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  1. ThisBitchBites

    Jet Cup Abs Allocation

    D_Batth 200 on his TAB T_Muller 200 on his PAB both in normal team not youth. thanks
  2. ThisBitchBites

    WOL >< THS

    you hope naked? okay im scared about what you talk about to people on your phone. I agree to the transfer but not the naked
  3. ThisBitchBites

    Lotto Result 03/11/18

    17 - £500,000 to finances please
  4. ThisBitchBites

    Match 1 Results

    West Ham United U21s 0 - 0 Wolverhampton U21s well done to both teams 🙂
  5. ThisBitchBites

    Match 1 Results

    Southampton 1 - 5 Wolverhampton Wanderers Well done to Lasagne for getting a hatrick in the first game 🙂 (yes i know its not his name but whenever i look at him thats what i think)
  6. ThisBitchBites

    Jet Cup Match 3

    how the fuck did that happen when i had a shit goalkeeper?
  7. ThisBitchBites

    End of Year Youth Abs Award

    R_O'Sullivan Tab 50 S_Deslandes Tab 150 A_Coric Pab 100 E_Ward Pab 100 Hopefully done this right.
  8. ThisBitchBites

    WOL >< THS

    aye I accept. Thanks Sweetcheeks
  9. ThisBitchBites

    Teemsheet Submitter

    Submittter unfortunately isnt working due to a missing file. Seeing as Daniel is out until later it cannot be fixed. We are sorry for any problems this causes and hope to have it back up when able. He is unable to fix this on his mobile and he is currenty out eating Thai food on his bi-yearly social outing.
  10. ThisBitchBites

    Getting to know you...

    I suppose I should add... my favourite old player is Steve Bull... or i did like George Elokobi til he parted ways with wolves
  11. ThisBitchBites

    Getting to know you...

  12. ThisBitchBites

    Getting to know you...

    this includes you husband of mine and other staff members
  13. ThisBitchBites

    Getting to know you...

    sooo... ive been told to make this easier on you all... here goes Name: Holly Mason Age: 31 (I think) Country or County: Shropshire in UK Favourite Football Team: Wolverhampton Wanderers Favourite Player: Neves or Patricio Hobby/Hobbies: Card making, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, Music, Reading, Gaming (Especially Legend of Zelda) Favourite Animal: Wolves or Foxes (Especially Arctic ones) Favourite Colour: Purple (Teal a close second) Favourite Season: Autumn Favourite Music: Depends on my mood. Rock, Emo, Grunge, Oldies, Musicals, Pop, As long as its not got too much rap im fine with it... unless its eminem Favourite thing to watch on tv: I now have all 13 seasons of supernatural, all 5 seasons of Angel, all 3 seasons of Outlander, (I dont think i actually watch anything on an actual channel unless its a football match or the F1) More questions may come if I dont get enough people answering 😛
  14. ThisBitchBites


    So you're the reason I've lost him 😮
  15. ThisBitchBites

    Getting to know you...

    So now I'm back on site I barely know anyone so I thought I'd start things off. I am Holly. Daniels wife mother of his 3 kids. Wolves fan. I create cards and logos as well as sew things. Listen to music and read. And enjoy not being pregnant with Daniels spawn. I used to make up funny tag lines about pictures of players found online (like goat messi for those who know me). Anyway hopefully will learn something about you all while watching some shit program the youngest is watching while drawing on herself.