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Everything posted by Tony

  1. J_Maja to the youth team.
  2. Tony

    Youth Leagues - Please Read

    im not fond of it, purely because of the above reasons with it being irrelevant to players coming from it. if the ratings were increased, (maybe even allow say a 10,000 abs choice to increase to maybe allow managers to create 2 or 3 stars that would be capable of breaking into their first team, just an idea.
  3. Bournemouth 2-1 Sunderland We were destined to lose this one, we had 2 clear penalties given the other way and conceded a late winner! one of those ESMS engine results where it wont go in your favour well done Bournemouth
  4. Tony

    Round 12 Results

    man utd 3-0 Sunderland Well I don't know how they've come away with a 3-0 victory here. Was a very even game, just there class shone through.. well doneTom
  5. Tony

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 12 13 January 2019

    man utd - sunderland Tom recently claimed his title ambitions are over, but im sure he will want to push until the end so this wont be an easy game. We have nothing to play for so I guess Abs is our only real option right now
  6. Bournemouth VS Sunderland Taking on the leaders away, doesn't get much tougher but we will take the game to them and look for the win.
  7. well hes just about to turn into a 24 rater… Looking for a cash sale G_Glendon* 22 eng 2 5 23 3 27 480 147 923 721
  8. Sunderland 1-0 Chelsea A No show from them made the result easier, but we had to fight for it, and we proved its never a given either.
  9. Sunderland vS Chelsea Another tough game, but we will keep battling away for abs and hope to push on towards the seasons end. good luck Chelsea
  10. @David Aolohies for the missed sheet, had emergency surgery on the weekend and forgot about the sheet.. apologies to Daniel also, we didn't want a point when we didn't sheet.
  11. Tony

    Round 11 Results

    Sunderland 2-2 QPR Thanks for sorting that Daniel. We were 2-0 up and cruising and we conceded 2 late goals and threw it away!! livid with the side!
  12. Tony

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 11 09 January 2019

    sunderland VS QPR Well we are already working towards next season now, but we want to get as many points on the board as we can. good luck QPR
  13. Tony

    Round 10 Results

    apologies for the missed sheet @Daniel Had emergency surgery on the weekend and forgot about the sheet.
  14. Tony

    Lotto Result 28/12/18

    2m to finances please
  15. spurs Vs sunderland not an easy place to come to, but we need the 3 points and that's what we will be leaving with.
  16. sunderland 0-0 West Ham not the prettiest of games, but a point we didn't deserve so we will take it
  17. Tony

    Round 9 Results

    sunderland 2-2 Toon probably abit fortunate to come away with a draw but we weren't able to attend the game and can consider it a point gained I suppose.
  18. Tony

    LEAGUE GAMES MATCH 10 02 January 2019

    Arsenal Sunderland We need to improve on our first half if we want to ahieve any sort of success here this season. away to Arsenal is not an easy place to start but we will try.
  19. Tony

    Lotto Result 14/12/18

    25 shooting abs to Mbappe please
  20. sunderland west ham we are not performing well at all, and have found ourselves at the wrong end. we need to try and get a good run going
  21. sunderland VS Toon The big derby, and Newcastle are currently in a position where they shouldn't be, and they have a very strong side and we will have to be very careful of this. good luck harry
  22. Tony

    Round 1 Leg 2 Results

    city 2 (3) - 2 (2) sunderland Well we gave a good account of ourselves and fought till the end but going down to 10 men ended our hopes and they saw it through. well done and good luck
  23. city 1-0 Sunderland We have a lot to do in the return leg if we want to proceed but we have fitness issues to worry about also, so it won't be easy.