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  1. Absolutely shocking never in all my esms time have I come across this shower of shite play against a T sheet also they went to 10 men and only bloody drew shocking I know we’re still unbeaten but still this is off putting 😕
  2. Leicester_City v Arsenal  away to Leicester City be a tough game we’ve a few key players out but I’m sure we still have a strong team to overcome this battle a win would be nice.
  3. M_Reus 29 ger 2 3 26 11 25 410 977 211 751 Perhaps?
  4. Arsenal v Manchester_United well well well its Manchester United a game That is a very much needed win be a tough game but I’m hoping if we field the best 11 we can then we’ve every chance of winning.
  5. Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1 not how we wanted to win but we shall take it 1-0 away from home his actually quite bad when you look at the stats and especially playing against a NO SHOW!!! Disappointed should have easily been 5,6 or 7 need to improve on he finishing.
  6. Sunderland v Arsenal  well we could struggle here we’ve got a good few key players missing out because of fitness issues however I feel the lads still have what it takes to get a job done.
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