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  1. i do like the u23s to develop my players but like others have said i have players in my team i cant use to high for the unders but 2 low for the 1st team plus it annoys me when i spend my time sheeting other managers dont bother then you go and lose so at this current format no i wouldnt like to keep it
  2. brentford would like to convert 10,000,000 to 10 mil pounds please
  3. brentford would liike to purchase a u23 scout at the cost of 5000 credits
  4. Brentford - Manchester City a massive game and a very hard game against another team who is much better then us but my new signing is finally here and ready to make his debut so lets give them a game at least
  5. How much for your youth players

  6. How much for your 2 youth players



  7. brentford would like to exchange 30,0000 credits to 30 mil pounds
  8. Brentford - Crystal Palace another hammering wonderful
  9. Sorry to here this everything takes a back burner when it comes to your health take it easy and hope your back on your feet soon and we can all chip in on this site to keep it going if you want that but whatever happens your health is the number 1 priority
  10. preston spend a whopping 100 mil bringing micheal keane to the club preston means business this season 

  11. loving the new look fmfa nice and fresh 

  12. 3 in and 3 out at preston before the season has even finished 

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