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  1. Burnley 2-0 Southampton. Good game but Burnley deserved the win, again had to play a make shift side due to fitness however we fought well but did not do enough to achieve a result. We are however going to hopefully have quite a few of our first team players fit for the next game so hopefully our next game can go better.
  2. Stoke 7-3 Southampton. Well my keeper made 30 saves however we still let seven in. Due to fitness issues I had to play a make shift side and Stoke took full advantage. I don't feel we deserved to lose as badly as we did but stoke have one of the best strikers in there side and it showed. Aguro getting six goals will do wonders for his goal tally and if he does that against other teams he's going to be top scorer by a long way. We now have to forget this game and move onto the next one. The players know what a bad result this is and there all devastated getting beet that badly by a team down to ten men in the first minute. Karlan Grant however played well and scored a goal for us which is good with his lack of goals this season that should give him confidence.
  3. Burnley_U23 v Southampton_U23 Due to our assistant being in charge for the last few games, we've slipped down the league a little after our good start. Unfortunately due to fitness issues we'll have to play a bit of a make shift team this game, however all players will hopefully give there best and we need a result in this one. We've had a good first season so far but if we want good Prize abs at the end of the season to improve more of our backup players then we really need to finish as high as we can.
  4. Stoke_City v Southampton Top of the league but there is nothing in this devision this season, one bad result and we could lose our place at the top. It's vital if we want to hold on to top spot that we win this game. However with Major fitness issues there's going to be a make shift defence which could cost us highly, however we need to get our main defence back fit so unfortunately we've not got any choice. Hopefully our Midfield and attack can compensate and we have a strong goalkeeper in Cells. This is a vital game and one we really need a result in.
  5. Southampton 0-0 West-ham. Great result and keeps us at the top of the league by 1 point. The assistant coach has been doing a good job while I have been away however now I am back to hopefully guide us to promotion.
  6. Southampton_U23 v Crystal_Palace_U23 Tough match against a quality under 23s side. Due to admin mistakes in our last sheet the game is going to be tough as we have fitness issues which will mean we'll have to probably rotate the squad a little.
  7. Southampton v Queens_Park_Rangers Tough game at home to QPr after resting players last game it's vital that we get a positive result in this one. QPR are a good side and Dan Darbyshire is set to get the nod against his old club. This is a game we must get a result in.
  8. Everton_U23 v Southampton_U23 Tough match against Everton who are also fighting towards the top end of the table. We are currently in second place but if we want to keep the fight going at the top end then we must continue to perform.
  9. Wolverhampton_Wanderers v Southampton Tough game against wolves, after the result in our last game we need to fight back and get a result if we can. Wolves however is a tough place to go so this won't be an easy match. We'll need to be at our best as we don't want our decent start to be spoilt after our loss in the last game.
  10. Southampton_U23 v Queens_Park_Rangers_U23 This will be a tough game against a good QPR side, our lads however hae had a positive start to the season so if that can continue we're able to get a result in this one. It's vital that we do as well as possible and really do our best.
  11. Southampton v Burnley A very good test for our side, a tough home match against a burnley side who are eager to turn around there poor start. Our start has been pretty good but that must continue if we want promotion to the top flight. The players who we wanted to start are back fit and now we can play our strongest lineup that we've not been able to do in a while. We'll be hoping for a positive result and that we can score some goals.
  12. Southampton 1-1 Lesta city. Great draw on the knight and probably desered, however this unfortunately was not enough for us because of being 1 goal down in the last game so we did not quite do enough to progress to the next round. However the league is our main priority so although we want to do as well as possible in whatever compatitions we're in the league is where our main focus is.
  13. SOUTHAMPTON (0) V LEICESTER (1) only 1 goal down so we still have a fighting chance. Getting promoted is a priority so some of the players who have not started yet are lightly to get a chance.
  14. Southampton 1-0 Tottnham. Quite an end to end game, Harry cane on his first start for my team did everything but score. Glad to have the points but finishing needs to get better.
  15. Bournemouth_U23 v Southampton_U23 Lightly to be a tough game away to Bournemouth, however Lightly to give some Fringe players a game in this one to have a look at players I have not seen properly yet.
  16. Southampton v Tottenham_Hotspur Tough game at home to Spurs they have a top striker so we're going to have to watch him closely. Thankfully most of our players in the first team are fully fit after being rested in the last match so hopefully that might help. Our start so far has been very positive so we need to keep that going.
  17. Watford 0-0 Southampton. I think the draw was a fair result over all, none of the keepers were able to be dislodged and both had fantastic games. Watford probably just about had the better of the game but I feel that it could have gone either way. Third in the league after four games is a position I am very happy with for my first season back.
  18. Leicester city 1-0 Southampton. Sorry about the missed sheet, I did not realise I was playing in this game as not long come back so was not aware I had a match I did check on the sight but could not find anything. However with a one nill loss we have to try doing better in the home leg well done Will as you said should have been more. Will be better at checking when matches. are in future as don't like missing sheets.
  19. Liverpool_U23 v Southampton_U23 Liverpool are a top young side, this wont be easy however our under 23s have had a fantastic start to the season so I am optamistic that this will be a good game. However we'll need to play as a team and play the best football we can. We also need to be aware of there threats.
  20. Watford v Southampton Tough match away at Watford, we've had a good start to the season so far losing one and winning two and the game we lost was to one of the inform teams. Watford however are a tough side and this won't be an easy one. we're however in a good position at the moment and we're putting the ball in the net. we'll be hoping to keep this good run going threw out the season as the start has been promising but we need to continue.
  21. Southampton 1-2 Burnley. Unlucky to the lads today our Nigerian striker did everything but score and the one he had ruled out was questionible however fair play to burnley for there fantastic defensive display. Result was deserved.
  22. Southampton 2-0 Stoke. What a fantastic result. We threatened all game and our efforts payed off Goals from Sam Galiher and Dan Darbyshire were enough to get us a result here. Stephen Caulka had a great game at the back also and the whole team looked good. We had to rest a lot of the players who would usually start due to fitness however this did not make any difference and it proves that we have a pretty strong squad and can rely on the players we have. Hopefully we can have a fantastic season and challange for promotion.
  23. Southampton_U23 - Burnley_U23 So far we've won two out of two at the beginning of the season so a positive start for our young lads. However if we want this to continue then we must keep playing well and achieving results. This under 23s side has some very good players and everyone so far has really started well. This season we're looking to do as well as ossible but we'll need to continue to perform. Good luck Neil looking forward to facing you mate.
  24. Southampton - Stoke_City Tough game at home to Stoke they are a phisical side who like you to know your in a game. This will not be an easy one but we'll do our best. After losing to West-ham and winning our first game we need to try and get another positive result in this one. Our squad is more than good enough for this level and we need to show that. After match 5 the Fanzine will have an update on our first five games. Good luck to everyone.
  25. West_Ham_united v southampton. tough game away at West-ham both teams got positive results last game so will be an interesting match. Karlan Grant will make his first start for the side with Galiher missing out. Dan Darbyshire is lightly to make an appearance in the match as well so we can take a look at him as he was the only one of the new signings last match who did not get an oppertunity to impress.
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