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  1. Tom


    C B Jackson please
  2. Tom

    Semi Final Leg 2 Results

    .... A T sheet in the last round almost cuts us dearly but a powerful performance away from home has sent us through to the final! Well played.
  3. Tom

    Round 16 Results

    Congratulations again Ed! We managed a nice home victory to just about keep us in 3rd which has suddenly became a bit of a dogfight.
  4. Tom

    Round 15 Results

    24 shots no goals. An unfortunate day out for us given such a positive performance with a slightly rotated side.
  5. Tom

    Quarter Final Second Leg Results

    An easy victory. Glad to progress as it would have have been a shame to be uncompetitive in all of our competitions. It wasn’t nice one of the few times this season we couldn’t demonstrate our strength. Shame Gallagher wasn’t sent off for a silly unprovoked attack early on that probably cost us the game!
  6. De Gea is back from injury for this one, which cost us dearly in the first leg and also our recent league game. Hopefully we can benefit from Burnley's complacency and score a good number of goals at home.
  7. Tom

    Round 13 Results

    With de Gea returning from injury after this game hopefully we can get back to winning ways.
  8. Tom

    Youth Leagues - Please Read

    I've voted no, but I don't feel we HAVE to get rid of them. I like the idea in principle but I realised fairly early on that all of the players produced were pointless as had been well outlined above. None of the players get anywhere near first team standard. Making it compulsory to sheet just makes me want to leave the whole site, rather than actually encourage me to sheet. It feels like I'm being punished for (this isn't a genuine complaint, just my honest thoughts) not engaging with a feature I didn't ask to be involved in. That being said, I have no objection to youth leagues. I don't see why we can't have more Abs gained per game and more Abs gained for younger players generally at the end of the season. The real limitation is obviously the cap on the quality of the player in the reserves forcing each team to generate many a deadwood player sit around in their first team becoming more and more rubbish or as others say sold, which I haven't got round to doing yet. We could/should be allowed to have a pre-set tactic/formation and in order to reduce workload on staff after an initial trial of new rules we could just run the games in one job lot at the start/end of the season. Like I said, I voted no but also happy to keep so long as changes are made and not being made to sheet just for the sake of it.
  9. Tom

    QF Leg 1 Results

    Well, I don't know what to say really. Due to a slight mix up that is certainly my fault, we actually did sheet for this game but they had already been ran with a random. We ended up falling to a defeat by three goals in dramatic fashion away to Burnley. I have no explanation for why we performed so poorly and conceded so many goals. Fair play to Stocko and it will be a tough ask to progress from this position. EDIT: I just realised de Gea was injury - which explains everything. Shows how much we require a back up keeper.
  10. Tom

    Lotto Result 28/12/18

    I’ll take an injury/suspension pack please 😊
  11. Tom

    SOU > YSO

    Sorry I thought the rating had gone up, my mistake.
  12. Tom

    Auction - B_Leno

    Southampton 52
  13. Tom

    Round 2 Results

    Lost away from home to Everton. Our strikers didn't have a great day at the office and it was a fairly even game. Fair play to David and congrats. I think if we'd have been going over 2 legs like the old days we'd have hopefully edged it but never expected to win this away from home.
  14. Tom

    Auction - B_Leno

    Southampton 36