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  1. Burnley_U23 v Liverpool_U23 like the1st team got off to a poor start so need to win this game and get the 3 points and hopefully we can do that
  2. Watford v Burnley poor result last time out drawing against a t sheet so need to get my 1st points on the board but wont be an easy game
  3. Chelsea_U23 v Arsenal_U23 Aston_Villa_U23 v Manchester_United_U23 Leicester_City_U23 v Tottenham_Hotspur_U23 Sunderland_U23 v West_Ham_United_U23 Watford_U23 v Wolverhampton_U23 Sheets by 8pm please
  4. Crystal_Palace_U23 v Bournemouth_U23 Burnley_U23 v Liverpool_U23 Everton_U23 v Newcastle_United_U23 Manchester_City_U23 v Southampton_U23 Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Sheets by 8pm please
  5. Watford v Burnley Queens_Park_Rangers v Manchester_City Stoke_City v Tottenham_Hotspur Wolverhampton_Wanderers v Bournemouth West_Ham_United v Southampton Sheets by 8pm please
  6. Chelsea v Arsenal Aston_Villa v Everton Crystal_Palace v Liverpool Leicester_City v Newcastle_United Manchester_United v Sunderland Sheets by 8pm please
  7. Burnley U23s 1 - 2 Southampton U23s H_Limb (50) O_Olomola (19 pen,37) i spent my time sheeting but the away side couldnt be arsed and yet again we lose failed to win a game yet amazing start
  8. Burnley U23 v Southampton U23 got off to a poor start in the league but this is the cup we won last season so we will try defend it need to do better lets see how we get on
  9. Manchester City U23 v Everton U23 Bournemouth U23 v Tottenham Hotspur U23 Aston Villa U23 v Queens Park Rangers U23 Newcastle United U23 v Liverpool U23 Burnley U23 v Southampton U23 Watford U23 v Leicester City U23 Manchester United U23 v Crystal Palace U23 Stoke City U23 v West Ham United U23 DEADLINE SUNDAY Sheets by 8pm
  10. Bournemouth U23 2 - 1 Burnley U23 S_Surridge (26) M_Fowler (29) L_Sgarbi (91) so 1 of my players didnt exist N_Martinez even thought he does so my sheet didnt count and beacause of that we lose to a injury time winner amazing result yet again wonderful start from my invisible player
  11. Burnley 0 - 0 Queens Park Rangers Sent Off: A_Rudiger (81) amazing result q p r manager couldnt be arsed turning up so we played a t sheet and still couldnt win ha ha going to have another shite season cant even beat a t
  12. interested in loftus cheek or brooks wouldlike to buy 1 of them if not loan 1 of them
  13. Bournemouth_U23 v Burnley_U23 we won this league last season and we will be the team that everyone wants to beat so its important that we hold our own and get off to a good start lets do this
  14. Burnley v Queens_Park_Rangers 1st game of the season since we got relegated got some new faces in the club need to get off to a good start if we want to get back into the big league but if i get off to a bad start i could decide to leave let see how i get on
  15. U23 Premier League Bournemouth_U23 v Burnley_U23 Crystal_Palace_U23 v Everton_U23 Liverpool_U23 v Manchester_City_U23 Newcastle_United_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 Southampton_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 Sheets by 8pm please Sheets received shown in bold green Non sheeting teams receive 442N
  16. Division One Burnley v Queens_Park_Rangers Watford v Stoke_City Manchester_City v Wolverhampton_Wanderers Tottenham_Hotspur v West_Ham_United Bournemouth v Southampton Sheets by 8pm please Sheet received is in green bold
  17. Premier League Arsenal v Aston_Villa Chelsea v Crystal_Palace Everton v Leicester_City Liverpool v Manchester_United Newcastle_United v Sunderland Sheets by 8pm please
  18. I WOULD like to promote J_Thomas to my 1st team thanks
  19. sure tony post it up cheers
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