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  1. 6. Change to Over/Rated Player rule from Season 17 You’re allowed 2 overage / over rated players. Over age still counts as 1 whatever the age. Over rated counts as 1 per level they are above. So if you want to play a 26r outfielder you can - but that’s both your slots used up and you can’t have any others.
  2. 5. Change to FMFA Sales (Sales & Buying) From next season we will be altering it to allow 21 raters to be sold at a base price of £8.00m 25 raters to be both bought and sold. Buying base will be £40m and selling £25m) The prices for ages and secondaries will remain unchanged.
  3. FMFA Cup Final Final at Wembley Burnley v Watford U23 Cup Final Final at Goodison Park Aston Villa U23 v Leicester City U23
  4. Play Off Final West Ham United vs Derby County U23 Play Off Final Manchester United U23 vs Burnley U23
  5. Premier League (Round 22) Everton - Crystal_Palace Watford - Tottenham_Hotspur Chelsea - Preston_North_End Newcastle_United - Manchester_United Aston_Villa - Liverpool Leicester_City - Southampton Division One (Round 26) Derby_County - Norwich_City Arsenal - Leeds_United Bournemouth - Wolverhampton_Wanderers West_Ham_United - Stoke_City Brentford - Sheffield_United West_Bromwich_Albion - Burnley Manchester_City - Queens_Park_Rangers U23 Premier League (Round 22) Everton_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 Manchester_City_U23 - Sheffield_United_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 - Watford_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 - Liverpool_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - Stoke_City_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 - Newcastle_United_U23 U23 Division One (Round 26) Southampton_U23 - Leicester_City_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 - Brentford_U23 Norwich_City_U23 - Burnley_U23 Chelsea_U23 - Manchester_United_U23 Preston_North_End_U23 - West_Bromwich_U23 Leeds_United_U23 - Arsenal_U23 Derby_County_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23
  6. Premier League (Round 21) Crystal_Palace - Watford Everton - Chelsea Tottenham_Hotspur - Newcastle_United Preston_North_End - Aston_Villa Manchester_United - Leicester_City Liverpool - Southampton Division One (Round 25) Norwich_City - Arsenal Derby_County - Bournemouth Leeds_United - West_Ham_United Wolverhampton_Wanderers - Brentford Stoke_City - West_Bromwich_Albion Sheffield_United - Manchester_City Burnley - Queens_Park_Rangers U23 Premier League (Round 21) Aston_Villa_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 Everton_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 - Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Watford_U23 - Bournemouth_U23 Liverpool_U23 - Crystal_Palace_U23 Stoke_City_U23 - Newcastle_United_U23 U23 Division One (Round 25) Leicester_City_U23 - Wolverhampton_U23 Southampton_U23 - Norwich_City_U23 Brentford_U23 - Chelsea_U23 Burnley_U23 - Preston_North_End_U23 Manchester_United_U23 - Leeds_United_U23 West_Bromwich_U23 - Derby_County_U23 Arsenal_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23
  7. 4. Players Promoted From U23 to Senior Squad Admin have agreed that from next season we will introduce a new shop item for promoted U23 players that will allow up to 1 added to the main stat. This can be used on an U23 player (so age 23 or less) who has now reached the rating for promotion, so 25 for outfield player and 29 for goalkeeper). you can then during a season make 1 player a 27rated outfield player (31keeper) and 1 26 rated (30 keeper) or can have 3 players increase by 1 to 26rater (30 keeper). A team will be allowed to buy a maximum of three of these a season. Due to this new item the current shop item of Increase an U23 players Main Stat by 1 will now alter to be allowed only on players rated 23 and below. Cost of this item will be £7.5m credits. We have done this as there was a consensus that the gap for these players going up can be big and so they don't get used but become wasted squad fillers a lot of the time. This will allow the chance to make 1 or 2 of these players better and the chance for them to get played.
  8. Just to keep people updated. With 4 games left... Teams definitely in Prem next season are Liverpool U23, Leicester U23, Sheffield Utd U23, Aston Villa U23, Newcastle u23 Everton U23 Southampton u23, Burnley U23 ( @Eduardo @willz121 @Todd @Nocky @harry51 @David @Alberti @Burrows) Teams definitely in Division One are Watford u23, Bournemouth u23, Crystal Palace U23West Ham U23, Man City U23, Stoke City U23, QPR U23 Arsenal U23 Man Utd U23 ( @macca @Deefa @harry51 @Joe @Redblueeagle @BeDoZa @Matt @Redblueeagle @Tom) Teams definitely in Division Two are Leeds United U23, Chelsea U23, Brentford U23, Tottenham U23, Wolverhampton U23, PNE U23, Norwich U23, WBA U23, Derby U23 ( @Daniel @Jason Fortune @eltpm25 @David H @ThisBitchBites @william84 @Neilr @Dazoctaron)
  9. Anglo-American Champions League Final Venue: Anfield Everton vs Aston Villa
  10. OK then Manchester United, Newcastle, Norwich & Preston League History all done now.
  11. Premier League (Round 20) Chelsea - Crystal_Palace Newcastle_United - Watford Aston_Villa - Everton Leicester_City - Tottenham_Hotspur Southampton - Preston_North_End Liverpool - Manchester_United Division One (Round 24) Bournemouth - Norwich_City West_Ham_United - Arsenal Brentford - Derby_County West_Bromwich_Albion - Leeds_United Manchester_City - Wolverhampton_Wanderers Queens_Park_Rangers - Stoke_City Burnley - Sheffield_United U23 Premier League (Round 20) West_Ham_United_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - Everton_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 - Sheffield_United_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 - Watford_U23 Stoke_City_U23 - Liverpool_U23 U23 Division One (Round 24) Norwich_City_U23 - Leicester_City_U23 Chelsea_U23 - Wolverhampton_U23 Preston_North_End_U23 - Southampton_U23 Leeds_United_U23 - Brentford_U23 Derby_County_U23 - Burnley_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 - Manchester_United_U23 Arsenal_U23 - West_Bromwich_U23
  12. 3. Players Allowed in U23 At the moment any over rated player can be put in the U23's so long as they don't making the starting 442 formation of the senior team. From Season 17 this will be changing to 442 formation plus 1 sub in each position so in effect 553. If the player is one of the top 5 senior defenders or midfielders or top 3 strikers then they are not allowed in U23s as an over rated player or over aged player.
  13. Premier League (Round 19) Crystal_Palace - Newcastle_United Chelsea - Aston_Villa Watford - Leicester_City Everton - Southampton Tottenham_Hotspur - Liverpool Preston_North_End - Manchester_United Division One (Round 23) Norwich_City - West_Ham_United Bournemouth - Brentford Arsenal - West_Bromwich_Albion Derby_County - Manchester_City Leeds_United - Queens_Park_Rangers Wolverhampton_Wanderers - Burnley Stoke_City - Sheffield_United U23 Premier League (Round 19) Aston_Villa_U23 - Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 - Bournemouth_U23 Manchester_City_U23 - Crystal_Palace_U23 Everton_U23 - Newcastle_United_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 - Stoke_City_U23 Watford_U23 - Liverpool_U23 U23 Division One (Round 23) Leicester_City_U23 - Chelsea_U23 Norwich_City_U23 - Preston_North_End_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 - Leeds_United_U23 Southampton_U23 - Derby_County_U23 Brentford_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Burnley_U23 - Arsenal_U23 Manchester_United_U23 - West_Bromwich_U23
  14. Premier League (Round 18) Aston_Villa - Crystal_Palace Leicester_City - Newcastle_United Southampton - Chelsea Liverpool - Watford Manchester_United - Everton Preston_North_End - Tottenham_Hotspur Division One (Round 22) Brentford - Norwich_City West_Bromwich_Albion - West_Ham_United Manchester_City - Bournemouth Queens_Park_Rangers - Arsenal Burnley - Derby_County Sheffield_United - Leeds_United Stoke_City - Wolverhampton_Wanderers U23 Premier League (Round 18) Bournemouth_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 - Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23 Stoke_City_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 Liverpool_U23 - Everton_U23 Watford_U23 - Sheffield_United_U23 U23 Division One (Round 22) Preston_North_End_U23 - Leicester_City_U23 Leeds_United_U23 - Chelsea_U23 Derby_County_U23 - Norwich_City_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 - Wolverhampton_U23 Arsenal_U23 - Southampton_U23 West_Bromwich_U23 - Brentford_U23 Manchester_United_U23 - Burnley_U23
  15. Premier League (Round 17) Crystal_Palace - Leicester_City Aston_Villa - Southampton Newcastle_United - Liverpool Chelsea - Manchester_United Watford - Preston_North_End Everton - Tottenham_Hotspur Division One (Round 21) Norwich_City - Wet_Bromwich_Albion Brentford - Manchester_City West_Ham_United - Queens_Park_Rangers Bournemouth - Burnley Arsenal - Sheffield_United Derby_County - Stoke_City Leeds_United - Wolverhampton_Wanderers U23 Premier League (Round 17) Aston_Villa_U23 - Crystal_Palace_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - Newcastle_United_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 - Stoke_City_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 - Liverpool_U23 Manchester_City_U23 - Watford_U23 Everton_U23 - Sheffield_United_U23 U23 Division One (Round 21) Leicester_City_U23 - Leeds_United_U23 Preston_North_End_U23 - Derby_County_U23 Chelsea_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Norwich_City_U23 - Arsenal_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 - West_Bromwich_U23 Southampton_U23 - Manchester_United_U23 Brentford_U23 - Burnley_U23
  16. Play Off Semi Final Leg 2 Arsenal v Derby West Ham United v Sheffield United U23 Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Arsenal U23 v Manchester United U23 Burnley U23 v Derby County U23
  17. Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Derby v Arsenal Sheffield United v West Ham United U23 Play Off Semi Final Leg 1 Manchester United U23 v Arsenal U23 Derby County U23 v Burnley U23
  18. FMFA Cup Semi Final Leg 2 Leeds United vs Burnley Watford vs Arsenal U23 Cup Semi Final Leg 2 Aston Villa U23s vs Watford U23s Liverpool U23s vs Leicester City U23s
  19. FMFA Cup Semi Final Leg 1 Burnley vs Leeds United Arsenal vs Watford U23 Cup Semi Final Leg 1 Watford U23s vs Aston Villa U23s Leicester City U23s vs Liverpool U23s
  20. FMFA Cup Quarter Final Leg 2 Watford (0) vs (0) West Bromwich Albion Burnley (3) vs (1) Derby Leeds United (2) vs (0) Stoke City Everton (1) vs (2) Arsenal U23 Cup Quarter Final Leg 2 Southampton U23 (1) vs (2) Watford U23 Leicester City U23 (1) vs (2) Sheffield Utd U23 Aston Villa U23 (0) vs (3) Chelsea U23 Newcastle Utd U23 (0) vs (2) Liverpool U23
  21. League Cup Final Saturday 13th February at Turf Moor Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur Anglo-American Trophy Final Saturday 13th February at Century Link_Field Toronto FC vs Watford
  22. Premier League (Round 16) Southampton - Crystal_Palace Liverpool - Leicester_City Manchester_United - Aston_Villa Preston_North_End - Newcastle_United Tottenham_Hotspur - Chelsea Everton - Watford Division One (Round 20) Manchester_City - Norwich_City Queens_Park_Rangers - West_Bromwich_Albion Burnley - Brentford Sheffield_United - West_Ham_United Stoke_City - Bournemouth Wolverhampton_Wanderers - Arsenal Leeds_United - Derby_County U23 Premier League (Round 16) Newcastle_United_U23 - Aston_Villa_U23 Stoke_City_U23 - Crystal_Palace_U23 Liverpool_U23 - Bournemouth_U23 Watford_U23 - Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Sheffield_United_U23 - West_Ham_United_U23 Everton_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 U23 Division One (Round 20) Derby_County_U23 - Leicester_City_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 - Leeds_United_U23 Arsenal_U23 - Preston_North_End_U23 West_Bromwich_U23 - Chelsea_U23 Manchester_United_U23 - Norwich_City_U23 Burnley_U23 - Wolverhampton_U23 Brentford_U23 - Southampton_U23
  23. In order to keep FMFA running as the game we all know and love we are bringing on board a new Admin. This is because with lockdown and COVID-19, Daniel has been tied up at home and having to do home schooling and other stuff and last year saw me have the shock of my life when I collapsed and they discovered a heart valve problem. It has been resolved but you just don't know what may happen in the future so it is wise to have another person on the Admin team. It also shares the load as all the stuff on here does take up time. Anyway to that end Nocky @Nocky is coming on board as Admin. He will take over the running of Division One games and the FMFA cup as he is out and I am still in the competition.
  24. Premier League (Round 15) Crystal_Palace - Liverpool Southampton - Manchester_United Leicester_City - Preston_North_End Aston_Villa - Tottenham_Hotspur Newcastle_United - Everton Chelsea - Watford Division One (Round 19) Norwich_City - Wolverhampton_Wanderers Stoke_City - Leeds_United Sheffield_United - Derby_County Burnley - Arsenal Queens_Park_Rangers - Bournemouth Manchester_City - West_Ham_United Wet_Bromwich_Albion - Brentford U23 Premier League (Round 15) Aston_Villa_U23 - Stoke_City_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 - Liverpool_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 - Watford_U23 Bournemouth_U23 - Sheffield_United_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 - Everton_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 - Manchester_City_U23 U23 Division One (Round 19) Leicester_City_U23 - Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Derby_County_U23 - Arsenal_U23 Leeds_United_U23 - West_Bromwich_U23 Preston_North_End_U23 - Manchester_United_U23 Chelsea_U23 - Burnley_U23 Norwich_City_U23 - Brentford_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 - Southampton_U23
  25. Ok I am done now upto and including Manchester City on the League History, Club Info & Club History
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