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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Group Match 4 Results

    Solid draw away at the Etihad. Saved face as thought we might lose it for a while. Another win for Southampton moves them a little closer but hopefully we can still sneak through.
  2. freshen spurs up

    Kenedy still for sale?
  3. THS MNU trade

    Tottenham gain Marcelo and D_Welbeck Man Utd gain A_Martial
  4. FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 4

    We've made a nice solid start in this competition and aim to keep that going in eh Manchester derby. But our position is comfortable enough that we don't have to worry too much if we lost.... yet!
  5. Result - Fri 18th Aug 2017

    75 SAbs for RvP please. :) @David
  6. U21 MFs

    You should consider it an honour!!
  7. Leicester's Sale's

    If this is an attempt to sell to the FMFA Sales this has to go in the Transfer Processing section.
  8. Round 8 Results

    Dominated QPR all game and when they got the lucky goal to go in front I was a little worried but our switch to a more european style in the second half was enough to open them up a couple of times and get the win.
  9. 7 points from Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton - its Harry again for me (although I didn't realise they had a caretaker last month!) Although all had highly respectable months.
  10. Round 7 Results

    I was sneaky hopeful we might win this game and got a bit excited especially with the red card and missed penalty. But as ever David's tough Everton side grind out a good result to stay above us. All in all, not losing is a victory on Merseyside for us.
  11. Group Match 3 Results

    A key player sent off and we didn't win but it could be worse we still top the group and appear to be in a fairly strong position.
  12. FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 3

    An absolute joke that Man City are in the Wolf League these days. But it just makes trouncing them in the cup all that more enjoyable as it doesn't happen as often any more!!
  13. U21 MFs

    I don't need FWs but M_Willock 20 eng 2 3 18 2 21 300 346 676 328 2 0 192 0 0 0 0 7 1 0 0 0 0 0 95 for A_Finney 20 eng 2 18 4 2 25 300 576 340 317 4 0 332 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 95 ?
  14. Round 6 Results

    A shame to lose what in all honesty was a pretty boring and even game. Surprise surprise the 27 rated striker makes the difference. We have a few players promoted from the youths which should make fitness a bit easier to manage over the course of the rest of the season though.
  15. Not entirely sure how Everton managed to win that but we're doing fairly well and some good Abs for the boys.