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      anymore transfers being done before sundays games
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      need to do the cup draw so i can do the build ups cheers 
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  1. Round 20 Results

    Yet another set of dropped points..
  2. Round 19 Results

    You're absolutely right you deserved better from this game David. I'm actually surprised we won because for some reason we seem to do better when I don't sheet. Whenever I have we invariably draw or lose!
  3. Round 17 Results

    Huge win away from home. Knew we needed to create chances and get our strikers opportunities to score and we did that well. Scoring away from home is something we've struggled with so far this season so happy to score a big win here.
  4. Round 16 Results

    Finally things are beginning to click! Although could be a little too late with Tottenham and Everton motoring at the top of the table.
  5. Result - Tue 26th Sep 17

    R_Varane 25 tabs please
  6. Quater Final Leg 1 Results

    An away draw against one of the strongest teams in the game is always a favourable result but we dominated this and should really have left Goodison with a victory..
  7. Hire An Academy Manager

    343P please
  8. Result - Tues 19th Sep 17

    50 abs to De Gea please
  9. Result - Fri 15th Sep 2017

    50 abs on W Rooney please
  10. Round 13 Results

    We were countering them at the end and it was 10 vs. 11 the last thing I expected was for them to score. That is our season over pretty much. At least in the league.
  11. V_Fernandez 18 spa 2 17 3 2 19 300 824 446 320 of yne for T_Kehinde 18 nig 2 2 17 3 19 300 333 806 356 of ymu Many thanks
  12. Works for me I have posted up.
  13. Still looking thanks
  14. FMFA Cup Group Stage Match 6

    Tottenham are playing for 'pride' this week, after rotating their squad the past few weeks it remains to be seen whether they will throw this game like the last few or actually make an effort to win. Either way we will be looking to avoid losing and maintain our spot at the top of the group.