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  1. Bournemouth 1-2 Southampton. Very close game but I think we just about did enough to win the game. Goals from Richarlason and Lalana were enough to win the game. However going defensive early after the second goal could have cost us but thankfully it did not. A good first game although Bournemouth did make it hard for us.
  2. Season is about to begin. We are finally here and it's the day before the first match of the season. The first team face an away trip to Bournemouth and the under 23s will be at home to Stoke city. Both teams have trained hard in pripperation for the matches all new signings are in the squad and we'll be seeing at least 1 who won't make there first appearance. Everyone is buzzing as the start of the. season gets nearer. The manager has confirmed that he's pretty close to picking his first teams for the upcoming games although the training session later today will cement his choices. The manager said the following on the upcoming season. "We came in at the pre-season stage so we've not yet seen anyone play so it's hard to decide what tactics will be best. These first five or six games will hopefully give us a good idea of where the side are and where our strengths lye. I expect dedication from all players who are selected and it's vital that they show what qualities they have. Everyone in training has really shown there commitment to my approach and I hope that in games that'll continue. It's an exciting time for the club and there will only be one new signing who won't make an appearance. However we won't be waiting long to see him as he'll get a chance in the next game to shine. We'll try our best to give players as much game time as we can but we will be looking to get results and any player who does not perform will be dropped. Everyone has to show there willingness and abilities as we want to have a good first season."
  3. Southampton_U23 v Stoke_City_U23 First game is a home game against Stoke, there a phisical side so this will be an interesting game. We're looking to see how well players develop over the upcoming season to see who has a chance of making first team football and who potentially we can think about letting go of. We have a good squad by the looks of it so I am confedent that we can do pretty well in this devision.
  4. Bournemouth v Southampton Interesting as we came in at the pre-season stage so not really seen anybody play yet. this first 5 or six games will be a feeler to see where our team is and what seems to suit the players best. On Paper Bournemouth have a decent squad as do we so it'll be an interesting match.
  5. Ian McNamara

    U23 Captain

    Southampton choose A_Jones please
  6. Good luck to all teams.
  7. Southampton excited about the upcoming season. Everyone at Southampton football club are excited as the start of the new season is not far away. Everyone is hoping that the season will be a positive one. both sides are looking strong and have excelent options in there squads. It's going to be interesting to see how the two sides play and how they are able to perform. Training has gone well so far and all the new signings have really settled in extreamly well. The six new players are all well adjusted to the training here although it will be hard to judge how they will play in matches we'll be interested in following them threw out the season. The manager said the following. "As the season gets closer we're all extreamly excited in the future of the team. I am really excited to see how the lads do. We have one young new signing expected to come in and we'll hope to annnounce that before the season begins. I am really hopeful for the upcoming season and really feel that the team has a bright future. If we can hit the ground running and score goals then we have every hope of success."
  8. Southampton have the following two youth players for sail. Looking for cash. J_Vale 18 wal 1 2 2 18 17 300 380 500 595 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 R_Tonin 18 ita 1 2 2 18 17 300 380 500 586 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100
  9. Southampton welcome Marek Hamšík to the club. M_Hamsik 31 slv 2 4 26 12 25 418 362 196 185 Marek is an experienced slovack international at 31 years old he's been a top player in the italian league for years. He's also played well since he's been at newcastle and adapted to the english game to. He's an experienced goal scoring midfielder and with him Gilphy and Adam in our midfield it's quite an exciting prospect. We also have our young german an Musa battling for the last place in the midfield. Marek is a goalscoring midfielder who knows the position well. This will be an exciting addition to a strong midfield. Marek said the following. "Coming to this club is an exciting challange for me, I have never worked under Ian but I love his drive to do well. We have a strong side and I have adapted well to what there training style is. I love the other midfielders in the squad there all competitive and with only limited positions for places it's going to be a fight. I am hoping that I will do enough as at 31 my Career is coming toward the later stages. I am really excited with the potential of the midfield I will be playing with. There are some really good options and it's going to be interesting to see who the manager picks." McNamara said the following. "Marek is a top quality player, e's played at a high level in the italian league for the main part of his career and in big compatitions as well so he knows what's required. He's a very good football player who knows how to score goals but he also is great at controling a game. I am really excited with the quality of our midfield and what is developing in the under 21ns because a lot of our Midfielders are coming to the later stages of there career's now so we need to keep an eye on the developing crop and hopefully by the time Marek and his other team mates retire there will be some ready made replacements to come in and take over the mantal."
  10. Southampton Welcome Kalidou Koulibaly to the club. At 28 years old and 6ft.5 inches tall Kalidou is an experienced center half. He also plays for Senigal his country as an international. He's also a player who McNamara has worked with in the past and is a very good footballer. He's reliable and a very no noncence defender. At 6ft 3 and 6ft 5 respectively Caulker and Koulibaly should be a tough duo to beet specially in the air. Kalidou said the following about his arrival at southampton. "I am really happy to be here, I love the ethos of the club and the manager is very ambisious and is eager for the club to succeed. I have loved playing for Newcastle but now it's time for a fresh challange and this is the write club to do it. I feel I am a leader and will really assist the team in making sure they get where they want to be. I know what it takes to win and have played in high profile matches. I am strong and dependible and won't let the team down. If I am picked to play every game I will give my all in every match. I am really excited to come here as there is also a good bunch of players developing in the youth team meaning that more compatition is lightly to be coming up in the next couple of seasons as the younger players are going to be eager to show what there made of. I have also been told by the manager how important I am to his plans which means a lot." McNamara said the following. "Kalidou is another player I have worked with before, he's tall and commanding and knows how to play a pass to. He's a solid defender though which is what I am hoping we'll mainly be using him for this season. When he agreed to join us from Newcastle we were very excited to have him and I am eager to work with him again. He is a defender with very good instinkts and he's also a leader to."
  11. Southampton welcome Matz Sels to the club. M_Sels 27 bel 27 2 2 1 22 705 300 300 300 This is the keepers second time working under manager Ian McNamara as it was McNamara who first brought Matz onto the cercuit wen he was the manager of Aston villa. He is a very good keper who has shown steady quality in his time in England. Wen McNamara saw Newcastle's goalkeeper options he decided to jump at the chance to bring Matz back. Thankfully a deal was agreed and McNamara was able to successfully bring the keeper to the south coast. Matz is a good keeper who's very dependible and reliable. he gives his all in every game. Matz Sels said the following about his move. "Wen I heard I would be number 2 this season to Edison I spoke to harry about a possible move so that I could get more games. As I did this he informed me that Southampton had put in an offer. When I saw that Ian had come to southampton as there manager I knew that was the place I wanted to be. Ian managed me well when I first came to Aston villa and helped me get use to the english game. Wen I heard he was interested in bringing me back it was not a hard choice to make to come back and work with him again. I am really excited about the 4 year deal I have signed because his vision for the club is amazing and he's really keen to do big things here. I am looking forward to getting started now and have really enjoyed training so far. it's a great group of players." McNamara said the following. "I am really excited to have Matz back working with me. He's a very good keeper and I saw his potential when I brought him into villa. He has clearly developed well in the time I have been away and at 27 is almost a 28 rated keeper meaning he's gone up almost a rating a year of his age. He's a keeper with huge potential and he's going to be the number one without a doubt. I bought him as my number one as he's a keeper I know and like. When I saw Newcastle's goalkeeping options I worked hard to get a deal that would suit both clubs. I got three good players as part of that deal including Matz and I am really happy to be working with him. He is in the running for this seasons club captain although there are a lot of options for that job. Matz however has trained well since coming in and he's really shown his improvement since I had him before."
  12. Busy week at the saints. Southampton can annouce another three new signings at the club after what has been a busy week. The three signings who have arrived are Matz Sels, Kalidou Koulibaly and Marek Hamšík. Also three players Roethorn deeno and Cowans have been demoted to the under 23s as there promising players who we wish to help develop further. The players leaving in order to get the three players above are Vlad Kechiches and Vokins one of our youngsters. The manager said the following. "I am really happy with these three signings, Matz Sels , Kalidou Koulibaly and Marek Hamšík. are all top players who I am sure will be Fantastic aditions to the club. Letting Vlad go was hard but we decided due to the fact we're looking to freshan up a little that this was a good move, also to get Matz Sels in we had to try and make sure we got a good deal. Aston Villa were very acomidating and offered us a fantastic deal. it's ment letting one of our young youth prospects go but that allowed us to demote young Roethorn to allow him to go and develop along with two of our other younger players. Matz is a player I had at aston villa and brought into the game myself. It's great to see that his development since I have been away has continued to the standard that it has because wen I brought him in then I saw the promis and it's clear he's lived up to it. Kalidou is tall and strong and at 6ft 5 he's going to be commanding hopefully in both boxes. Sergio Ramos is expected to move to write back with Stephen and Kalidou goign in at center half. Marek is a top midfielder a goal scoring midfielder who also knows how to control a game. He is a top quality player and this is a player who I have not worked with before. The other two I have had the pleasure of working with at previous clubs on the cercuit. However with Marik I know his qualities and what I am getting so I have no concerns about what I have signed. I decided to demote the three young players down because I see huge potential in them and felt that it would not be fair to keep them in the first team squad knowing that they were not going to get a chance to play this season. I felt it better to let them go down to the under 23s where they will be able to develop and grow as players." All three players will be affisially announced to the fanz in the next hour.
  13. Southampton wish to demote the following three players to the under 23s squad. B_Rowthorn 20 eng 1 22 3 3 23 300 347 695 534 G_Gaudino 21 ger 2 11 23 2 24 527 646 466 947 H_Cowans 22 eng 2 11 22 2 29 480 436 614 715 Southampton confirm. Thanks @David
  14. Please ignore this topic, I have another two players I wish to add to the demotion thread so re submitting.
  15. Southampton wish to demote the following player to the under 21ns squad. B_Rowthorn Southampton confirm. Thanks @david
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