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  1. Tony

    Lotto Result 10/11/18

    J_Garcia increase his secondary by 1 please (his passing)
  2. Tony

    Premier Division Match 2

    aint got a clue what's happening there. I thought I copied my new roster across... swear I did coz I remember looking at the fitness... weird
  3. Tony

    LMA Round 2

    when are prizes awarded?
  4. Tony

    LMA Round 2

    west ham
  5. Tony

    7/11/18 Boca Juniors v Aresnal

    away win 500k
  6. Tony

    U21 Sheeting

    I get the reasoning and understanding behind it lol, and appreciate all the work it takes, Just wasn't something I was ever to keen to get into. ill just sheet random sheets every week to keep the peace
  7. Tony

    U21 Sheeting

    this its total bollocks tbh...
  8. Tony

    Chelsea Transfer List

    all class that lol
  9. Tony

    LMA Round 2

  10. Tony

    Sunderland > Spurs

    we agree
  11. Tony

    Richarlison joins

    Sunderland have completed the signing of Brazilian forward Richarlison from an un named club for a fee believed to be around 70m. He is Sunderlands second most expensive player behind Kylian Mbappe but will slot in to the starting team. Tony Ayre said Richarlison was his number 1 target as he met every criteria, being young solid fast and knows how to score. He fits in withour sides age policy and losing Mario ballotelli was a massive loss for us so he will fill that hole very nicely.
  12. Tony

    benzema signs for burnley

    Sunderland applaud the capture of Benzema after sending there player out on loan to Burnley and hope the 2 can bring lots of joy to the clarets season .
  13. news has today broken that a deal that would have seen Kylian Mbappe move south and sign for title contenders Liverpool has collapsed after a deal could not be reached between the two sides. Mbappe was said to be disappointed the move did not materialise but is however very happy to stay at the club for longer, especially after the club secured the signing of Richarlison from an un-named club. Rodriguez was rumoured to have been moving in the opposite direction as part of the exchange but it is said the deal fell through after Liverpool could not come to the party within the negotiations and instead wanted to dine at the captains table, a table sunderland can simply not afford.