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  1. 100 Shooting Abs for Martial please!
  2. Well that caps our season. The better team despite going down to ten men and lose to the oppositions only shot on target. Well played all the same Ed.
  3. We rotated midweek due to a few randoms recently however the extra time really caused us problems. We don't expect to win but we'll try to give them as much of a game as we can.
  4. 100 Shooting Abs for Martial please!
  5. ... We needed to win in order to stay in contention and we just about did that. We created some good chances early on and got in front, after that Liverpool took control and that's not surprising as we'd rested a few players in midfield. Thankfully for us we hung on and we go into the final game this time hoping Liverpool can do us a favour instead!
  6. Well this was a disaster for us! We lost, despite being at home and the better side and the player you wanted on your bench to save fitness ended up starting because you’re a moron.
  7. We welcome a very strong Wolves side to Old Trafford tonight. They have rotated well and will be bringing a full strength team including probably the league's strongest midfield lead by Mueller. On our side of the field we are delighted to welcome back Yarmolenko after injury and he will be essential if we are to unlock their defence tonight.
  8. I think we did well to come away with a win vs Eveton especially given our fitness concerns and injury to Yarmolenko. We were in control most of the game, partly down to their sending off, but they switched to A and managed to level against the run of play. In the end though I think this was their undoing, 3 at the back with an attacking formation. By this stage we had Pellegri back on the field and managed to get them on the break a few times to seal the win. Unlucky David.
  9. To be honest, we went down to 10 men and we didn't lose to Liverpool. That has to be considered positively really.
  10. ... A big win at home, especially after being pegged back and then going down to 10 men. We've had a shocking start to the season but with a couple of wins in a row and other teams dropping points we're finally back in contention.
  11. G_Arana 22 bra 1 27 13 2 23 300 300 300 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 £108m
  12. Inexplicable really, away from home down to 10 men they have a better attack and defence and we some how sneak away with a win. Apologies to Ed.
  13. M_Baars 500PAb Angel_Gomes 500PAb F_Makela 200PAb
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