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  1. I have selected the option Change League Back to Two Leagues as before but Keep U23 Cup as now with Group Stage. The reason is simple: the time I have played (a short one, but I did) under the current format I highly enjoyed the new Cup format. Group stages allow us to compete better and in a funnier way IMO. But I experienced the opposite thing with the new league format. And that was a big surprise for myself, considering that I've always been a defender of "the most divisions a competition has, the funnier and dynamic it is", but maybe the fact of being so few teams on each league, made them predictable and monotonous. Personally, I enjoyed much more the previous two league format. A bigger division, more teams, less monotonous. It's true that this way we eliminate the fact (a interesting one) of the relegation places, but doing a comparison between one way or the other one, I definitely prefer to go back to the previous system.
  2. Right, for now I'm out of the game (but having in mind to come back soon if I can) and I like U23s. During my time as Crystal Palace's manager I enjoyed it so much despite the results. So my vote is a big YES, I do want U23s into FMFA. The changes this system could need are in your hands (admins) and I'm sure you will execute what it's the best for FMFA. I trust in your criteria.
  3. Though for now I'm not being an active member of the league (except in AAT caretaking Seattle Sounders) due to my available time, I have made my vote. In my opinion, this have been a recurrent point of debate during last seasons, so I'm glad about this step the admin is doing. I also liked a lot the fact of the multiple different options we can do in order to solve this problem instead of imposing an unique rule and run. I selected three options, thinking on two of them to being together (those would be Don't Allow After A Deadline Time of 6pm on Gameday and Notify Opposing Manager that they will be facing a Random). Why this? because I think that those two together would end this mess at its roots, as that way we'd avoid last minute requests (when I say "last minute" I mean it literally) as the deadline for this would be 2 hours before the sims, and with the other option the opposing manager would always know what will be facing exactly, elliminating this way the "lucky/unlucky factor"of facing a random tactic by surprise. If this is not an option (whatever the reason would be) I'd simply opt for Have A Set Formation (442N) As With U23s. This option is less laborious but ATST less effective (in my opinion) but could work given the case.
  4. Brighton buys an extra overrated/overaged extra slot for F£5.000.000
  5. Under my point of view, very good decision. Well done.
  6. Ah, ok then, that's not a problem for me, I love writing. XD
  7. Great idea! Part one means to comment in the build up post and in the results post like we (those we've been sending from the beginning) have been doing?
  8. Never mind, now focus on yourself and on getting well soon, and the same for Dazoctaron, health is first, we can wait what is necessary!
  9. No problem, do what is necessary, health and wellness are first. So expecting David to get well soon!
  10. Crystal Palace wants to take part!
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