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  1. stocko74

    YDL Cup SF Leg 2 20 February 2019

    Burnley U21s (1) v (2) Everton U21s lost the 1st leg 2 1 but got the all important away goal so a 1 0 win would do it but i want the win any way any win will do so lets do this
  2. YDL Cup Semi-Final Leg 2 Burnley U21s (1) v (2) Everton U21s Crystal Palace U21s (7) v (2) Wolverhampton Wanderers U21s Sheets by 8pm
  3. Tottenham Hotspur v Bournemouth Sunderland v Arsenal Sheets by 8pm
  4. stocko74

    Round 17 Results

    Burnley U21s 3 - 0 Newcastle United U21s H_Limb (6) J_Thomas* (21) M_Fowler (77) superb result and performance from the lads 1 more win and the league is ours even though we have a better goal difference we can afford to lose but i want to win lets see if we can finish the season with a bang
  5. stocko74

    Round 17 Results

    Arsenal 0 - 1 Burnley Injured: Lucas (44) K_Benzema (31) the arsenal manager failed to turn up but we still had a job to do and we managed to grab a nervy 1 0 win and a crucial and important 3 points 1 game left we have to win and hope the teams above us dont win if we want to stay up
  6. Burnley_U21s - Newcastle_United_U21s all we have to do is keep winning and the league is ours so cant relax until we have secured it or everton who are 2nd drop points and we cant be caught lets do this
  7. stocko74

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 17 17 February 2019

    Arsenal - Burnley need to win if we want to stand any chance of staying up a huge task but i will give it a go
  8. YDL Division One Arsenal_U21s - Manchester_United_U21s Chelsea_U21s - Tottenham_Hotspur_U21s Aston_Villa_U21s - Wolverhampton_U21s Bournemouth_U21s - West_Ham_United_U21s Crystal_Palace_U21s - Sunderland_U21s Sheets by 8pm
  9. YDL Premier League Burnley_U21s - Newcastle_United_U21s Liverpool_U21s - Southampton_U21s Everton_U21s - Watford_U21s Leicester_City_U21s - Stoke_City_U21s Manchester_City_U21s - Queens_Park_Rangers_U21s Sheets by 8pm
  10. Division One Aston Villa - Watford Stoke City - Wolverhampton Wanderers Manchester City - West Ham United Bournemouth - Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea - Southampton Sheets by 8pm
  11. Event details Premier League Sunderland - Liverpool Newcastle United - Everton Arsenal - Burnley Queens Park Rangers - Crystal Palace Manchester United - Leicester City Sheets by 8pm
  12. Crystal Palace (2) v (2) Stoke City Queens Park Rangers (1) v (0) Manchester United Sheets by 8pm
  13. Boca Juniors (0) v (5) Corinthians Liverpool (0) v (0) Tigres Sheets by 8pm
  14. stocko74

    Round 16 Results

    Southampton U21s 0 - 2 Burnley U21s Sent Off: W_Wood (2) J_Thomas* (2,30) superb 3 points 2 games left keep winning and the league is ours or if the team in 2nd drop points its ours will i blow it or can we do it