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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Round 18 Results

    Crystal Palace 3-2 Wolves
  2. Daniel gets my vote. I don't deserve it after missing my sheet
  3. Round 17 Results

    Southampton 1-2 Palace
  4. Round 16 Results

    Crystal Palace 3-1 Chelsea
  5. LMS Game 3

    Man utd
  6. What happened to it's optional and the 20m that was spent on a youth manager? Or was that never done?
  7. LMS Round 2

  8. LMS Round 2

  9. Round 5 Results

    Crystal Palace 3-3 West Ham We were 3-0 up with 15 to go, and we still managed to bottle it. Epitome of the season.
  10. Group Stage Match 2 Results

    Crystal Palace 2-1 Newcastle United Well well well... Harry returns to Newcastle after my rather successful period of caretaking, and his first game back is against my Palace side. We went out for the win against formidable opposition, which doesn't always go to plan, but certainly did today as we were dominant throughout. Good game Harry, good luck for the rest of the season!
  11. Friday 11 August 2017Arsenal 2-0 Leicester Saturday 12 August 2017Watford 0-2 Liverpool Chelsea 4-0 Burnley Crystal Palace 9-0 Huddersfield (welcome to the Prem)Everton 0-0 Stoke Southampton 1-1 Swansea West Brom 1-0 Bournemouth Brighton 0-1 Man City Sunday 13 August 2017Newcastle 1-0 Spurs Man Utd 0-1 West Ham (Hart to keep a clean sheet!)
  12. Result - Fri 4th Aug 2017

    25 abs for J_Tomkins at Palace
  13. If you're having Leeds, might as well put MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  14. Round 3 Results

    Man City 2-0 Crystal Palace Dominated City, with tactical advantage, but ultimately fell short up front. Good game Derek
  15. Round 3 Results

    s p o i l e r - a l e r t Tottenham 2-3 Newcastle Well well well...2/2 wins as caretaker manager against two of the big guns in the league. First Man United, now Spurs! We went ahead early on with a tactical advantage but then lost it due to good managerial reactions from Neil. They equalised, we went ahead, they equalised again. I was hoping for a stalemate at that point, but we kept pushing and scored a penalty to seal the win and deservedly so. It puts us second, behind Everton on goal difference: I'm sure Harry will be happy with the situation when he returns next Monday! Unlucky Neil, good game