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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Arsenal

    Yeah - they won’t get promoted
  2. Arsenal

    I apply.
  3. Round 17 Results

    Good luck Neil and Will in the title race. Really annoyed at collapsing at this point of the season AGAIN. Ejected from the title race by a non-sheeter too - seriously annoying.
  4. JET CUP (Season 11)

    Palace will play
  5. LMS - Game 3

    Swansea City
  6. Round 16 Results

    ...there's two rounds left yet Will
  7. Wolf League Match 16

    Crystal Palace - West Ham United Three wins and we're champions. Famous last words.
  8. Round 15 Results

    Crystal Palace 4-1 Burnley It should’ve been five and a hat-trick for Benteke but I think we’ll take this key win... Spineless performance from Burnley as Neil rightly pointed out - we duly put them to the sword. Unlucky Neil; still a chance for promotion for your lot: Palace are perennial bottlers.
  9. Wolf League: Manger Of The Month - March

    Will likely be the same outcome...second place and losing the playoff final :P
  10. Wolf League Match 15

    Crystal Palace - Burnley Massive game between the top two. This may well be the title decider. Good luck Neil.
  11. LMS - Game 3

  12. Round 19 - Premier League Predictions

    Saturday 3rd March 201812:30 Burnley 0-0 Everton15:00 Leicester 1-0 Bournemouth15:00 Southampton 1-0 Stoke15:00 Swansea 1-2 West Ham15:00 Spurs 3-0 Huddersfield15:00 Watford 2-0 WBA17:30 Liverpool 3-1 NewcastleSunday 4th March 201813:30 Brighton 1-1 Arsenal16:00 Manchester City 5-1 ChelseaMonday 5th March 201820:00 Crystal Palace 1-3 Manchester Utd
  13. Result - Fri Feb 23rd 2018

    I’ll take the injury pack for palace
  14. Round 18 - Premier League Predictions

    Saturday 24th February 201812:30 Leicester v Stoke 1-0 15:00 Bournemouth v Newcastle 1-1 15:00 Brighton v Swansea 1-0 15:00 Burnley v Southampton 0-0 15:00 Liverpool v West Ham 3-1 15:00 WBA v Huddersfield 1-0 17:30 Watford v Everton 2-0Sunday 25th February 2018 14:05 Manchester Utd v Chelsea 2-1 Monday 26th February 20:00 Crystal Palace V Tottenham 0-3
  15. Round 6 Results

    Burnley 0-1 Palace Did not deserve that at all, Neil's been robbed here. Unlucky stocko