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  1. BantamHD

    Result - Fri 22nd June 2018

    J_Gomez* 50 TK abs
  2. BantamHD

    Result - Fri 8th June 2018

    Arsenal will give 150 PAb to El Shaarawy
  3. 1 Manchester City 2 Liverpool 3 Tottenham Hotspur 4 Arsenal 5 Chelsea 6 Manchester United 7 Everton 8 Wolverhampton Wanderers 9 Burnley 10 Leicester City 11 West Ham United 12 Newcastle United 13 Fulham 14 Bournemouth 15 Crystal Palace 16 Southampton 17 Brighton & Hove Albion 18 Watford 19 Huddersfield Town20 Cardiff City
  4. BantamHD

    Sunderland > Arsenal

    To Arsenal: E_Robson* To Sunderland: 21,000,000
  5. BantamHD

    sunderland cash sales

    Arsenal offer 21m for E_Robson*
  6. BantamHD

    End Of Year Youth Abs Award

    Z_Medley 200 TAb E_Smith-Rowe 200 SAb
  7. BantamHD

    Round 17 Results

    Good luck Neil and Will in the title race. Really annoyed at collapsing at this point of the season AGAIN. Ejected from the title race by a non-sheeter too - seriously annoying.
  8. BantamHD

    JET CUP (Season 11)

    Palace will play
  9. BantamHD

    LMS - Game 3

    Swansea City
  10. BantamHD

    Round 16 Results

    ...there's two rounds left yet Will
  11. BantamHD

    Wolf League Match 16

    Crystal Palace - West Ham United Three wins and we're champions. Famous last words.
  12. BantamHD

    Round 15 Results

    Crystal Palace 4-1 Burnley It should’ve been five and a hat-trick for Benteke but I think we’ll take this key win... Spineless performance from Burnley as Neil rightly pointed out - we duly put them to the sword. Unlucky Neil; still a chance for promotion for your lot: Palace are perennial bottlers.
  13. BantamHD

    Wolf League: Manger Of The Month - March

    Will likely be the same outcome...second place and losing the playoff final :P
  14. BantamHD

    Wolf League Match 15

    Crystal Palace - Burnley Massive game between the top two. This may well be the title decider. Good luck Neil.
  15. BantamHD

    LMS - Game 3