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  1. Round 2 of Auction closed at 3.00pm as all bids were in
  2. Round 2 Auction Opens at 12.00pm All clubs who haven't won a player in round 1 can bid.
  3. Round 1 Auction closes at 12.00pm
  4. Play at least one 19 rated player (23 rated keeper) or less in your starting eleven for 60 mins or more in a league game and it will earn the U23 team a 100 ab bonus per league game. That means as there are 16 games in Div 1 & Div 2 you could get 1600abs bonus in season 17 or for the Prem it will be 1400abs bonus if you do it every match. 60 mins can be one player outright or a combination of more than one eg. 2 at 30mins each qualifies.
  5. Anglo-American Champions League Group A Manchester United v Flamengo Everton v Boca Juniors Group B Aston Villa v Columbus Crew Liverpool v Monterrey Anglo-American Trophy Group A Tottenham Hotspur v Palmeiras Leicester City v Seattle Sounders Group B Arsenal v River Plate Watford v Tijuana Division One Derby County v Brighton Leeds United v Manchester City Wolverhampton Wanderers v Southampton Norwich City v Stoke_City Crystal Palace v Sheffield United West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers Arsenal v Brentford U23 Cup Group A Southampton U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Leeds United U23 v Everton U23 Group B Newcastle United U23 v Norwich U23 Tottenham Hotspur U23 v Liverpool U23 Group C Manchester City U23 v Stoke City U23 West Bromwich U23 v Arsenal U23 Group D Manchester United U23 v QPR U23 v Wolves U23 v Burnley U23 Group E Brighton U23 v Derby County U23 West Ham United U23 v Aston Villa U23 Group F Brentford U23 v Chelsea U23 Watford U23 v Leicester City U23
  6. Champions Cup Final Liverpool versus Watford (League Champions) (FMFA Cup Winners)
  7. There is a requirement for teams to have a minimum of 20 players in a squad and no more than 30 and MUST be within limits by start of season on 24th April 2021. If not rules will cut in and the required number of players WILL be sold to FMFA sales or auctioned and as per guidelines the club will only get 50% of the value for teams over. Teams under will have required players added temporarily at a cost of £2m/week per player until they have sorted. Teams over 30 and it might be wise to consider getting this down sooner than later especially if you are thinking of adding from the auction etc. TEAMS IN BREACH ARE Senior Teams Bournemouth 36 players @Matt Chelsea 36 Players @Jason Fortune Newcastle 36 players @harry51 Sheffield United 35 players @Todd Wolverhampton W 34players @ThisBitchBites Norwich City - unmanaged I will sort QPR 31 players @Joe u23 teams Aston Villa U23 19players @Nocky Watford U23 19players @BeDoZa Newcastle U23 17players @harry51
  8. @RossG @BeDoZa The only players that qualify for the Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD are players that have been promoted on reaching the rating to make them go to seniors which is 25 for outfield player and 29 for goalkeeper. He can not be used on a player rated 24 that is still eligible to play in the U23s as Pemberton is. It was brought in as numerous managers mentioned that when players go up at 25 rating they sit on the bench or don't get played as not good enough for seniors. We only allow 3 stat increases per season increase on promoted players as in real life not all players make it senior teams. As Pemberton is still able to play in u23s you can move him back or if you leave in seniors when he reaches 25 rating he will be eligible for the Promoted U23 Player to SENIOR SQUAD but not before.
  9. No its me Ed. I did upgrade. Then like a burk saw it was you and uploaded liv roster not bournemouth who you loaned him too. I will upload correct one after my tea.
  10. Division One Brighton v Leeds United Derby County v Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City v Norwich City Southampton v Crystal Palace Stoke_City v West Bromwich Albion Sheffield United v Arsenal Queens Park Rangers v Brentford U23 Cup: Group A Everton U23 v Southampton U23 Crystal Palace U23 v Leeds United U23 Group B Liverpool U23 v Newcastle United U23 Norwich City U23 v Tottenham Hotspur U23 Group C Arsenal U23 v Manchester City U23 Stoke City U23 v West Bromwich U23 Group D Burnley U23 v Manchester United U23 QPR U23 v Wolves U23 Group E Aston Villa U23 v Brighton U23 Bournemouth U23 v West Ham United U23 Group F Leicester City U23 v Brentford U23 Sheffield United U23 v Watford U23
  11. Sorry @RossG can't do that. As the item says max a player in u23's can go to is 24.
  12. Sorry @Dazoctaron you have to wait until they are promoted and at rating 25, then you can take to 26 or 27.
  13. @David Premier League, Anglo-American Trophy & All U23 Competitions @Nocky Division One & FMFA League Cup @Daniel Anglo-American Champions League & FMFA Cup.
  14. Below is the calendar for Season 17. Please remember that the U23's has split into three divisions and the U23 cup has changed which means U23 league games are fewer but cup games have increased.
  15. Everton would like to buy 2 and put them on D_Cal-Lewin Cost £15,000,000 credits
  16. Auction Round 1 opens at 12.00pm Closes Monday 12th st 12.00pm
  17. This item will allow you to increase the rating on a promoted U23 player by 1 on the Main Skill. COST: F£7,500,000 Credits YOU MAY ONLY USE 3 IN A SEASON You may only use this on a player who is aged 23 or less and has a rating of 29 for Goalkeeper or 25 for Outfield Player . You may only increase the rating by a maximum of 2 taking a player to 31 for Goalkeeper or 27 for Outfield Player and if you increase by 2 you will need to have bought two of this item. The maximum a player will be once added will be 27 rated with 300 abs on main, so if he starts at 25 700abs he won't go to 27 700 but 27 300. If you do increase one player by 2 then you will then only have 1 left to use in a season and so increase a player to 30 for Goalkeeper or 26 for Outfield player. You may use all three during the season to increase 3 players by 1 or 1 player by 2 and another by 1. When you buy this item YOU MUST post in Purchases Requested stating how many of the item you wish and which player it is to go on. eg. Two purchased to go on Joe Bloggs or One purchased to go on Joe Bloggs. nb. The player MUST be in your SENIOR TEAM roster. They will be actioned weekly with the transfers and the credits will be removed before the item is actioned.
  18. The season is now complete and below is the prize money for Season 16
  19. Season 17 American Teams for Anglo Tournaments The America teams in for Season 17 are: Champions League USA - Columbus Crew Mexico - Monterrey Brazil - Flamengo Argentina - Boca Juniors Anglo Trophy USA - Seattle Sounders Mexico - Tijuana Brazil - Palmeiras (Flamengo did double so cup runners up take the spot) Argentina - River Plate
  20. End of Season so players that have retired in real life will be removed from the game and their respective clubs. M_Vorm (PNE) - @eltpm25 R_Vlaar (NOR) - @BeDoZa W_Rooney (LEI) - @willz121 A_Schurrle (LEI) - @willz121 S_Wagner (DER) - @Dazoctaron If you know of any others then let us know.
  21. Transfers and FMFA Sales suspend while end of season updates and new FMFA Sales rates etc are updated. Will reopen once done for pre-season.
  22. West Ham now done
  23. West Brom is done now
  24. Done right down to Watford now. Just have West Brom West Ham, & Wolves to sort
  25. 7. Changes to Scouting Due to 25 raters now been able to be bought and sold to FMFA they will be removed from scouting. Instead we will now introduce 29 rating for scouting. The cost of scouting will rise to F£7,500,000 credits. Also as it was thought they were high in cost the price of the scouts will be lowered and from season 17 will be (before age & secondaries added); 26 rater - £60,000,000 27 rater - £80,000,000 28 rater - £100,000,000 29 rater - £130,000,000
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