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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Result - Fri 20th Apr 2018

    50 TABs for Heathcote please
  2. YDL Cup Final

    Stoke come into this game well rested where as our side is tired from all the recent games. The backbone of the team has been promoted to the senior side so we’re a both weaker in strength but also depth, but over 90 minutes you never know.
  3. FMFA Cup Final

    Sheet in!
  4. Round 17 Results

    Congrats again Ed! Another fantastic season. Once again next season will be trying to desperately grind out results to stop you.
  5. Tiger League Match 17

    With the title for all intents and purposes gone, Man Utd will be ringing in the changes as the end of the season closes in.
  6. Semi Final Leg 2 Results

    I didn't expect A from LIverpool but perhaps I should have given they were so far behind on aggregate however we did enough to see ourselves through.
  7. Round 16 Results

    Congrats Ed. Surely the title!
  8. Tiger League Match 15

    Relying on you this week David..!!!
  9. Semi Final Leg 1 Results

    Wow! We played a largely rotated squad with no real expectation of a victory here against FMFA’s strongest team. The sides were roughly equal over the course of the game but RvP was in form in front of goal and Mignolet had a poor day which gives us a comfortable lead into the next leg.
  10. Quarter Finals Leg 1

    We dominated proceedings and duly came away with a narrow win. I'd prefer a larger cushion going into a game away from home but we prevented an away goal and I would always back us to score in any given game.
  11. Round 2 Leg 2 Results

    I think Stoke knew what was coming here. They set up well away from home but thankfully we managed to get an early lead and hold on despite them creating chances. Probably deserved to win over the two legs but this was a surprisingly poor performance. We will need to pick our form up if we are to compete in the league.
  12. FMFA Cup round 2 leg 2

    Surely Sunderland's is +2 then? :P
  13. Round 8 Results

    A good performance but terrible in front of goal... 27 shots and none in the net....
  14. Man Utd sell K_Coman* to FMFA Sales or £8,000,000.
  15. Admin Promote

    There is another K_Coman at Man Utd... not to worry he is on his way to FMFA Sales...