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  1. Southampton 0-0 West-ham. Great result and keeps us at the top of the league by 1 point. The assistant coach has been doing a good job while I have been away however now I am back to hopefully guide us to promotion.
  2. Southampton_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Tough match against a quality under 23s side. Due to admin mistakes in our last sheet the game is going to be tough as we have fitness issues which will mean we'll have to probably rotate the squad a little.
  3. Southampton v Queens_Park_Rangers Tough game at home to QPr after resting players last game it's vital that we get a positive result in this one. QPR are a good side and Dan Darbyshire is set to get the nod against his old club. This is a game we must get a result in.
  4. Everton_U23 v Southampton_U23 Tough match against Everton who are also fighting towards the top end of the table. We are currently in second place but if we want to keep the fight going at the top end then we must continue to perform.
  5. Wolverhampton_Wanderers v Southampton Tough game against wolves, after the result in our last game we need to fight back and get a result if we can. Wolves however is a tough place to go so this won't be an easy match. We'll need to be at our best as we don't want our decent start to be spoilt after our loss in the last game.
  6. Southampton_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 This will be a tough game against a good QPR side, our lads however hae had a positive start to the season so if that can continue we're able to get a result in this one. It's vital that we do as well as possible and really do our best.
  7. Southampton v Burnley A very good test for our side, a tough home match against a burnley side who are eager to turn around there poor start. Our start has been pretty good but that must continue if we want promotion to the top flight. The players who we wanted to start are back fit and now we can play our strongest lineup that we've not been able to do in a while. We'll be hoping for a positive result and that we can score some goals.
  8. Southampton 1-1 Lesta city. Great draw on the knight and probably desered, however this unfortunately was not enough for us because of being 1 goal down in the last game so we did not quite do enough to progress to the next round. However the league is our main priority so although we want to do as well as possible in whatever compatitions we're in the league is where our main focus is.
  9. SOUTHAMPTON (0) V LEICESTER (1) only 1 goal down so we still have a fighting chance. Getting promoted is a priority so some of the players who have not started yet are lightly to get a chance.
  10. Southampton 1-0 Tottnham. Quite an end to end game, Harry cane on his first start for my team did everything but score. Glad to have the points but finishing needs to get better.
  11. Bournemouth_U23 v Southampton_U23 Lightly to be a tough game away to Bournemouth, however Lightly to give some Fringe players a game in this one to have a look at players I have not seen properly yet.
  12. Southampton v Tottenham_Hotspur Tough game at home to Spurs they have a top striker so we're going to have to watch him closely. Thankfully most of our players in the first team are fully fit after being rested in the last match so hopefully that might help. Our start so far has been very positive so we need to keep that going.
  13. Watford 0-0 Southampton. I think the draw was a fair result over all, none of the keepers were able to be dislodged and both had fantastic games. Watford probably just about had the better of the game but I feel that it could have gone either way. Third in the league after four games is a position I am very happy with for my first season back.
  14. Leicester city 1-0 Southampton. Sorry about the missed sheet, I did not realise I was playing in this game as not long come back so was not aware I had a match I did check on the sight but could not find anything. However with a one nill loss we have to try doing better in the home leg well done Will as you said should have been more. Will be better at checking when matches. are in future as don't like missing sheets.
  15. Liverpool_U23 v Southampton_U23 Liverpool are a top young side, this wont be easy however our under 23s have had a fantastic start to the season so I am optamistic that this will be a good game. However we'll need to play as a team and play the best football we can. We also need to be aware of there threats.
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