored.
  10. Match and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE
  11. Match and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE
  12. SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST Arsenal 3-1 Burnley - TV Game on BT Sports Aston Villa 1-1 AFC Bournemouth Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1 West Ham United Everton 2-0 Watford Norwich City 1-2 Newcastle United Southampton 1-3 Liverpool Manchester City 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur - TV Game on Sky Sports SUNDAY 18TH AUGUST Sheffield United 1-1 Crystal Palace - TV Game on Sky Sports Chelsea 2-1 Leicester City - TV Game on Sky Sports MONDAY 19TH AUGUST Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-2 Manchester United - TV Game on Sky Sports
  13. David


    CHELSEA Current Chelsea manager has had to resign due to current impending family and work and as a result they need a new manager. The board are looking for a manager to get them into the Anglo-American Trophy or Champions League so a top half finish. Current Roster is at Chelsea Roster Current U23 roster is at Chelsea U23 Roster Finances are at Finances Applications will close in 4 days (as per current FMFA Rules) at 3.00pm on Tuesday 20th August 2019 To apply please post below stating Name: E-Mail: ESMS Experience:
  14. David

    U23 Cup Final Result

    I see where you are coming from Ed in that Harry sheeted and does most if not all rounds but we did have a vote on this and the vote was sheeting is not mandatory and 442N would be given. Even though it pains me as well we have to accept that 442N is a valid option and with the team they had Southampton knocked all aside before them and nearly did in the final as well.
  15. Anglo-American Trophy Final Everton vs Liverpool (Sun 18th Aug 2019 at Neutral Venue, Wembley) Sheets by 8pm
  16. Division 1 Play-Off Final Tottenham Hotspur v Wolverhampton Wanderers (Held at Neutral Venue: Stamford Bridge) Sheets by 8pm
  17. U23 Division 1 Play-Off Final Arsenal U23 v West Ham United U23 (played on neutral venue, Anfield) Sheets by 8pm
  18. New Records S13 U23 Division One Most League Points - (Watford 39 pts) Least League Points - Chelsea (8 pts) Most Goals Scored - Watford (40 goals) Most Goals Conceded - Chelsea (47 goals) Most League Wins equalled - Watford (12 wins) Thomas Edvardsen equal most successful youth manager with 3 wins Liverpool equal most successful youth team with 3 wins
  19. Match and Stats Missing Sheets Southampton U23 - 442N given Sheet Errors NONE
  20. Right just so teams are aware this is who has qualified and still to sort: Anglo-American Champions League Season 14 Qualified: Liverpool, Manchester United and Aston Villa As Everton are in the current season's final, if they win that then they qualify as winners to defend the title. This would mean Sunderland would drop to Anglo-AmericanTrophy. Should Everton lose then Sunderland qualify for the Anglo-American Champions League Anglo-American Trophy Season 14 Qualified: Leicester City (FMFA League Cup Winners), Crystal Palace (5th In League) Still to sort: Sunderland or Arsenal will qualify by league position depending on outcome of current season Anglo final. If Everton win it then Sunderland will qualify but if not then Arsenal will qualify and Sunderland will be in the Champions League. The winner of the FMFA Cup qualifies which is Liverpool or Everton. If Liverpool win it then next in the league qualifies instead however If Everton win the current Anglo-American Trophy then it will be Arsenal. If not it would be Everton on league place. If Everton win the FMFA Cup and win the Anglo-American then they go into Champions League and Arsenal will qualify.
  21. The FIRST ROUND of Premier League Last Man Standing Rules: You pick a team to win. If they win you are still in if they lose or draw you are out. If you pick a team that won you pick again but you can't use a team you have already used. We continue until one last person is left in and they win the round and the pot. The pot each round is F£1,000,000 and we also give everyone F£100,000 for each time they pick a winner, so everyone has a chance to get something. The first fixtures this round to pick your winner are: SATURDAY 17TH AUGUST Arsenal 12:30 Burnley Aston Villa 15:00 AFC Bournemouth Brighton & Hove Albion 15:00 West Ham United Everton 15:00 Watford Norwich City15:00 Newcastle United Southampton 15:00 Liverpool Manchester City 17:30 Tottenham Hotspur SUNDAY 18TH AUGUST Sheffield United 14:00 Crystal Palace Chelsea 16:30 Leicester City MONDAY 19TH AUGUST Wolverhampton Wanderers 20:00 Manchester United @Jason Fortune @Nocky @Graham @willz121 @Eduardo @Tom @harry51 @Tony @Joe @Nocky @Neilr @GaryG @Deefa @Rivaldo10 @Burrows @Daniel @BeDoZa @macca @ThisBitchBites @Pezza @Dazoctaron
  22. Matches and Stats Missing Sheets NONE Sheet Errors NONE Well played to the finalists. Congratulations to the winner and commiserations to the runner-up.
  23. Ok then that has done it as I'm out leaving @BeDoZa as last man standing and collecting the £1,000,000 pot. Prizes this round are @BeDoZa - F£ 1,200,000 @David - F£100,000 Everyone else did not get a correct guess Final MLS last man standing table is @David - 6pts @Ryanfield1 - 5pts @Daniel & @BeDoZa - 3pts @macca - 2pts @GaryG - 1pts @harry51 @Neilr @willz121 @Graham -0pts
  24. Please note that as per current FMFA rules any new club on the game will receive their current players at the club and so any players on the game will have their name changed at the current club Those affected from the four new teams are: Bournemouth @Neilr - A Knockaert will become P Billing Bournemouth - L Mousset will become M Ndjoli Watford @BeDoZa - M_Aarons will become D Quinga
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