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  1. burnley manager linked with both stoke  and sunderland jobs and if burnley lose on sunday rumour is he will apply for 1 of them 

  2. Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Burnley_U23 like the 1st team nothing is going right but least we have won 1 game but wont win this 1 either confidence is shot
  3. Tottenham_Hotspur v Burnley cant win fitness is shot so all i need is spurs away great only 1 winner here and its not me
  4. if i quit i will leave need a break i am doing shite tdes bottom ffo near the bottom and on here cant win time for a rest maybe
  6. nothing going right at turf moor now we cant field a team on sunday due to fitness issues 

  7. U23 Division One Arsenal_U23 v Sheffield_United_U23 Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Wolverhampton_U23 v Derby_County_U23 Sunderland_U23 v Brighton_U23 Norwich_City_U23 v Aston_Villa_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Chelsea_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  8. U23 Premier League Bournemouth_U23 v Southampton_U23 Watford_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 West_Ham_United_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Stoke_City_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Burnley_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Everton_U23 Sheets by 8pm
  9. Division One Bournemouth v Southampton Watford v Queens_Park_Rangers West_Ham_United v Manchester_City Tottenham_Hotspur v Burnley Sheffield_United v Brighton Norwich_City v Derby_County Sheets by 8pm
  10. Premier League Arsenal v Newcastle United Sunderland v Liverpool Wolverhampton Wanderers v Everton Stoke City v Chelsea Manchester United v Aston Villa Leicester City v Crystal Palace Sheets by 8pm
  11. Burnley U23 1 - 2 Manchester City U23 M_Fowler (4) T_Ambrose (32) B_Aghadiuno (85) took the lead but still lost like the 1st team nothing is going right need to get a win and fast before i decide to leave
  12. stocko74

    Round 1 Results

    Burnley 1 - 1 Derby County T_Chakwana (39) C_MacDonald (22) Missed Pen: K_Iheanacho (49) Sent Off: D_Johnson (63) Sent Off: G_Shinnie (86) nothing going right so far missed pen missed chances dominated the game and still lost now fitness will be shot after going to extra time so out of the cup and nothing going right in the league might actually win a game sometime this year
  13. Burnley U23 v Manchester City U23 won our 1st game of the season last time out want to keep that run going and hopefully progress to the next round of the cup
  14. Burnley v Derby County cant score or win hopefully that wiill change and we can go on a little cup run but wont be an easy game
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