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  1. Stringer


    Right the final counts were 1: West Ham 11 2: Everton & Burnley 5 3: Sunderland 3 4: Liverpool 2 5: Arsenal 1 The only team who managed 6 to qualify for draw was West Ham. @macca will get the youth player added to his roster. The rest get a free injury/suspension pack for entering and will be added to their totals for use when they wish.
  2. Stringer


    We will extend the competition over the Easter Weekend so you have Good Friday to Easter Monday as well to submit stories to get to six. Updated to Yesterday Totals are: West Ham 6 (qualified for draw) Everton 5 Sunderland 3 Burnley 3 Liverpool 2
  3. Stringer


    Right should have posted up who has done what by now. Anyway 4 weeks in and this is how many each team has so far. Totals from 14th Feb to 11th Mar are:- Sunderland 3 West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 Burnley 1 Everton 1 18 days left to get a minimum of 6 for the draw.
  4. Stringer


    IT'S ONLY LENT This is a competition for Lent. For the heathens and non Christians amongst us Lent is the pre-Easter period and runs from 14th February 2018 until Maundy Thursday 29th March 2018. Basically it is 6 weeks approximately. So what do you have to do for the competition. Well that bit is easy you need to post the equivalent of at least 1 media story a week or a minimum of 6 in the period to get into the prize draw. Each piece must be at least 4 lines minimum which is approx 100 words. There will be enough prizes for all who manage to enter but the main prizes up for grabs are 1st prize: 1 x 19 year old 19 rated youth player. 2nd prize: 1 free scout pack (basically worth £5,000,000 credits) so if you haven't enough credits to scout a player you will have with this. 3rd prize: £5,000,000 to club finances. 1 free suspension/injury pack guaranteed as prizes for entrants who don't win major prizes Bonus is you will be getting your £500,000 for each media post as well so post the 6 and you bag yourself £3,000,000 just for the posting. I will post a weekly tab of how many each team has got in this thread. 1st time will be a week Sunday on 25th Feb 2018.
  5. Stringer

    November Competition

    Right there were only three people who entered this. Now I could get an independent opinion from some managers as to which was best but due to the few that entered I am changing it. As I have 2,500,000 credits at the moment I am going to give each of the three entrants 800,000 credits each. Well done @stocko74 @Daniel @David
  6. Stringer

    Saints Source Saviour

    In FMFA breaking news we are reliably informed that the Southampton board have appointed a new manager to steer them away from the foot of the Wolf League. It is believed that Alice Derkacz is to take over the hot seat and will have a tough task ahead of her as they are currently seven points adrift at the bottom. The Saints do though have some quality players at the club with the likes of Luke Shaw, Ward-Prowse and Giroud. The big questions thiough are will they want to stay under the new regime? Will Derkacz want to keep them and will there big changes afoot in the squad at St.Mary's? The bright spot though for the new manager is they do have a good youth system and their U21s are currently second in the academy league division one. We all wait to see just what will happen under the new regime with Alice and will it become a "Wonderland".
  7. Stringer

    November Competition

    The Stringer (that's me folks) earns a few credits when he does an article. Not loads but as Tesco say, "Every Little Count" Needless to say the amount is currently £2,000,000 and rising on each article but here is the thing I can't use them so they are no use to me. So we are having a November competition to get your hands on the credits I have. To enter you need to do an article in the Daily Football section of at least 100 words but remember the more you do and the better the article then it may give you a better chance to win. Articles can be on what you like, e.g on our game (the FMFA), your team, the competitions etc. And there is a bonus.....yea you will still earn the £500,000 to your finances for the article you submit as well. You can enter more than one article it is up to you but it runs from now and closes 30th November at midnight. There will be two prizes:- 1st Prize - The Best Article will get 70% of my credits. 2nd Prize:- The second Best will get 30% of my credits. And to show I am no meanie every entry between now and 30th November will earn you an extra £200,000 to your credit fund.
  8. Stringer

    New Name On The Cup

    The Quarter Final Draw is out for The FMFA Cup and one thing is certain there will be a new name on the cup this year as current holders Tottenham went out in the group stages. We do though have three previous winners in the competition still in Manchester United, Liverpool and Newcastle but five teams edging to lift the trophy for the first time. So just who can lift the trophy this year then? Well the Quarter Finals are over two legs and the draw is Everton v Man U Newcastle v QPR Sunderland v Liverpool Southampton v Leicester
  9. Stringer

    FMFA News

    Breaking News Hot off the press and and in exclusive news, Southampton are now without a manager after the shock resignation of Will. Southampton board are now looking for a replacement quickly to get the team off the bottom of the Wolf League where they currently sit. The new manager will no doubt be expected to get the Saints pushing for promotion and as it is still early in the season there is ample time for that to happen. Is it to bold to expect the new encumbent to get promotion this season though? Time will tell of course and will depend how long it takes for them to fill the vacancy. One thing is for sure though the first task is to get that first win under the belt. Along with Leicester City and Crystal Palace they have yet to record a victory in the league this season. We look forward to announcing the new manager once they fill the job. Interview of Month The FMFA tried to catch up with Chelsea manager Daniel in his very hectic schedule and in the limited time we could catch him we ask three interesting questions of the man who is still trying to get Chelsea back into the Tiger League. The FMFA - 1) You have one of the strongest squads in the Wolf League so can you win the title this season? Daniel - I certainly hope that we can win the Wolf League. We did struggle last season and I'm not sure we'll be able to get promotion this season but we will certainly try. The FMFA - 2) If you don't win the Wolf League title who do you think will? Daniel - Sunderland. Strong team, good manager. Think it will be them. The FMFA - 3) If you don't get promotion this time will you resign? Daniel - I don't know. Chelsea should be in the Tiger League. They are former champions after all and if I can't get them there I might have to give them up for someone else to try.
  10. Stringer

    Youth League (Part 1)

    With the youth league starting this season we thought we look at who has potential to win the Premier Youth League. Based on the teams as they are at present before and changes in the close season then it looks to us at Stringer Central that the strongest team in the league with a good standard in defence, midfield and front line is Newcastle United. In fact we would almost go as far as to say that they would be favourites for the title at present. Close on their heels though are two teams who are strong but across the board but just a little behind the Toon boys, that is Tottenham Hotspur and Everton. While Newcastle will be favourites it will be no doubt tight between these three teams as they fight for the title and of course all three have high rated players who could surpass qualification criteria during the season which if that happens may open the door for teams just behind these three as they lose their better players to their main squad. Waiting for that to happen and no doubt believing they can still cause upsets and be in the title mix are Queens Park Rangers, Aston Villa and Liverpool. Villa and Rangers both look to have a strong midfield but maybe light elsewhere in the team for a serious title challenge. Liverpool are ok across the board but lack a couple of quality youngsters that the main three title challengers have. These three teams for me need something more to compete with the three title challengers. Finally fighting at the bottom will be Arsenal and Manchester United. United have a strong defence but lack the quality in the middle and up front and as we all know draws wont get you anywhere. A strong defence may stop the opposition but a lack of options to score could be their downfall and if you draw all your games you will certainly be somewhere near the bottom. Arsenal unfortunately look like they could be favourites to finish bottom on their current squad and would need strengthening to compete in this league at the moment. Of course as we stated at the start this is just all the here and now and a lot can happen in squad changes before the season kicks off. Football as well is a funny old game and ultimately anything can happen and no doubt will but if the Stringer had to put money down now on the title winners he would settle for Newcastle United. Please note all views in this article are that of the Stringer and having nothing to do with the FMFA or any team in the game.
  11. Stringer

    Palace Poach Foxes Boss

    During the close season, new club Crystal Palace have approached Leicester's manager and been in talks with him to manage the team for the new season. The shock to come out of this is that @BantamHD has left Leicester and is now Palace's new manager. It is still unclear whether the approach was known to the Foxes who up until yesterday had him as their manager. The questions now coming out are just who will now manager Leicester? Will they appeal to the FMFA over the approach? Gossip among among the Foxes fans is that they are not sorry to see him go after he took the team down and the vast majority believe he is not the man to get them back up. The fans think they have got the better deal and Palace will regret the day they signed him as manager as they think that even as a managerless club they will do better than with him and will finish above Palace with (and I quote one fan here) "A Blind Man In Charge". This now leads us to wonder what Palace fans will think of all this and can he get them in to the top division? Heading the front running for the Leicester job is Chelsea boss @Daniel who was rumoured to be quitting Stamford Bridge at one point. How true this is we wait to see.
  12. Stringer

    Hammers Sign Austin

    In a move to help his team off the bottom of the Wolf League, West Ham United manager Macca has today moved to sign striker Charlie Austin. Austin came onto the market and in a bold quick move the Hammers went after their man and beat Chelsea and Manchester United to his signature. The question now is will this be enough for them to move up the league? On top of that it now gives them six strikers which will no doubt lead to disruption in the ranks. Favourite to now request a move in the next weeks will no dobut be Andy Carroll who with Austins arrival sits fourth in the pecking order behind the new man, Jese and Sahko. It is believed by some sources that Carroll will be putting in a transfer request within the next few weeks.
  13. Stringer

    Wolf at the Door

    Three games into the Wolf League and three teams will now be felling the pressure as they are still win less. West Ham are yet to pick up a point and will be really under pressure should they not pick up some points soon. They have the distraction of the Cup and face managerless Bournemouth which maybe a poisoned chalice if they lose out in the first round. Will the board stand by their man? Perhaps more under pressure though is Chelsea who are a big club still without a win. The board appointed Daniel Mason last season with the club still in the hunt for promotion to the Tiger League but they failed on this count and ended up sixth in the league. Now in his first full season as manager Mason is not delivering and no doubt fans will be getting unsettled if the team does not start winning. We fully expect the shouts for his head to start if they are still winless after another couple of games. The final winless team are Wolves but they have already faced table toppers Man City which would be no easy task and got a draw out the game. A good result considering no one else yet has taken points off Man City. They struggled a little last season but the City result shows they are improving and their first win looks likely just around the corner. Wolf Manger for the sack odds after 3 games are: Chelsea Evens, West Ham 2/1, Wolves 5/2.
  14. Ok then I am posting my chat for December's Interview of the Month a little early with Christmas just around the corner. This months lucky soul is the Tottenham and Tranmere head honcho, Stocko. First off please tell us something about yourself! Anything! Like … what were your favourite subjects at school? Did you do further studies? Working? Retired? Please describe a typical day! Family? Pets? FAV SUBJECT AT SCHOOL WAS PE, WHEN I LEFT SCHOOL I DID A YTS . I STARTED MY 1ST JOB AT THE AGE OF THE 20 IN A FACTORY AND WAS THERE FOR 6 YEARS . I NOW WORK IN A DIFFERENT FACTORY AND HAVE BEEN THERE A YEAR AND I DO SHIFT WORK. CAN'T REALLY DESCRIBE A TYPICAL DAY AS I WORK SHIFTS BUT NORMALLY FINISH WORK, PICK THE GIRLFRIEND UP, BIT OF SHOPPING THEN HOME, TEA, CHILL NO KIDS OR PETS What was the last CD you bought or downloaded? DONT REALLY BUY CDS. LAST 1 I DOWNLOADED WAS BRUNO MARS NEW ALBUM What is your favourite TV programme currently on TV? of all time? FAV TV PROGRAMME IS GAME OF THRONES ALL TIME, IS ALL KINDS LIKE; 2 PINTS OF LAGER AND SEEN ALL OF BUFFY AND FREINDS What football team do you support and why do you follow them? I SUPPORT MAN UTD. I HAVE DONE SINCE I SAW THEM BEAT EVERTON IN 85 WHEN I WAS ONLY 11 In the Football league/Premiership, as it is at present I mean, which clubs do you have a soft spot for? And any that you can’t bear? That is besides the team you support. I Have a soft spot for Oldham as I was born there and Tranmere Rovers as I live near there ground. Cant bear Liverpool & Leeds Who is the best professional footballer you have seen kick a football live? going to say Paul scholes but non man utd player always loved Iniesta, so calm on the ball In general, your favourite footballer/s and/or sportsmen/sportswomen of all-time? Roy Keane was my fav player at utd Which things would you could change in football, if you had single-handedly had full powers to do so?! All the cheating diving annoys me when someone dives to win free kick or pen and to much money in the game so would put A CAP on wages etc. What got you into ESMS footy? Think I saw it on twitter somewhere then signed up through that If you could manage any team on ESMS who would it be and why? Man Utd of course the team I support What is your best achievement on ESMS? Haven't been playing it that long but I would say on esl I took over Rotherham at the bottom of the league with no points and no goals and finished in 12th position. And finally....If you could change or add one thing on FMFA what would it be? Probably just scouting they do it on a few sites I play And that is this months interview with thank and a great insight from Stocko.
  15. This feature will each month look at a team manager and get to know them a bit better. Don't worry that it's not you as your turn will come so watch out in that inbox for when it arrives and December's will be dropping in on someone soon. So November's manager is Site Admin and Chelsea boss Daniel. First off Daniel, please tell us something about yourself! Anything! Like … what were your favourite subjects at school? Did you do further studies? Working? Retired? Please describe a typical day! Family? Pets? Favorite subjects at school? History, and science! Did Chemistry A level and then IT after that. I don't have time to work! Seriously I do a lot of volunteer work, I'm an assistant cub scout leader, do a lot of work online helping people etc. Family wise, have 3 daughters, a wife, a cat, a guinea pig and some fish. Recently had a rabbit and a hamster but they both passed on within days of each other. What was the last CD you bought or downloaded? I don't buy CD's, tend to buy individual songs, last one was Hallelujah by Pentatonix. What is your favourite TV programme currently on TV? of all time?, Currently? Lucifer, love it! Also like Game of Thrones, Family Guy, Jeff Dunham, stuff like that. Blackadder is all time favorite. What football team do you support and why do you follow them? I support a few as I'm greedy. Locally I go to some Hereford FC games when I get a chance, not been able to this season for obvious reasons. Historically I'll always be a Boston United supporter but can't get to see them anymore due to distance. Also follow Wolves cause of Holly and get to see them on Sky. In the Football league/Premiership, as it is at present I mean, which clubs do you have a soft spot for? And any that you can’t bear? That is besides the team you support. Don't really have a soft spot for anyone, I do like watching football so watch a lot of teams. Hate West Brom and Leeds with a passion. Who is the best professional footballer you have seen kick a football live? Paul Gascoigne. In general, your favourite footballer/s and/or sportsmen/sportswomen of all-time? Favorite footballer of all time is Zinedine Zidane. Favorite sportsman is Kimi Raikkonen. Which things would you could change in football, if you had single-handedly had full powers to do so?! Corruption, overpaid divas who don't earn their money, give more money to grassroots football. What got you into ESMS footy? A site back in 2002, can't remember the name but someone called Malky managed an AC Milan with a beast in Shevchenko! If you could manage any team on ESMS who would it be and why? I've managed nearly every team going so can't really think of one for this! What is your best achievement on ESMS? Winning the league cup on TDE2 with Aston Villa. And finally....If you could change or add one thing on FMFA what would it be? Lack of activity from managers... Come on post more!