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  1. Arsenal v Manchester_United well well well its Manchester United a game That is a very much needed win be a tough game but I’m hoping if we field the best 11 we can then we’ve every chance of winning.
  2. Sunderland 0 Arsenal 1 not how we wanted to win but we shall take it 1-0 away from home his actually quite bad when you look at the stats and especially playing against a NO SHOW!!! Disappointed should have easily been 5,6 or 7 need to improve on he finishing.
  3. Sunderland v Arsenal  well we could struggle here we’ve got a good few key players missing out because of fitness issues however I feel the lads still have what it takes to get a job done.
  4. WOLVES (3) V ARSENAL (3) dnt fancy My chances in one I’ve field a weaker team about 6 changes to the first team but we will give it a go not too fussed if went out as league our priority
  5. Ryanfield1


    Looking for a younger striker will add cash if higher rater G_Higuain 30 arg 2 2 5 24 25 300 397 682 644
  6. K_Nwakali 20 nig 1 2 23 3 23 300 464 911 643 3 1 157 vs shelvey
  7. Arsenal v Newcastle_United at home hosting newcastle I’m hoping we can get a good result like last round but never know we will give it our best shot though eitherway.
  8. Liverpool 0 - 1 Arsenal not sure how I won this game but I’ll take any win I can unlucky to Liverpool they were the better side just unfortunate good game.
  9. S p o i l e r a l e r t !!!!!!!!
  10. Please demote the following player to my u23 E_Robson 22 eng 1 2 22 3 22 300 567 970 540 1 0 93 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 100 confirm
  11. Arsenal recieve: A_Herrera Burnley recieve: 30mil confirm cheers @stocko74
  12. Liverpool v Arsenal  well not sure what to think here here not sure we will get anything Liverpool great side so hopefully we just get our new lads in the side and perform to the best we can and then ya never know
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