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  1. YDL League One Play Off Leg 2 Sunderland U21s [1] vs [0] Manchester Utd U21s. Crystal Palace U21s [1] vs [1] Leicester City U21s Sheets by 8pm
  2. Southampton (1) vs Stoke City (0) Burnley (2) vs Chelsea (2) Sheets by 8pm
  3. stocko74

    Tottenham Hotspur

    I don't think this was advertised long enough
  4. stocko74

    Play Off Leg 1 Results

    Chelsea 2 - 2 Burnley P_Dybala (9) C_Woods (48,54) L_Messi (48) happy with this score line going 2 0 down and bringing the game back to 2 all gives us a chance in the 2nd leg we were probably lucky with the 2nd goal but you need luck sometimes but chelsea will still be the favourites looking at there team but you never know
  5. stocko74

    Play Off Leg 1 Results

    S P O I L E R A L E R T
  6. stocko74

    Wolf League Play Off Leg 1 19 September 2018

    Chelsea vs Burnley not very confident going into this game i have thrown the league away and wil try get at least a draw these play offs will decide my future if i get hammered in the 1st leg i will walk away
  7. Manchester Utd U21s. Vs Sunderland U21s Leicester City U21s vs Crystal Palace U21s Sheets by 8pm
  8. Stoke City vs Southampton Chelsea vs Burnley Sheets by 8pm
  9. stocko74

    Round 18 Results

    Burnley U21s 2 - 2 Arsenal U21s J_Thomas* (46) J_Beckford (22) Injured: T_Jumeau (52) E_Smith-Rowe (29) T_Chakwana (85) last game of the season and my youths did well to come back from 2 goals down to get the draw so we finish top of the table 2 points clear onwards and upwards next season if i am still here
  10. burnley manager has spoke after his team blow there lead at the top of the table by losing the last 3 games of the season and ended up finishing in 3rd postion this is the 2nd time i have done this now 1st time was with spurs and after this i am thinking about my future with esms games and weither iam any good but i know that i am not and burnley deserve to be up there . i will give it some thought before the new season starts i know the play offs are coming up but my heart isnt in it now so i will decided if i am going to sheet or not
  11. stocko74

    Round 18 Results

    Burnley 0 - 1 Aston Villa T_Werner* (6) yet again i blow the league 3 games left lost all 3 not very good at this so considering my future
  12. Burnley_U21s - Arsenal_U21s we have already secured the league so nothing to play for now so will try a different formation and hopefully we can go out with a bang and then my youths can celebrate
  13. stocko74

    LEAGUE ROUND 18 16 September 2018

    Burnley - Aston_Villa after losing the last 2 games this is the biggest game of the season we must win this if we want to get promoted if we lose we could fail and end up in the play offs this result cold decide my future with fmfa
  14. YDL Division 1 Burnley_U21s - Arsenal_U21s Crystal_Palace_U21s - Aston_Villa_U21s Manchester_United_U21s - Bournemouth_U21s West_Ham_United_U21s - Chelsea_U21s Sunderland_U21s - Leicester_City_U21s Sheets by 8pm