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  1. 2x purchased Albin_Thaqi - add 2 TAb to this player who is being promoted this weekend Thanks
  2. Thanks, I wasn't aware that this was how it worked. I have a few that could benefit here and would just about then see some first team footy.
  3. It's not as simple as a yes/no vote. It's not working in its current guise. Having U23s makes FMFA different to most other ESMS games but surely the whole point of the U23s is to try and develop talent for the first team. The gap is massive now and a 25 rater won't touch most sides first 11s. Therefore players are being developed to be sold on when old enough. It's also difficult to manage as so many players rate up and leave the U23 squad decimated. This season is probably the worst so far for that. I don't care that most managers don't sheet, that's up to them, but if spending time on the U23s helps the 1st team then most would make the effort I am sure.
  4. I'd like to add 2x SAb to K_Dembele please. F£4,000,000
  5. Senior scout to be purchased for £7.5m Player requested: Defender 28 13 aged 22 = 100m + 18m + 15m = 133m
  6. Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion We always have a tough time of it against the Baggies and I don't expect this to be any different. After our last result we should be buzzing. It's a home tie so we need to push for the three points in order to chase down the early front runners.
  7. You may have looked at the money but have you looked at the squads of the lower sides? Bournemouth have over 30 players which isn't supposed to be allowed. I had a quick look at Southampton and QPR too and they also have huge squads. I'd say it's a slight lack of management. If these sides sold 5 or 6 players to FMFA sales that could potentially have +100m. This is enough to scout a 27 rated player. I do agree with closing the gap but it's worth checking why some of the lower sides are where they are. Obviously the top 5 or 6 are well managed which means it's always going to be difficult to close the gap.
  8. 1st choice - River Plate 2nd choice - Flamengo Honestly don't mind which if someone prefers River Plate.
  9. Welcome to FMFA Manager. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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