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  1. I am not voting. I will let the consensus win because I'm not too fussed personally. I view U23s as a mechanism to facilitate players for the first team. If I see that they're going to be beneficial and make it I will show an interest and sheet, irrelevant of the format of the competition. Winning/losing U23 competitions doesn't really matter a huge deal for me. I guess that means I would like the method that gives me the most games (i.e. league the whole season) but if people prefer it another way happy to go with that.
  2. To be honest I very rarely get any interest in any of these players and most squads have stronger starting line ups thanks 25 raters, I appreciate the point though. certainly the removal of the cap on over age players has helped and I’ve not really taken advantage of it enough. The main problem for me is all of my youngsters have all reached 25 rated, meaning I have a below minimum U23 squad, an over max senior squad and a number of players I can’t sell to other clubs or to sales (since too young or too highly rated) erc appreciate the team are always looking to improve. Wasn’t meant to sound nasty or anything, just a joke
  3. Fair enough. For the record I'm happy to engage with the feature if there is any option to actually produce any useful players. It just feels deliberately set up to fail at the moment.
  4. 'Bloody hell this game is tough' - this quote I sent to a group PM I would also like to place here Can I disband my U23 team because I'm getting hit by all angles here!
  5. Can we increase his main stat by 2 please to make him: A_Elanga 19 swe 1 8 27 11 29 300 344 63 457 12 0 1103 1 0 0 2 20 16 0 1 10 0 0 100 Cost £15m cred
  6. 29 rated defender - £130m 22 years - £15m 13r secondaries - £18m Please and thank you Should come to £163m if my maths is right
  7. Look after yourself David, feel free to message if you want any advice etc.
  8. I tried this last season. @Tom Man Utd
  9. does youth league have fitness?

    1. Daniel


      Yes... but it stays at 100 lol!

  10. Can someone please transfer Podolski to Sunderland as a result of the Auction please? Thank you. :)

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