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  1. Every game is a must win game for us if we are to have any chance of staying in what is increasingly becoming a non-race for the title.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Although for us once again on the end of a narrow loss. I can't quite believe why we always seem to concede more than the opposing teams despite home advantage, the best keeper in the game and usually stronger attackers too but shows how much I know about FMFA!
  3. Similarly to Ed, we will also be resting a considerable number of players for this game due to fitness issues.
  4. Tom

    Round 2 Results

    27 shots... still can’t win.
  5. That being said, about to fly back this evening! Unhappy that we fall yet further behind with another loss despite being the better side with better keepers and attackers... Well played Chelsea!
  6. Ah sorry I was on my phone since I’m in the US and it auto put in an old sheet!
  7. Can’t even beat a T... what has happened to this team?!
  8. Can’t believe we’ve had a player sent off again! Someone is injured or dismissed almost every game.. ah well a win is a win, well played Gary.
  9. Another sending off costing us the game basically. I thought we'd done enough but a late equaliser for Arsenal puts us further back.
  10. A solid victory.. especially with 10 men but losing our top striker for a few games will be tough
  11. ... As ever David's side put in a good performance away from home but we just about managed to sneak it. This moves us back into contention after Liverpool dropped points again but we're in for a long hard season. Good game David.
  12. @stocko74 You can loan Boonen if you like, regular game time, 24 rated midfielder. Post up if you agree
  13. Fair play to Villa but that was a really abject performance from the boys.
  14. Didn’t expect an L from Leicester and this scuppered any chance of a victory here.
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