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  1. D_Crowe 19 eng 1 6 22 2 23 300 704 886 454 A_Dobra 19 eng 1 5 22 3 21 300 759 595 546 MAIN STAT INCREASE BY 1 x 2 10m credits
  2. I've voted yes as I personally have always tried to sheet most of the time and some players do cut it in the seniors.
  3. Good idea, really needed implementing at the beginning to be honest and for the sides that have sheeted from the start.......
  4. And it's not if the big teams need to contribute Press etc. I don't even know who there managers are.
  5. macca

    League Match 21

    @David U23s wrong divisions..
  6. Stoke City U23 v West Ham United U23 After a winning start to our league campaign lets hope it continues in the cup against the Potters
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